Jungle Gardenia by Tuvaché 1933


Post by Azar


Portia: Hi there APJ, Azar is suffering the busy life syndrome too. You may know that she is a music teacher and I asked her to give me some music to put with one of her all time favourite fragrances, Jungle Gardenia by Tuvaché, Jovan and now Coty. I edited up an email she sent me after talking about losing myself in music and fragrance simultaneously, thanks Azar for opening my ears to something new. I love the way this piece jumps and spins, even when my mind wanbts to wandfer into thought it is jolted back to the music by its mood and force changes. Lovely.

Jungle Gardenia by Tuvaché 1933

Jungle Gardenia Tuvaché FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Greens, bitter orange, clary sage, cyclamen, heliotrope
Heart: Gardenia, tuberose, tarragon, violet leaf, lily of the valley, jasmine, ylang-ylang
Base: Oakmoss, benzoin, sandalwood, musk

I don’t think I ever did a Jungle Gardenia post…just commented a lot and mentioned Jungle Gardenia in some other reviews of vintage fragrances. I have a nice little stash of the really good old stuff (parfum and skin scent) and should probably do a review one of these days. The sillage is astounding and the longevity unbelievable. I spilled a little on a tissue in June. Not wanting to waste a drop I stored the tissue in my sock drawer. Every time I open that drawer I am greeted with an indolic floral blast and now my feet even smell like gardenias!

Jungle Gardenia Tuvaché Socks HelenaRay DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

Below is a great piece of music by the Brazilian composer Hector Villa Lobos, Choros #5, Alma Brasilieras. This piece is rich, dark, deep and humid…not unlike Jungle Gardenia. This was originally written for piano. I have performed and taught the original solo piano version numerous times over the years. I have never made a recording myself and so hoped to find one on You Tube. Every single version I found had numerous rhythmic errors…so annoying. The YoYo Ma cello/piano version is beautiful and correct. I hope it gives you some idea of the piece as it was originally written for piano.

I have always loved Villa Lobos’ music. When Brad needed a companion piece to the Beethoven Triple I suggested another piece by Villa Lobos that was originally for piano and subsequently arranged by the composer for string orchestra – the Prelude from Bachianis Brasilieras 4 – the first 10 minutes of this second You tube video –  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mf3SQ3dVz8. Notice the musician wiping the tears away at about 6:16 minutes into the recording.

Azar xx


02.- Choros No 5 “Alma Brasiliera” (Villa-Lobos)

Yo-Yo Ma’s Brazil, LIve Concert

6 thoughts on “Jungle Gardenia by Tuvaché 1933

  1. Hey There Azar,
    Excellent post. I’m so excited that I’m not the only one who equates music and fragrance as friends.
    Portia x


    • Hi Portia,
      Music as fragrance brings up a related topic – synesthesia. In my experience this is much more common than most people believe it to be. It is really not so special but can be very annoying to deal with.
      Azar xx


  2. Music and scent often goes hand in hand. I love your posts Azar. “A nice little stash of the really old stuff”???? Huh? I can hardly wait. ;). Sounds seriously good. Big hug. xxx


  3. Hi Mom –

    I’d really like to check out that perfume – sounds really nice. The links were awesome! I guess I don’t always equate music to fragrance – but maybe I should:)!



    • Hi Lauren,
      I’m looking forward seeing you sooner than later and trying lots of perfumes together.
      The old Jungle Gardenia opens slightly spicy and sour morphing to the smell of clay followed by a big, blousy blast of indolic white flowers with additional tops notes of bubblegum and fruit. The dry down is dark, rich, nutty and very sensual. I’m guessing this one might not be for you but it is pretty wonderful anyway and certainly worth a sniff or two.
      Mommy Azar xx and X


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