Gardenia Flower by Sheila Massetti for Perfume & Skincare Company


Sometimes when I’m in the bath or shower I have to make a difficult choice, “Do I use this product and cut out a swathe of fragrances that will not be happy marriages, do I use this product and bugger the consequences or will I use something else” (yes, I know that my life is incredibly low stress and that I have my priorities skew whiff). This is a serious conundrum. I recently put a bar of the Perfume & Skincare Company Gardenia Flower Pure Vegetable Glycerine Soap in the bathroom and the next day Jin (who rarely mentions my bathroom choices for us) said it was his favourite so far. It’s soft and silky, quick foaming and leaven my skin feeling fresh but not tight, we use it on our faces and bodies. For only $8 it’s a complete bargain too.

It does mean though that I can not test fragrances after using it because I have a distinct smell of gardenia up to 3 hours after my bath. So I have been wearing a few white flower scents, especially the soaps companion…

Gardenia Flower Extrait by Sheila Massetti for Perfume & Skincare Company

I know I’ve written about this fragrance before but sometimes you all need to be reminded of things. Here is what I wrote in the previous post about the Perfume & Skincare Co range:
GARDENIA: Gardenia is one of the scents I am repeat applying, not only is it a killer soliflor fragrance that people “get” straight off the bat, but it is a huge compliment getter. Every time I wear it at least one person asks what, who, how and how much. One night I had 4 people do this. Now if you wear scent often you will know that 4 people in one night do not ask about fragrance that you are wearing, it was uncanny. If you love white flowers and gardenia especially, then this fragrance will be for you too.

Gardenia Flower Extrait Perfume & Skincare Company GreyerBaby PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

What I know now that I did not know back then is that you cannot steal the fragrance from a gardenia, it needs to be recreated in the laboratory. Also, that many people try to do a gardenia but most of them simply do not understand how a real life gardenia smells. Sheila Massetti gets it. There’s the creamy, fatty facet: the petrol facet: the breath and shit facet, the bleu cheese facet, the sensual erogenous facet and a hundred other pieces to the puzzle. Gardenia Flower captures all of these and gives the closest photo realistic rendering of a gardenia I have yet found. Simultaneously clean and feral, divine and damned, Sheila Massetti has created the gardenia fragrance at the pinnacle of the heap.

Gardenia Flower Extrait Perfume & Skincare Company  Nadir D'Onofrio FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

Perfume & Skincare Company has $10/5ml Sample Atomisers, $8/Pure Vegetable Glycerine Soap – 160g and a range of other great products.

Did I mention they are an Aussie company from New South Wales hinterland?

Portia xx

15 thoughts on “Gardenia Flower by Sheila Massetti for Perfume & Skincare Company

  1. Hi Portia,
    Thank you for this review – now and the first time too! I have been searching for the perfect gardenia for my entire life! Unfortunately for me it looks like the Perfume and Skincare Company is not yet shipping to the US. A great resource, though, for gifts! For the time being I will have to make do with my ancient Jungle Gardenia, the favorite from my trove of gardenia fragrances. My bottle of perfume is over 70 years old (older than I am) but still smells lovely. JG is not the perfect gardenia but it comes oh so close.
    Azar xx


  2. LOVE the way you describe the facets of a gardenia flower! This is my favorite flower and favorite scent, and I have spent a lot of time musing over the fresh flowers and sniffing just about every gardenia perfume in existence, but I haven’t seen it captured in words before.

    By the way, I recently got my greedy paws on some of the Malle gardenia home fragrance. It accurately reflects the first few hours of a gardenia’s life, when it is opening and smells sweet and milky, before the earthier undertones develop. I guess that makes sense for a home frag, since who really wants fungal undertones in their house? It does well on skin and clothes and is definitely a spring fragrance to my nose, when I’m not really ready for the blast of a true gardenia scent.


    • Hi All, just to let you know that most of the Sydney stockists supply the Fig & Olive range and not the full fragrances that are available. They are available online and do send overseas or they have the shops at Robertson and Berrima. A lovely drive in the country if there is no fog!


  3. I got a 5ml travel spray of this, I believe because you mentioned it at Perfume Posse at some point, Portia. Unfortunately it had leaked almost to nothing by the time it got to me, but I at least got to try it out. It really is a great gardenia.


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