Sunshine by Amouage 2014: Meeting Christopher Chong


Post by Ainslie Walker


Tea with Christopher Chong, Nick Smart and Portia

When Portia invited me to meet Christopher Chong of Amouage I was obviously there in a flash!! Libertine Parfumerie‘s Nick Smart and his team from Agency De Parfums had allocated us a 30 minute time slot to chat about Amouage and introduce a new fragrance.

We left 2 hours later!!!!

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #4

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #5

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #6

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #2

Starting out ceremoniously, we were served tea amongst beautiful flower arrangements and the new brightly packaged Midnight Flower candles and room sprays. With the 4 ambient fragrances – Hope, Smile, Love and Happy Christopher shares the positive memories of his dog Georgi, who sadly passed away. The scents contrast with the sophisticated Amouage back catalogue, yet hold resemblance amid the depth of emotions behind them. With 50% of the sales going to the guide dog foundation it has been a healing project for Christopher who much prefers nights in, in his home in London’s Battersea with his dogs rather than going out.

Christopher’s role as Creative Director of Amouage means he sets the story, mood, tone and suggests ingredients he wants included and then briefs a perfumer of his choice. He is not a nose, however has worked with top perfumers including Bernard Ellena, Alexandra Carlin, Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann. Nathalie Feisthauer, Alexandra Carlin and Violaine Collas.

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #7

Christopher then told us about Sunshine, releasing in December in Australia exclusively

Sunshine by Amouage 2014

Sunshine Amouage FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Artemisia, black currant, almond
Heart: Osmanthus, jasmine, magnolia, vanilla
Base: Juniper, patchouli, papyrus, white tobacco

Packaged in yellow, gold and white and nestled in an eggshell blue and gold wooden box, Sunshine immediately screams of a new direction for Amouage, a more mainstream idea and Christopher Chong mocking all the brands that have been influenced by (or even copied) his innovations.

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #1

It’s creamy white goodness engulfs me…

Sunshine starts sweet as if an excited infant with mouth full of a fruit and marzipan-loaded wedding cake has breathed in my face in delight. It’s somehow juicy and powdery at the same time. I can also smell a bunch of balloons. I am thinking happy and celebratory thoughts while wearing this. Weddings, fairs, rollercoasters and jolly things like that. It’s bright, big white floral and gourmand for sure. But is it sunshine? The sun is definitely out, but I’d almost say its balmy late afternoon sunshine, not the scorching middle of the day sun we have here in Australia.

Osmanthus provides an enchanting and slightly exotic twist that somehow levels the swarm of sweetness engulfing me. It’s now as if the sunshine is surrounded by some thick deep and cosy cumulus clouds that we peer through olfactively. Osmanthus is a relative of lilac and has a similar kind of creamy powderyness to its scent. They do seem like cousins, smellwise, with Osmanthus being fruitier to me, somewhere between peachy mango and dried apricot in its heart. Osmanthus flowers can be creamy white right through to orange, but for perfume its the orange flowers that are used.

There is heavy waxy floral jasmine component evident throughout. Milky notes are waxy almond and nutty.

Sunshine’s slightly oriental tendancies and magical twists of Artemisia give it depth and keep it interesting. Its unisex for sure. Drydown seems to go forever (eight hours plus!) and at the end of the day my shirt still smells strongly, smoldering more and more…in fact getting quite sexy in contrast to its opening.

Sunshine by Amouage 2014 #3

At the end of our time together Christopher signs our Amouage discovery box gifts and we leave him, exhausted, but giggling the whole ride down to planet earth via the lift!!

Ainslie Walker xxx

All the clear photos donated by Ainslie Walker, all the shit ones by Portia x

18 thoughts on “Sunshine by Amouage 2014: Meeting Christopher Chong

  1. Hey there Ainslie,
    What a wonderful day that was. I still giggle when thinking of Christopher, he is FUNNY! and NAUGHTY!
    I like Sunshine very much but I think my decant will do me at the moment, maybe it will become super love?
    Portia xx


    • Yes thankyou-I loved reliving that day-it was all quite spontaneous and he was so lucky to get to hang out with us for so long!! ;D haaa! He had a great sense of humour and we did ask a lot of him. What a fab day!! Yes I have a decant-I’m going to pop it on high rotation over summer as I just feel as I wear it it just gets better and better. Even when I pick up clothing I’ve worn with it the day before the lasting fragrance on fabric is truly something! X *maybe we should go halvies in a bottle?! 😉


  2. Glad you had a wonderful time meeting Mr.Chong! Amouage isnt my go to choice for perfume, but they have a few I like. I still have a few I need to sample. I still havent tried Gold Woman and a few other Woman versions if their scents, not to mention their newest releases of Journey, interlude and Sunshine! Great write up!


  3. I loved this post – and am rather jealous you got to meet Mr. Chong! As for my relationship with Sunshine, I loved it so much I brought it with me to the hospital – and then gave it to my daughter for making me a grandmother. Because new mothers need Sunshine, too! ❤


    • What a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing. Such a fantastic fragrance for a new mum, and so nice of you to treat her so well at such an important time. Congrats on being a grandmother too! Sunshine will always be special to you both x


  4. Seldom do I really want to try something based on a review. This is an exception. Great stuff Ainslie. I surely need a trip to Sydney. xxx


  5. I haven’t had much luck with Amouage but I may have to try this one. It just sounds so happy :-). Thanks for your review and letting us share your day.


  6. Cool review. I love the last bit about the photos and the red shoes are great. I have never tried an Amouage. EEK! I mean I will, just haven’t got around to it. This does sound like a different style for them though. I wonder what they’ll do next?


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