I Love My Man by Fabrice Pellegrin for Dear Rose 2014

Hiya Crew,

I am really liking the Dear Rose fragrance house. They are doing mainstream fragrances in luxurious ways. They are not incredibly ground breaking but they do smell a cut above a lot of the current mainstream offerings and I think they will be appealing to a section of the community who is sick of the sweet stuff aimed at teens but who aren’t ready to go heavy duty old school or super niche either. I reckon they are happy to smell nice and have a cool looking bottle of something reasonably expensive that is just a little harder to find than CHANEL or Guerlain.

I Love My Man by Dear Rose 2014

I Love My Man by Fabrice Pellegrin

I Love My Man Dear Rose FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Bulgarian rose, centiflora rose, carnation, sandalwood, tonka bean

In my opinion one of the WORST names for a fragrance ever, what rubbish! How freaking embarrassing if someone asks you what scent you have on today. Gack! I would never wear this outside the house just in case.

I Love My Man opens so much better than I expected. A lovely, lively, jam-sweet rose that feels both fully, strongly present and ethereal like mist. The tonka bean has a softly breathy, fleshy warmth warmth to it and the whole seems to be drizzled lavishly over a huge wallop of musks (it could easily be something else but it feels like musks). I can’t think of a fragrance that does this exactly the same way. It’s a beautiful mixture that I find utterly smooth and captivating.

i-love-my-man-dear-rose Lautrec WikimediaPhoto stolen WikiCommons

It’s a lipstick rose, a makeup box, waxy and powdery and so devilishly lavish that you may find yourself stuck like glue to the parts of yourself that you’ve spritzed. Probably best not to do the backs of your knees then, keep body parts accessible unless you are a contortionist. It’s so like the scent of doing my make up but yet really only a nod to it because I Love My Man has this lovely sweetness that takes it beyond maquillage and into some completely other realm.

I could really imagine I Love My Man becoming a bunch of peoples signature scent for a while. It’s classy and classic but still manages to feel bang up to date, clean, fresh and glam. This is a really fun rose that I think the men with the balls to wear it will smell freaking amazing in it, if only it was called something else.

i-love-my-man-dear-rose Eye sallina13 PixabayPhoto Stolen Pixabay

Further reading: Candy Perfume Boy
Libertine Parfumerie has $210/100ml with FREE Delivery in Australia
First In Fragrance has €125/100ml

Do you ever wish for something perfectly constructed sheer and enveloping? Would you forgive the name and wear it anyway?
Portia xx

8 thoughts on “I Love My Man by Fabrice Pellegrin for Dear Rose 2014

  1. Oh reading this really made me smile, Portia. Thanks fo the giggles 🙂

    That name is too silly for words, even if I do adore rosy cosmetic scents.

    I’d love the man who was prepared to wear it!


    • I reckon the man who was prepared to wear this would love you right back. He’d be a fun one with tongue planted firmly in cheek Tara.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,
    The name of this fragrance reminds me of those bumper stickers with the little red hearts (“I heart my dog”, “I heart my car”) that are too often plastered on the back bumpers of large land barges, many of which are named such things as the “Avalanche” ( a disaster?) or the “Denali” (a car that is a mountain?). All I can say about the name of this perfume is ..”oh PLEASE…” I imagine I would like the fragrance, though. Dear Rose’ Sympathy for the Sun is quite nice. “Sheer and enveloping” must be a signature of the house.
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      Weird what people call things. Stmpathy For The Sun is another weird name.
      Yes, sheer but enveloping is like the Dear Rose version of Guerlinade. HA!
      Portia xxx


  3. Don’t Get Me Wrong, Baby, I Don’t Swallow still takes the prize for the name I’d be least likely to want to share!

    I love roses almost as much as I love my man, so I will have to hunt this one down.


    • Tammy,
      OMG! Those ELdO boys are right on the edge. I would be more likely top ewant tpo say something naughty and outrageous than as soppy as I Love My Man. Though I really do love him.
      Portia xx


  4. The only perfume from Dear Rose that I tried (thank you 🙂 ) I liked but I’m even farther than you: I don’t like not only this perfume’s name but I wasn’t sure about the brand’s name itself. It reminds me of “Dear Abby.”


    • HA! Hilarious Undina. Yes, their namings are subtly wrong all across the board. It’s weird because Chantal Roos has done amazing names like Le Male, Opium, L’Eau d’Issey and Kouros.
      They seem to have dropped the ball here though.
      Portia xx


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