Une Rose Chypree by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2009

Hey Frag Family,

My mate Natalie from the now sadly defunct Not Another Perfume Blog gave me a bunch of samples and decants when she quit blogging. It has been really interesting slowly going through her bag because some of the things lurking inside are brand new to me, others are fragrances I’ve tried earlier in my obsession and while I liked them well enough when I first tried them I may have been too green or have had a much more limited understanding of scent. It is really fabulous to come across a scent that became lost in the multitudes again and have a second chance with it.

Today I am going to look at exactly one such……

Une Rose Chypree by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2009

Une Rose Chypree Tauer Perfumes FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Cinnamon, bay, bergamot, lemon, Clementine orange
Heart: Bulgarian rose, rose absolue, Bourbon geranium Base: Labdanum, oakmoss, patchouli, vetiver, vanilla

Sizzling spices and citrus burst out of the nozzle immediately and my office is filled with the scent of sun, fun, joy and playfulness. An explosion, a riot, a zinging zesty carnival of scent. The citruses are marvellously shown off with the addition of spice and I feel a real hot chilli effect too. It’s like you’ve thrown the spices in the pan to cook together before you add your meat to a sweet curry. Yesterday I complained of A La Rose not living on my skin, well here is a fragrance that not only lives but makes a cacophony! Une Rose Chypree is F U N and fabulous.

Une Rose Chypree Tauer Perfumes frying-pan olafBroeker PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

One of the things I usually love about Andy Tauer’s work is the slow progression of stages, I get to really live and smell each transformation and enjoy the pieces of his puzzle. Maybe I’m lucky because his work really seems to like my skin chemistry. In the heart of Une Rose Chypree I get this amazing caramel/toffee/rose melange, it is delicious, unusual and crunchy. Warm and cozy yet totally good for hot weather. Today is a very pleasant 21C (70F) and Une Rose Chypree is a perfect scent to take me through the day and into evening.

Dry down comes hours later and lasts into the next morning with Andy’s famous Tuer-ade lingering and getting sweeter and softer as it progresses. In the morning a whisper of sweet Une Rose Chypree resins lays over my skin making my early morning funk smell pleasant and still edible. MMMMMMM

Une Rose Chypree Tauer Perfumes Fondant_Rose WikiCommonsPhoto Stolen WikiCommons

One thing I will say is that if you have a zero fragrance policy at your work then this humdinger is probably not going to fit the bill, no matter how lightly you spray Une Rose Chypree is a big scent and an attention grabber for the first 3-4 hours. More often than not I will be complimented on my fragrance when wearing Une Rose Chypree, she is a showstopper.

Une Rose Chypree sample Tauer PerfumesPhoto Stolen Tauer Perfumes

Further reading: Perfume Shrine and Perfume Shrine
IndieScents has $140/50ml
Tauer Perfumes has samples starting at $5.40

Have you ever revisited a fragrance that you liked to find that it was true love? Which one, or ones?
Portia xx

19 thoughts on “Une Rose Chypree by Andy Tauer for Tauer Perfumes 2009

  1. I’m with you on Tauer, I have a box of samples that I will never give away because sometimes I just want to retry. And sometimes that little reminder is enough, I can enjoy the wearing without buying a bottle.
    And how much fun is Eurovision! What frag would Conchita be wearing????


    • I have a feeling it’s FB time though for Rose Chypree.
      Conchita would probably be wearing something mainstream, fun and a little retro. Maybe Gucci Guilty or L’Artisan Dzing!
      What would you put her in JackieB?
      Portia xx


  2. L.O.V.E.!!! I never have a `hate` for a scent, even ozones which are tough on my head after too much wearing 🙂 Every time the latest thing/note in scent floods the market, we always get a bit tired of it due to over exposure, but never hate 🙂 🙂 We are easy to please, maybe?? lol!! The 1970 Coco Cola ad/song* that just became well known again due to the Mad Men finale speaks well for my love of scents * “I`d like to Teach the world to Sing“ I want to enjoy all scents – even if my body can get sensitive in the process – lol!!


  3. Hi Portia,
    I recently revisited Bal a Versailles. I had my reasons for avoiding this one but time has worked its magic and all of those reasons have been forgotten or become inconsequential. Now I love this perfume for the scent alone. No memories are attached or if they are they have lost their hold on me! Re Rose Chypre: I have a sample floating around here somewhere. My initial impression was “what, another spicy rose?” Reading your review has convinced me to give it another try.
    Azar xx


    • BaV!! I love it Azar. There is quite a collection of it here, EdC, EdT and Parfum. love them all.
      Please give Une rose Chypree another try, it’s quite different.
      Portia xx


  4. Une Rose Chypree must smell lovely on you, it sounds delicious, Portia. AT fragrances do not work too Well on my skin.

    Some Guerlains can have That effect on me, like Chamade. Chamade can impress me at Moments and at Some it is too cold for me.

    Will try Une Rose Chypree again although I doubt it Will smell as lovely in my skin as it does on Yours 🙂


    • Esperessence,
      You mention another of my great loves. Chamade is heaven for me too.
      Fingers crossed for your next try.
      Portia xx


  5. I like Une Rose Chypree very much but it intimidates me with its complexity and grandeur. I agree it’s not for the office. Despite all the spices, I don’t get a foody feel from URC at all. The opposite in fact. Funny isn’t it? Actually the spice notes remind me of a few of Patricia de Nicolai’s works – the sort of hot spice you get in New York or Maharanih.


    • I totally get that you might not find the spices foody Anne Marie. It’s a very specific moment I smell. When my last partner Varun’s maid would start cooking a particular tea in Gurgaon near New Delhi the sizzle of spice and citrus at the beginning was very similar, I’ve tried to recreate it but am not sure what the exact spices were.
      Portia xx


  6. It was once. I’ve tried Must by Cartier and put the blotter between pages of forensic medicine book. I thought the perfume is quite nice, but not fabulous. More than a year later I was leafing through the pages of this book and came across the blotter. I remembered the fragrance and decided to buy it. And now this love lasts for several years)


    • HA! back in the day EVERYONE was wearing Kouros to work Shmuli. The curtains felt like they were being dry cleaned daily.
      Portia xx


  7. Mr Tauer has nothing but respect and awe from me as a perfumer. That said, I am yet to find anything by him that I actually enjoy wearing – that said, I’ve never sampled Une Rose Chypree 🙂


    • HA! Aelfrik, that is a wonderful comment. I think if you have not liked any of his other works then Un Rose Chypree will probably leave you cold too, never say never though and give it a whirl.
      Portia xx


  8. Sadly, Une Rose Chypree doesn’t work for me at all (unlike its sister Une Rose Vermeille). But I know the feeling: I’ve just re-discovered Parfumerie Generale’s Brûlure de Rose, which I liked when I tested it first but now I want a bottle of it.
    On a side note: I miss Natalie and her blog 😦


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