Katy Perry Killer Queen: Oh So Sheer By Laurent LaGuernec 2014


Post by Poodle


Two things I need to admit here. I am not a Katy Perry fan and I’m a bit judgmental when it comes to celebrity perfumes. My niece gave me a bottle of this so I’m trying to be as fair as possible.

Katy Perry Killer Queen: Oh So Sheer 2014

By Laurent LaGuernec

Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Katy Perry FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Mulberry, elderberry, black current, dark plum
Heart: Celosia, jasmine, freesia, plumeria
Base: Kashmir wood, liquid praline, caramel, patchouli

As you probably know, anything with the word “sheer” in the name is going to be problematic for me and my scent eating skin so your results may vary on this one. At first spritz you really need to give it a moment because there’s a sharp blast of what I can only describe as hair spray accord. Let’s let it dry a moment…

It’s sweet and juicy with plummy berries which is appropriate since the juice itself is purple. These seems to be the go-to top notes in mainstream scents lately and initially Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer is similar to a lot of other perfumes out there. There’s the expected sweetness but since it’s a sheer scent it’s actually not too syrupy. I can’t pick out any individual berries and they seem more synthetic than natural to me. The flower notes are there but again, they don’t stand alone but rather blend together. I will say that I can smell the plumeria a bit more than anything else in the note list at this point. There’s a hint of caramel but it hasn’t quite bubbled to the surface yet.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Katy_Perry WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

As the fruit and flowers fade and the base notes begin to take the stage there’s that sweet patchouli common to many perfumes. Definitely not an earthy patchouli, for any of you patch heads out there, and I don’t detect much wood. But Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer is sheer and very wearable. The liquid praline/caramel notes are somewhat apparent throughout the life of the scent. I had a problem with Prada Candy smelling like a hot chemical mess on me so I was ready for chemical caramel here too. It kills me to say it but I was pleasantly surprised. The caramel on me was not too sweet and not too synthetic smelling. I was not expecting that.

The main shift in Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer is from the fruity opening to the sugared caramel base. It’s easy to wear and the general public will think you smell good. Not something that you need to think about to enjoy. Longevity was an issue which I expected and sillage was not overwhelming.

Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer Teenage dream Lawren FlickrPhoto Stolen Flickr

You could do much worse than Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer in the sea of celebrity scents. Great for a tween or teen or an old lady like me who wants to feel young again.

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FragranceNet has $33/100ml before coupon

So have you tried this or any of the other Katy Perry perfumes? Do you think celebrity scents are getting better or worse lately?


15 thoughts on “Katy Perry Killer Queen: Oh So Sheer By Laurent LaGuernec 2014

  1. Hey Poodle!
    I got stuck on celosia and tried to read it as celery, because honestly celosia flowers are freakin’ weird and I don’t recall them having a smell. And you know, I have no clue what plumeria smells like. Must rectify.
    I’m glad this worked for you, as isn’t it awful when you receive a gift and you hate it?
    Now that you mention it, I realize I haven’t tried a single celebuscent.


    • As far as I know celosia doesn’t smell, at least mine never did. Plumeria does have fragrance. It’s sometimes impossible to take the notes seriously, especially when eh just seem to be making things up as they go along.
      I am happy I don’t hate it. In her defense she later said she only bought it because she liked the name and the bottle and thought I’d like that too. She actually has decent taste and a weird sense of humor.


  2. I sampled Killer Queen only after I heard it was compared to YSL Black Opium, which I spent a huge amount of money on only to be extremely disappointed. If I could go back I’d buy Killer Queen for a quarter of the price instead! I like the sound of Sheer, but like you (and seems a lot of people) my skin also eats perfume. It sounds like the type of fragrance I personally wouldn’t go out and buy for myself, but happily accept it as a gift and wear it.

    I think some celebrity scents can be of extremely bad quality, while others could pass for something that smells just as good, or even better than a designer or niche fragrance in some cases. It’s hard to tell which until you try them for yourself leaving all judgments and ‘perfume snobbery’ behind, and being open-minded to ALL fragrances, despite the name of the celebrity (which is sometimes really hard to ignore, I admit as I’m not a fan of most celebrities in general).

    The best example of a great quality celebuscent I can think of is Jessica Simpson Fancy Nights. Before I joined Fragrantica, never in a million years would I have thought of even trying a fragrance endorsed by her, but now it’s one of my best finds, and in my top 10 favourite fragrances. I actually heard it was better than Prada Amber for women – which is supposedly similar to it. I recently blind bought another fragrance by her; Fancy, and am just as happy with it. It smells high quality and could pass for a designer scent easily, especially with so many ‘watered down perfumes’ around these days.

    However I’ve also had some terrible experiences with other celeb scents; a lot of them smell so sickly sweet and synthetic, or just fade away within 15 mins. Always test before buying any fragrance (if possible), and stay open-minded. You never know what might pleasantly surprise you! xx


    • Fancy Nights is a good one that could totally pass for something far pricier. I’m doing a review on another celebrity scent which is actually quite good. You’re so right tough, most are just money grabs. Just put a big name on the bottle and watch it sell. I’m happy to find a few every now and then that renew my faith in mainstream perfumes.


