Singapore 2015 Photo Essay

Woo Hoo APJ,

We are home from our 2 week Asia adventure. Traveling with Jin is so easy and fun, he loves to get amongst it and we fit in an extraordinary amount. He is absolutely fearless in his site and adventure planning and often has me doing things I never dreamed to do. This holiday he even planned in a whole day of lazy as a gift for me, we woke up late, lazed around the pool, brunched and generally hung out together till going off to some fab little street food diner for dinner. Bliss.

Singapore 2015 Photo Essay

First time in Singapore as a tourist rather than a transient, the easiest country in Asia to be a part of for us English speakers because English and Chinese are the two official languages so almost all signs are or have English. WINNING! They also have a fantastic Metro and Bus system that you can access with a card like the British Oyster system. It’s clean and the people are friendly, the food is awesome and the weather warm all year round. Our mate Julie gave us the inside skinny on everything and entertained usa to the whole islands highs & depths. We met up with friends not seen in years and really would have liked another week because we just could not fit everyone in.

To be honest there are hardly any photos with the crew because we were having too much fun while we were with them. Here is a selction of photos that I did remember to take.

Singapore 2015 #26
Singapore Airways very back row

Singapore 2015 #10
Our mate Julie who had us staying with her, excellent tour guide and hostess. (Whitney in the background)

Singapore 2015 #12

Singapore 2015 #13
Drinks at the Fullerton Bay Hotel Rooftop for welcome

Singapore 2015 #9
Portia swimming in the 14th floor pool of Julie’s apartment

Singapore 2015 #1

Singapore 2015 #2

We hired bikes and rode along the seafront, here we are stopped at a picnic point

Singapore 2015 #4

Singapore 2015 #3

Julie had organised a crew to see Bjorn Again (ABBA tribute) in the Marina Sands Complex (VERY Guggenheim)

Singapore 2015 #5

Singapore 2015 #6

Singapore 2015 #25
Spent the morning at the Marina Bay Gardens, even did the Sky Walk (big thing if you are scared of heights)


Singapore 2015 #14

Local breakfast

Singapore 2015 #15

Navigating Singapore by Public Transport

Singapore 2015 #16

Portia being an idiot, Jin can’t believe it. I don’t know why, it does seem to be my default setting.

Singapore 2015 #18

Singapore 2015 #19


High Tea at The Fullerton Hotel, unbelievably yummy and good value too. They kept filling up out trays till we had to waddle out.


Singapore 2015 #20
We did manage to get to some museums and art galleries but this is the only piece that I fell madly in love with, ancient version of Conchita Wurst

Singapore 2015 #8

Singapore 2015 #7
Found a Bangladeshi boy on the street and asked him where in Little India HE ate, took us to a fabulous restaurant 2 people absolutely full of naan and vegetarian food for $4 each, amazing.

Singapore 2015 #21

Singapore 2015 #22

Chinatown and Jin finally gets to use his Selfie Stick (I know, but he loves it and if that’s his worst vice I can cope)

Singapore 2015 #23

Singapore 2015 #24

Final Singaporean dinner, Chili crab, Spicy chicken and Breaded prawns.



30 thoughts on “Singapore 2015 Photo Essay

    • Hiya Holly,
      It’s easy to be joyful when you’re on holiday with people you love in beautiful places.
      Portia xx


    • Azar,
      It’s like we have really arrived in the space age when you sit across the bay. unbelievable.
      Portia xx


  1. What a fantastic trip! I am forwarding link to my son, who is planning a trip to Singapore next year to attend a friend’s wedding reception. It warms my heart to see you all looking so happy. The Sky Walk “trees” are awesome. ‘Fraid I won’t ever see them in person cuz I’m skeeeered of heights big-time.


    • Fifi,
      Yes, I too am heart palpitatingly scared of heights. This was no smell thing that I walked across this 10 story high platform. I am trying to wean myself of the fear and take every opportunity to get myself up high. The worst was walking out onto the high walk at St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, it was evening and we walked out very high in the air onto a metal grille walkway that I could see straight through. You have NO IDEA, but I managed to get out there and up another two heights. Pale and panting. I will beat this.
      Portia xx


  2. Portia!! Fabulous snaps darling! And that third photo with Jin gazing so lovingly over his shoulder at your smiling face….made my heart sing! He is DEF a keeper!! So happy for you, looks like you had an amazing time!


    • Heya Robert,
      He’s a good guy, very easy to hang with and go on fun adventurers with. We know how lucky we are.
      We did have an amazing time and one day we’ll see you where you are.
      Portia xx


    • Hey there Francesca,
      Julie is freaking gorgeous, she always was. Lately though, she’s been taking some newfangled pill and it has done wonders. No, I can’t remember what it is, sorry.
      Portia xx


  3. I’ve got a very sad family thing to attend to tonight so seeing these happy pictures was a refreshing moment in my day. You look like you have the best time no matter where you are. I admire that in you. You and Jin are so darn cute together.


    • Hey Poodle,
      99% of the time we do have a great time, the other 1% is still bearable.
      Jin does add a 70% cuteness ratio to any pic, what a guy.
      You should come on one of our adventures, they’re heaps of fun.
      Portia xx


  4. What a wonderful trip. I am drooling over the meal photos. You’ve travelled so much; what has been your favorite destination for eating?


    • Hey there FeralJasmine,
      WOW! Hard question. Hungary was great, all that delicious stodge. India is amazing but only if you know there is something else to eat, my first visit I went doolally after about 5 weeks and craved western food to infinity. Singapore was really good because they are an incredibly cosmopolitan city with loads of different areas where people from different countries have congregated, it’s easy to get sterling Singaporean, Chinese, Arab, Indiian, western and many more.
      One incredible thing about Australia though is the food; hygiene and freshness seems to be a bit more apparent, we bitch about stuff here till we travel and then realise that we are so freaking lucky.
      Probably Australia tops the list. Sorry to be so boring.
      Portia xx


        • I think you will. We have a huge selection. Our only problem is that it’s quite expensive. Oh well. That’s the price you pay to live in paradise.
          Portia xx


  5. I love those big tree-like things! Which may indeed be trees. Looks like you packed an amazing amount in. I would jump at the chance to go to that part of the world some time.


    • Hi there Vanessa,
      They are enormous flowers that light up at night, the flower heads alone are 4 stories tall. Amazing.
      If you get the chance it’s a perfect stopover on the way to Sydney. Just saying….
      Portia xx


  6. Wowee. I have never been to Singapore. You made it look very inviting. I had been eyeing those selfie sticks – did Jin use the blue-tooth version?


    • Yes, Jin has a blue tooth version. It was pretty fun to be completely honest, sadly the set up time can kjill the moment, you have to have it ready for action.
      Singapore is definitely worth a look, clean, safe and fun.
      Portia xx


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