Thaleia by IME Natural Perfume


Post by Willa Zheng


Thesis writing is really boring, tedious work. To get myself in the right frame of mind to sit down and slog it out, I have to play really depressing melancholic music [] – and calm my monkey brain from turning to the internet for blissful distractions at the first mental roadbump. Back in the days when I was a law student, I’d read unhappy 19th century novels to prep my mind for the cerebral aerobics ahead.

As most of my personal frag collection distract and uplift me with their beauty, I typically stay away from fragrances during exam or assignment writing crunch times.

For a long time, my study slog of choice had been Roger & Gallet Eau de Gingembre. But as it’s winter and there’s a certain chilly bite in the air, I find it’s not cutting the mustard any more. I need something more robust, to grab me by the back of my neck and force me to type type type the words I need onto the page. I am looking for something gloomy but not insipid.

Thaleia by IME Natural Perfume


IME gives these featured accords in one line:
Lime, Litsea Cubeba, Citronella, Pine, Geranium, Patchouli

My work scent at the moment is Ime natural perfume’s Thaleia []. Natural perfume? I can see you rolling your eyes. But hear me out, fellow fragrance connoisseur. All of Ime’s natural fragrances are actually worked on by a professional and skilled local perfumer with over 40 years of experience in the industry. The founder and creative director, Tonia Walker, uses her natural therapy background to create a range of perfumes that have notes that affect and alter our moods. In essence, Ime is an aromatherapy-fine fragrance hybrid. Emotion changing scents that don’t collapse or become undetectable half an hour later. They also comply with IFRA – which is no small feat since IFRA has restricted the use of so many natural materials.

Thaleia by IME Natural Perfume Sweet-lime WikiPediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Thaleia is fresh, lime-like, but has a herbal naturopathic undertone (Patchouli, Geranium, Pine) that really grounds me mentally. The top notes are reminiscent of Jurlique’s now discontinued Lemon-Lime Hydrating Essence. It’s like holding a fresh lime in your hand, peeling back the green skin, getting squirts of the green zest, then bitter white pith, to reveal the centre of the fruit as damp dirt-like patchouli. The overall texture is oily and powdery, so the Proustian effect is like walking into a dark, candle-lit 90s-era Perfect Potion store with citrusy essentials oils burning in oil burners on the counter. It has quite a New Age feeling – which is fitting for the Greek goddess theme that Ime tailors each fragrance around.

Thaleia by IME Natural Perfume Aurora_Greek_Goddess WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

Very linear, with moderate sillage. Even its the drydown, Thaleia is a green, citronol, patchouli scent. A two squirt blast on my neck region can keep me working for 10hrs +. Not bad for a natural, heh?

IME Natural Perfumes have $59.95/30ml and a great sample deal

Now tell me, fellow APJ-er, do you have a ‘deep thinking’ scent?
Willa Zheng xx

7 thoughts on “Thaleia by IME Natural Perfume

  1. Thanks Willa. Sounds like you’re using the line for its aroma therapeutic properties, which I’ve not tried yet. I’m inspired to get my little set out again. Thanks for the review and good luck with your work. When studying I always burn basil, vetiver and lemon in an oil burner. It creates a little batcave for me to work in 😀 xxx


  2. Heya Willa,
    I love the IME range. Erato is the one I bought a bottle of, then a mate loved it so much I sprayed it forward because it smelled even lovelier on him.
    Deep thinking? well I do like to spritz with Shalimar while writing my Q&A some weeks.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia, I wish I could wear Shalimar when trying to study. For me, it’s too distractingly beautiful and seductive. Maybe Apre l’ondee might work.


  3. Hi Willa, thanks for your review! I love that you use Thalia as your thinking scent. I hope those thesis words keep on flowing… When I’m on a mission to get some serious thinking and words on a page I tend to use kalliope [driven], it’s grounding and keeps me focused. X


    • Hi Tonia, I’m test driving kalliope today, based on your suggestion. 🙂 So far, the warm spicy notes are working. Calming and grounding – exactly what I need to write. x


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