Tiare Moana by Crystelle Darchicourt for L`Atelier Boheme 2009

Heya Crew,

Right now we are doing a February Sample Challenge on Facebook’s Aussie Fragrance Network. It’s a very simple idea. We are trying to wear some of our never tried samples, we record our usage and give a little insight into what we wore and how it went. You have to do at least one sample a day, more if possible, and you don’t get disqualified if you just can’t help but break out a bottle. More about the fun and the using up of long owned and neglected samples, of which most of us have WAY TOO MANY! I am trying to use up my 1ml samples so I’m also going through a bunch of new mini atomisers because I believe that if it comes in a spritz bottle it should be spritzed for sampling.

I have no idea where this sample came from. It is beautifully carded and a 2ml sample vial. When researching where to buy it I only found Russian blogger reviews on the first 3 pages of Google other than Fragrantica which had only 2 loves and no reviews. Colour me intrigued…..

Tiare Moana by Crystelle Darchicourt for L`Atelier Boheme 2009

Tiare Moana L`Atelier Boheme FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Green banana, tangerine
Heart: Tiara, coconut
Base: Patchouli, hibiscus seeds

Wikipedia says: Gardenia taitensis (also called Tahitian Gardenia or Tiaré Flower) is a species of plant in the Rubiaceae family. It is an evergreen tropical shrub…. The flower is creamy white…. and very fragrant. Native to the highland shores of the South Pacific, it has the distinction of being one of the few cultivated plants native to Polynesia. It is the national flower of French Polynesia and the Cook Islands.

IMG_6074Photo Stolen WikiCommons

Sweet, tart and sizzling, Tiara Moana is a very juicy fruit and the opening is like biting into a mango that is so soft and juicy but you can tell that by tomorrow it will go nasty. Right now though it is heavenly, not a sugary sweetness in the modern fruitchouli experience but a sweetness with some depth and green-ness to it. It may even be green banana-ish.

Tiara, coconut and still a waft of dry greenery, like papyrus or vetiver, or maybe it is a dry, clean patchouli collide beautifully in the heart. Tiara Moana still manages to maintain it’s juiciness too and the heart is luscious and very reminiscent of a tropical island dream. Imagine if Annick Goutal’s Songes was both fruit-juicier and had a dry counterpoint, add this to the creamy texture of white flowers (without the vanilla) and you have a very good approximation of what Tiare Moana smells like.

Tiare Moana L`Atelier Boheme Les_Petits_Chanteurs_de_Sainte-Croix_-_The_Paris_Boys_Choir WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

This is not a sensual or sexual fragrance on me. I get no fecal, blue cheese, body or breath from Tiara Moana. While being gorgeous and glorious it is pure and clean. Attractive but aloof right through the heart with only a touch of earthiness in the dry down. If this fragrance were song it would be the young sporty tenor lead in a choir, all the divine exuberance of youth unsullied.

Good longevity and having sprayed myself completely with the whole 2ml I’m saying excellent projection. In fact I’m a little scared to leave the house in case I set of fire alarms, in the next suburb. I am completely and utterly engulfed in this glorious scent and enjoying the ride immensely. This would make a splendid Wedding Fragrance for both bride & groom.

Tiare Moana L`Atelier Boheme Bride_and_Groom FantasyStock DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

L`Atelier Boheme has 120/50ml

From L’Atelier Boheme: A perfume duet : two cross matters, two universes…mother-of-pearl and perfume.
For its 7th perfume, L’Atelier Bohème has chosen Rivières d’Océanie as a partner, specialized in the Tahiti black Pearl and polynesian jewellery : www.rivieresoceanie.com. Rivières d’Océanie Treasure pretty dressed the flask-jewel concealing in its heart the tiara with 7 petals in mother-of-pearl and perfume 

Have you tried Tiara Moana? Any of the L`Atelier Boheme line?
Portia xx



11 thoughts on “Tiare Moana by Crystelle Darchicourt for L`Atelier Boheme 2009

  1. Hi there!
    I’ve never tried anything from this House, but I’m always interested in tiare-based scents. Am I too naive to think this may be somehow close to the new JPG Classique Intense? I’m saying this because of the fruity juiciness+tiare creaminess reference in the review. I quite love that one indeed 🙂
    That bottle is stunning…


    • Ahhhh. I don’t know JPG Classique well enough to tell you DarkRose. I will spritz some of Kath’s tomorrow and see.
      Porttia x


  2. Really glad you did this review Portia, have been interested in Tiare based perfumes this Summer and nothing has really impressed me so far. It just so happens that a few years back, I tried Helianthe from this house, and it was a lovely long-lived beauty. Green pear opening followed by Ylang Ylang and superb Mysore sandalwood. It lasted about 11 hours on me, which is a rare feat. I did’nt know where it could be sourced and now from your review, I do. thanks Portia.


    • Woo Hoo! I am glad that SOMEONE has tried their stuff Donelle,
      It’s also really good to know that they are making quality stuff from a fellow fumie.
      Good luck with your tiare search. What has been your fave so far?
      Portia xx


      • Thanks Portia. So far Comptoir Sud Pacifique – Aloha Tiare, is my top choice, however I recently did a blind buy of Terranova oils including Tiare Lei, based on recommendations that their oils are really concentrated. My perfume devouring skin needs all the help it can get


  3. Sorry, it left off a bit. I really would like to experience this new one though, perhaps if I ended up buying a full bottle of Helianthe, they may send a sample. Tiare seems one of the best flowers that can instantly transport the wearer to an island holiday! Do you have any Tiare faves, or is this new one the bees knees? Donelle xx


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