Eau Noble by Marie Duchene for Le Galion 2014

Hiya Happy Huffers,

Not so long ago while Nicolas Chabot, the Le Galion resurrector, was in Sydney he took a day to introduce his fragrance range to us. I fell deeply and madly in love with a couple but never really clicked with Eau Noble, I was like “OK, another lavender cologne style fragrance, meh” and moved on.

Eau Noble by Marie Duchene for Le Galion 2014

Eau Noble Le Galion FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Citron, mandarin orange, orange, galbanum, chamomile
Heart: Neroli, jasmine, lavender, geranium, cedar, marjoram
Base: Patchouli, oakmoss, sage, labdanum, sandalwood, civet, musk

The other night I was looking through my samples without my glasses on to find Sortilege by Le Galion, when I thought I’d found it I splashed a little on before bed. WOW! was I surprised and now I can’t get enough…..

Sweet and sizzling citrus opens boldly but not outrageously and there is a hint of split leaf and branch that makes my green loving nose twitch in delight. The galbanum comes through in its weird sharp syrupy way that always sends a shiver of excitement down my spine. I love how some green fragrances manage to capture the sharp poisonous spines of an alien cactus, keep the cool smoothness of green glass and add in the large waxy sheen of the sunny side of magnolia leaves. Eau Noble opens and leads into its heart with all three of these qualities. There is a feeling of wearing the most exquisite cross between barbershop and high end fragrance, someone really thought about crossing the borderlines and blurring tradition here.

Eau Noble Le Galion Caspar_David_Friedrich WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

The heart of Eau Noble is a lavender-centric bouquet. No, if you are anti lavender it won’t punch you in the face and I think Eau Nioble could be an excellent gateway fragrance to the world of lavender if you have previously shunned its elegant beauty. Here it is the large lilac diamond set in the centre of such a lot of other beautifully blended accords that you may even miss it, maybe not miss it but you can certainly overlook it.

Eau Noble is bright and sweet and green, a glittering glissando that moves with lively but stately grace. Though it smells nothing like CHANEL No 19 I find myself thinking of the straight laced wearer of it that hides a wildness just below the surface and should you be lucky enough to hang with this prim by day, work oriented, uptight person on a Friday night then you may see a free-er, funner, hair down bon vivant with a full throaty laugh, come hither eyes and a lovely burning fragrance that calls you closer and closer.

Eau Noble Le Galion sky-man PexelsPhoto Stolen Pexels

Totally and utterly unisex I think anyone with a sparkle in their eye and a need to fly under the radar during the day would rock this baby. An extra couple of spritzes and you are good to go for night where the warm resinous animalics really have a chance to shine. The more time I spend with Eau Noble the more I feel it fills a gap in my collection.

Further reading: Colognoisseur
Libertine Parfumerie and Peony Melbourne have $249/100ml
First In Fragrance have €140/100ml & samples

Do your fragrant cravings ever surprise you? When has it happened that something you didn’t care for turned to love?
Portia xx

6 thoughts on “Eau Noble by Marie Duchene for Le Galion 2014

  1. Hi Portia,
    Anne-Marie’s post about Obsession – here on APJ just the other day – inspired me to dig out my really old bottle of the stuff and give it another try. Fo me Obsession has always been just another big 80s oriental. My bottle hasn’t been given any serious consideration (or seen the light of day) for at least 20 years. I was totally surprised and pleased to discover so many interesting nuances in Obsession that I never encountered before. Maybe the old kidney shaped bottle has just aged to perfection? Perhaps using this fragrance during a rare PMW heatwave has opened it up? Whatever the case may be I am now obsessed with Obsession and want to try the newer versions too.
    Azar xx


    • Lovely story Azar,
      I do hope we are going to get an Obsession post about your experience, it sounds like it needs some fleshing out.
      Portia xx


  2. Hiya Portia.

    I wish that Le Galion was available here in the states. I did manage to buy their Iris in the small 6.5 ml size off of evilbay, and it’s lovely. I have the old version of Sortilege.
    Hmm, I tend to pass on the stuff that I don’t like. I’m speed-dating my samples these days. 😉 I did just buy Penhaligon’s Ostara, which I initially thought was gorgeously bright and radiant for an hour or so, then became meh. Usually I want to like every phase of a perfume, but the opening of this one is so unique and wonderful that I’m willing to just re-spritz throughout the day.


    • Holly,
      How did you like the Iris? I’ve not spent real time with it.
      Speed dating samples must be fun. Anything grab you?
      Portia xx


      • I also didn’t spend much time with the Iris. I didn’t have the actual “maybe” pile back then, but that’s where I’d put it now.

        Oh, there’s bunches that have grabbed me. The aforementioned Ostara, Hanbury, Copal Azur, Van-ile, Surrender, Cold Water Canyon, Rose Flash, Vanilla Flash, really loads. Fortunately for my wallet and my sanity, most of the stuff has gone into the no pile and I’m bringing that up to a lovely beleaguered woman who works at the local drug store and likes perfume.


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