Salt Caramel by Julie Masse for Shay & Blue London 2014

Hey hey Fragrance Fiends,

Do you ever read and hear about a new brand quite a bit, it piques your interest, you don’t try it immediately and then you completely forget about it because you’re onto the new next best thing? I find it happening more and more often lately. Shay & Blue were the name on everybodies lips last year but until I saw them on Surrender To Chance last month I had let them pass me by.

Salt Caramel by Julie Masse for Shay & Blue London 2014

Salt Caramel Shay & Blue London FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Caramel, sea salt, tonka bean, sandalwood (Vanilla is added on the Shay & Blue site)

My partner Jin makes the most gorgeously delicious salted caramel macaroons. They are breath taking and so perfectly formed. The sweetness is cut through with savoury and when he makes them I know I’ve been an excellent companion. It’s like the ultimate nod.

When I spritz Salted Caramel I get a really big smile across my face. It’s EXACTLY what a Salted Caramel macaroon smells like. I even salivated at the scent as it first went on. Hilarious! That super sweet caramel-ish moment tempered by salt is so realistic and so ridiculously good but as much as I go crazy for it part of my mind is asking me if this is how I want to smell. Like, really? Is this the scent that you think is the best fragrance to offer the world as a scent concept of who you are? My head says, “Super good trick, yes you made a smell that totally replicates food. Astounding but WTF!”

salt-caramel-shay-blue macaroon Coralie Ferreira FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

As we move further into the heart of Salted Caramel it does get deeper and the sweetness is knocked out a bit, now I’m getting brulee crust, still sweet but toffee crisp and bitter. Are there musks in here too? Something powdery?  Maybe it’s the sandalwood and my associations are running away with me. It doesn’t smell like sandalwood as I think of it but that doesn’t mean that it’s not sandalwood, know what I mean?

Salted Caramel sticks around, and if you like the way it smells then you’ll be thrilled because once the super sweet opening burns of you’re left with a linear fragrance that I got 3 hours from because it drove me crazy so I waited 3 hours and then had a bath.

salt-caramel-shay-blue Bubble_Bath Jelin DeviantArtPhoto stolen DeviantArt

Further reading: Ca Fleure Bon and Kafkaesque
Shay & Blue are available at department stores, David Jones in Australia
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $4.50/ml

Did you get to try these Shay & Blue fragrances? Which ones tickled your fancy? What have you recently had to scrub?
Portia xx

6 thoughts on “Salt Caramel by Julie Masse for Shay & Blue London 2014

  1. Yes, I have tried Shay and Blue in Marks and Spencers of all places…was taken with Oud Alif which was rich and a bit sweet but not overly oudy, ie barnyard-y.
    The last frag I had to get off me was Une Rose Vermeille which was a shame, as I respect the Tauer ethos and like many of his others.
    PS want to lick the macarron photo!


    • HA!! JackieB! You need to come have Jin’s Macaroons.
      BTW he tells me I need to inform you that he makes them from a packet.
      Portia xx


  2. Nope! Haven’t tried a single one of Shay and Blue’s offerings. Just looked them up on Fragrantica, and the first listing is Almond Cucumber. Gag!

    I’m pretty unsophisticated, and there’s bunches of stuff that smell good that I don’t want to smell OF. Barbecue pits, espresso, strawberries and so on. Speaking of strawberries, Imaginary Authors Cape Heartache was a scrubber. Pine forest with strawberries. I was imagining skipping through an alpine meadow a la Sound of Music. Instead, I found myself plunked down in a forest holding a Little Tree strawberry air freshener discovered amongst the pine needles.


  3. Hi Portia,
    I’m with Holly on the Cape Heartache. On me it smelled like those pine scent infused pine cones that sell at the craft stores during the holiday season. To be fair I usually give the scrubbers two or three tries just to see if I have missed anything. Sometimes what starts out as a scrubber ends up as a true love, but not so Cape Heartache. My list of true scrubbers is very short but my list of mehs, blehs and just OKs is very long. I have not tried anything by Shay and Blue. I, too, don’t know if I’m up to smelling exactly like a food…
    Azar xx


    • Hey there Azar,
      Yes, agree on all points. Haven’t tried Cape heartache though.
      It’s weird, Shalimar smells like a million foods to me, if I parse it out but to smell like one thing through the whole ride was a bit much. And such strength!
      Portia xx


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