  3. Hey Poodle,
    You can be quite sure that this will sell more bottles than most niche releases in 2014/15. Loads of people will wear it and more importantly they will love how they smell and feel that some of Katy Perry’s glamour has rubbed off on them.
    I totally get the CelebuScent explosion.
    Portia xx


    • I totally get it too but I guess I’m too old to think that with just a spritz of perfume I can instantly be super fabulous. I’m so cynical I wonder if the celebs actually wear their own scents. If I could slap my name on a bottle and make some money I suppose I’d do it too.


      • I truly doubt they wear their own scents. Actually I was just reading an article on a beauty site talking about celebrities and their favourite/signature fragrances. Though most of them would be paid by the companies just to mention the brand names.
        PS. You are never too old to feel fabulous, perfume or no perfume! =) xx


  4. Hi Poodle,
    Thank you for doing a Celebuscent post! I have been missing Katrina’s focus on celebrity fragrances and I’m happy that you’ve stepped up with this review. There are several celebrity fragrances I really like – Queen (Latifah), Truth or Dare and a few others. I know I would probably appreciate these even more if celebrity names were not attached. Do I really want to – or imagine that – I smell like Madonna, Queen Latifah, Elizabeth Taylor, Queen Elizabeth…no, No, NO!
    Are the fragrances in this genre getting better? It’s hit or miss really. Sophia Lauren’s fragrance by Coty and a few other early celebs were really quite nice or at least memorable in a good way. I’m sure you can think of some really noxious examples as well. The biggest problems with many of the newer celebs are the screechy top notes. It’s hard to appreciate any perfume if the first blast reeks of hairspray, shampoo or toxic green tea. Lately, for fun, I have been wearing a newer celeb – Taylor Swift Incredible Things. It offers a long lived and livable coconut, pink pepper and a great astringent grapefruit with just a wee bit of an initial chemical blast.
    Azar xx


    • I’ve been trying to be open minded with these after stumbling on a few decent ones. One trick is to spray and then wait before sniffing or you’ll get that screechy alcohol and chemical fruit blast that’ll set your nostrils back for days. I’ll have to look for that Taylor Swift one.
      I think they might be getting better overall. There’s so many now that they need to have something other than a name to make them stand out. If they all smell the same odds are people will pick their favorite celeb or whatever the cheaper one is. Plus, when the star burns out so does the marketing. They need to make a big impression, sell like mad for a year or so and then hope for the best. Everyone was just itching to buy Fame but I wonder what the sales for it are now after the rush is over. Perfume houses can take time and gradually build a following, celebs have to seize the moment. They’re going with what’s trendy and that’s not usually what perfume bloggers are interested in.


      • That is so true. Especially the part about when the star washes out, so does the marketing. I actually am a fan of Kate Moss, and quite liked two of her fragrances. They’re so much harder to find these days.
        I’m surprised though how well Britney Spears fragrances are still doing. I mean she’s pretty burnt out but still released a new fragrance recently. I think they must be terribly popular even if she isn’t… I’ve been too scared to try one; perhaps I should.

        BTW since you were wondering, Fame was priced down from $110 to $20 for a 100ml bottle where I live haha! I actually did buy a bottle because it was so cheap it made me laugh. It smells like honeyed apricots, which is not my thing typically, but it’s ok for when I get a ‘sweet craving’, also I thought the bottle was cool. Now that I look at it, it actually looks quite cheap (I love Alien and the bottle design looked a bit similar – like a weird alien egg). I can’t believe so many fans paid well over that original price for it. Suckers. That fragrance has to be one of the biggest flops I can ever imagine. $20 is a fair price for it.


      • Scarlett, I must confess I got a Fame gift set at the grocery store of all places, after Christmas for $8.99. I figured the shower gel was worth that. The perfume is okay but nothing like it was promised to be.
        Britney still has some fans but I think she needs to reinvent herself or have another significant hit song pretty soon or she’ll be forgotten. Kate Moss did have a decent perfume if I recall. She has lipsticks now in the Rimmel London line. I’ve got two.


  5. Hi Poodle. What a great post. You are totally adventurous. I have never tried a Celebuscent. You are not an old lady. Good grief. Bussis. xxx


    • If you’re as old as you feel then I am ancient. Somehow I don’t think celebrity fragrances are going to wow you in any way. There may be one or two you might like as a guilty pleasure but I can’t see you giving up your Onda for Killer Queen. I’ll have to make up a package for you although I’m not sure if I should after the last batch I sent you. Lol. Honestly I think I’d rather wear a celebuscent over some of those particular niche perfumes.


      • My turn for a package. Onda is a Killer Queen. You might feel ancient now but it will change. Sending you love and bussis and hope we might meet in New York. 9 – 12 September. xxxxxx


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