Jasmine Sambac by Christopher Brosius for CB I Hate Perfume 2013

Hi there Crew,

Writing to you from the past but thinking about how lovely it will be to be hitting Singapore and South Korea in spring and recently I got a Surrender To Chance decant from one of my favourite independent perfumers; Christopher Brosius. It’s about as springlike  as you could ever imagine.

Jasmine Sambac by CB I Hate Perfume 2013

Jasmine Sambac by Christopher Brosius

Jasmine Sambac CB I Hate Perfume FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

It’s nearly night time, you are enjoying the newfound warmth of spring evenings and you’ve decided to take an evening stroll with your true loved one, your dog. In my city Sydney, where I live currently in Redfern just off the center of the central business and shopping district, maybe 3 kilometers easy walk from the Sydney GPO the early spring evenings are chock full of after work drinkers, diners, people coming home and people going out. The cafes and supermarkets are full and loads of cars with their headlights on low are taking their precious cargoes to the next big, last big, will it ever get big thing. The streets, cafes and the parks are also full of other people walking their dogs. Below is a picture in Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens, less than an hours stroll from my home.

Jasmine Sambac CB I Hate Perfume Sydney Botanic_Gardens WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

What you can also feel on these evenings is the promise. Spring in Redfern is FULL of the scent of promise. Promise of warmer days, t-shirts, beaches, flirtations, picnics and sunshiny days. There are plenty of jasmine vines climbing up fronts of terrace houses and in pocket handkerchief sized back gardens, even some of the pubs have an old ropey vine that bursts into leaf and flower at the first hint of spring.

If you want to smell something that gives you the same flutterings in your heart, the same joyful spring in your step, the same inner whisper of promise then Jasmine Sambac is something I think you should try.

How does it smell? Stronger than jasmine in most fragrance, healthier. At the start very indolic but within half an hour Jasmine Sambac becomes fresh, lilting and friendly. A zephyr on a late spring afternoon bringing you the fragrance of a fence full of jasmine down the road. Glorious.

Jasmine Sambac CB I Hate Perfume walking-dog Travnell PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

From Christopher Brosius: I find Jasmine Sambac to be the richest and most pervasive of all the Jasmine Absolutes available today. While obviously a Jasmine scent, its perfume contains levels of depth and complexity that other Jasmines cannot match, its scent is serene, euphoric and hypnotic. Jasmine Absolute contains many chemicals that have a powerful effect on the central nervous system. Jasmine is possibly, next to Rose, the most synthesized flower in modern perfume. While there are many exceptionally fine synthetic versions of that flower available, should you ever compare the two – Real and Imagined – side by side, you will see there is absolutely no comparison at all. Real Jasmine is much richer, far more complex and infinitely more beautiful.

 Jasmine Sambac CB I Hate Perfume Jasminum_sambac WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Further reading: Perfume Posse and Colognoisseur
CB I Hate Perfume has $325/100ml
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $5/.5ml

What scents make you think of spring?
Portia xx

14 thoughts on “Jasmine Sambac by Christopher Brosius for CB I Hate Perfume 2013

  1. Spring is all about florals for me, especially florals that are heavy on jasmine. My go-to spring scents are the Lutens jasmines, and I also love light creamy roses this time of year, especially Safean Troublant. The subtle DSH florals are also perfect on spring days.
    Jasmine sambac is my favorite jasmine absolute, and CB is among my favorite perfumers, so this one will be next on my order last.


      • Oh no, more-ish at that price? I’m in trouble. BTW, I finally broke down and bought the Malle room spray Un Gardenia la Nuit, and it just arrived about an hour ago. What a lovely spring treat! It’s lighter and fresher than most gardenia scents and my bedroom smells like spring now. Gorgeous.


  2. In Spring it is straight out to the meadow for me, either Vent Vert or Ma Griffe. While I can appreciate jasmine as a scent ingredient, the real thing brings on a major sinus headache for me. I now avoid walking past those inner Melbourne suburban white jasmine creepers that cascade over walls and fences. Jasmine tamed by a perfumer, however, is an entirely different thing.


    • What A complete bummer Bernadette Winfield-Gray, I love a jasmine bush in bloom. Glad to know in frags its cool though.
      Portia xx


  3. Loved this blast of Portia Past 🙂

    When Spring has really kicked in I think of florals too. I’ve just written two spring posts actually. The first is Chamade. Hyacinths are the the flower I associate most with Spring. The second is California Reverie, a breezy jasmine which sounds the opposite of Jasmine Sambac. It’s very wispy and not at all rich or indolic. It’s a very West Coast jasmine!


    • Chamade! I can imagine you wafting it beautifully Tara. Hyacinths are divine, we used to force them in vases on our kitchen window sill, yummy.
      Portia xx


  4. I love CB, and Jasmine Sambac is a real winner for me.

    A wave crashed upon the shore of The Sample Sea yesterday, and before it could join its sister waves far from reach, I dipped in and plucked out Penhaligon’s Ostara. I’m only an hour into testing, but my goodness is this newborn spring in a bottle! It’s incredibly bright, almost glaring, a veritable cacophony of the scents of spring. At this stage it’s veering towards uncomfortable, like the moment after you’ve jammed your face into hyacinths or narcissus and then realize you should have backed off a bit. I think it’s a must-try for anyone who loves fresh green floral fragrances, and in particular I’m reminded of vintage Lauren


  5. Hello Portia,
    I take long walks with the dog everyday, rain or shine, up and down our foothills here in the PNW, USA. Today the cherry blossoms, daffodils and tulips are just finishing and the lilacs are in full bloom. It’s amazing to come around a corner and suddenly be blasted with the scent of lilacs. To recreate that experience indoors I carefully spritz my favorite lilac soliflore. I know there are many beautiful lilac fragrances available these days but I always return to a long lost lilac (called Lilac) by Adrien Arpel. I only use this fragrance when the lilacs are in bloom. It smells exactly like our local lilacs on cool, rainy spring days.
    Azar xx


    • WOW Azar,
      You are always full of the most interesting fragrances and stories. I love that you wander the area sniffing plants and flowers with the dogs. What an idyllic and blessed life you live.
      Greedy me wants to read a whole post on that Lilac fragrance please.
      Portia xx


  6. I’m still waiting for spring. Had a below freezing wind chill and snow flurries this morning. I love jasmine but I’m still in my winter fume wardrobe. This price might be a bit out of my comfort zone so I’m going to forget how fabulous you made it sound.


    • Hey Poodle,
      I have a 5ml decant that will last me a while. It’s enough for me, when it runs out I may buy the big one.
      What a bummer to be locked in winter, do you feel like the townsfolk in Frozen? I hope it all arms up for you soon.
      Portia xx


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