Jardins de Bagatelle by Jean Paul Guerlain 1983


Post by ElizaD


I keep nudging the needle.

In my last post I mentioned that I would soon be making a trip to the Perfume House in Portland, Ore., and had been preparing for that trip by wearing as little scent as possible to prime my nose for the journey that is the Perfume House.

Not long afterwards, we did go to the Perfume House as part of my birthday celebration. My husband came with me, which in itself was a blast. I got to introduce him to this amazing collection, and to hear first hand what he thought of different scents. Oddly enough, everything smelled like food to him: bananas, watermelon, chocolate. It was a hoot! But he was very brave and that made it all the more special.

I went with the hope of finding a new Serge Lutens, and did sample a few including L’Orpheline, a small vial of which came home with me. I wandered in and out of the Amouage room— yes folks, a room dedicated to L’Artisan Perfumers and Amouage—but found nothing there that called.

Jardins de Bagatelle by Jean Paul Guerlain 1983

Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Jasmine, violet, aldehydes, lemon, bergamot
Heart: Gardenia, rose, orange blossom, tuberose, magnolia, ylang-ylang, orchid, lily-of-the-valley, narcissus
Base: Tuberose, cedar, vetiver, patchouli, musk, neroli

The other sample I asked for was Jardins de Bagetelle, which was a total surprise, because I am not a big flower person. But as I used a little of my sample everyday, I could not get over how incredible this perfume is.

As I picked up the phone and called Tracy to order a full bottle, the bee bottle no less, which sorry to say will not get tucked away in a cupboard as it should, but will grace my vanity until every drop is gone, I thought to myself “I have nudged the needle.” I have finally admitted that I love big, loud, robust, beautiful, perfumes. I have realized that even though I grew up in the era where children were seen and not heard, the women around me smelled anything but quiet, and I have become one of those women. I may not coif my hair and adorn myself with jewels, but I know how to wear perfume.

Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain elizabeth-taylor-jewelry InStylePhoto Stolen InStyle

Guerlain’s website describes Jardins as a “joyous, luminous, and captivating flora, an airy and luminous essence, a sparkling fragrance. The heart is a real bouquet of white flowers (neroli, jasmine and gardenia) celebrating joie de vivre over a base of poisonous tuberose underscored with woody notes.”

When I first spray Jardins, I smell violets and bergamot, sweet and juicy. It is not long until the tuberose takes center stage, accompanied by rose and gardenia, and it lasts for a very long time until that wonderful Guerlinade takes over. What I love is that this perfume that could be all tuberose, raucous and warm, softens into something so familiar that lasts almost all day.

Jardins de Bagatelle Guerlain Elizabeth_Drexel WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

I am going to be wearing this for weeks to come. I know that I will have to trust my innate ability to not go beyond what is acceptable when spraying, but that is part of the fun: seeing whether I can wear such a big perfume as a day-to-day scent.

Further reading: Perfume Shrine and Monsieur Guerlain
FragranceNet has $120/100ml before coupon
My Perfume samples starts at $2.50/ml up to $7.50/5ml

And I? I will keep nudging that needle.

What about you? Have you tried Jardins de Bagatelle?
ElizaD xx

17 thoughts on “Jardins de Bagatelle by Jean Paul Guerlain 1983

  1. Hi Eliza D,
    It is so much fun reading about the adventures of a fellow PNW perfume junkie! I love those big, loud and robust fragrances too. What a great way to spend your birthday.
    Azar xx


  2. What a lovely post. I haven’t tried this yet but am immediately adding it to my list to try. Having come of age in the 70’s and 80’s I have no problem with big, loud perfumes. But I’ve never thought of myself as the kind of woman you described. It just never occurred to me. Hmmm. Might be time to reconsider 🙂


  3. The Perfume House! What a magnificent way to treat yourself. I too go there (every year) for my birthday and my hubby comes too. Then we wander up Hawthorne and have lunch in the Bread & Ink. Tracy is a gem – incredibly knowledgeable, patient and seems to get nearly a big a kick out of her customers’ reactions to their adventure as they do! I see Azar is also a PNW-er – perhaps a “meet up” there would be possible in our future??
    Like you, I’m not a big flower person. But a Guerlain gal I am through and through and will give JdeB another whirl. Thanks for the great review.


    • SallyM! We should meet up for sure! There is a group of us south of Portland who would come up for the day! As soon as the holidays are over, let’s plan. I will be ready for another visit 🙂


  4. Hi Eliza D!

    I adore Jardins De Bagatelle! It has to be one of my favourite Guerlains. I feel sexy and feminine every time I wear it 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading 😀


    • Thanks Amarah. I love writing about things I love, and the journey with perfumes has made me aware of all the smells around me. What a gift! I feel the same way when I wear this perfume…it’s hard to not respray often 🙂


  5. Hi there ElizaD,
    I have a vintage bottle of Jardins de Bagatelle in the cupboard. You’ve inspired me to grab it out and wear it again.
    Portia x


    • Portia! A vintage bottle!!!! Considering how beautiful the current version is, I can only imagine what the older one is like. How lucky you are!


      • It is lovely and full but lasting power is poor. I think it may have been in a bathroom cupboard. Doesn’t matter, when I wear it I spritz with abandon.
        Portia xx


  6. We have not tried Jardins de Bagatelle, but we are big on florals scents so we may have to make it a last minute addition to our Christmas List! We don’t have anything with woody notes either, so we’ll definitely have to give this one a whiff

    M + K


  7. Hi there, that shop sounds very cool – different rooms and all. You’re lucky you could get your husband to try perfumes. My other half just thinks I’m mad and refuses to join in the fun. Oh well I’m training up my youngest child instead. This ones sounds lovely especially if it’s a bit loud. Generally I have a good hit rate with this brand so I’ll jot this down for the next test fest.


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