Van Der Faun: New Australian Perfume House

Hello smellies,
Whilst having my dalliance with natural fragrances last month, I chanced across another Aussie player on the natural perfume scene, Van Der Faun. A Brisbane-based family business that launched with two organic perfumes (Hummingbird, River) in just April this year, it’s the new kid on the scene.

Van Der Faun Header

Van Der Faun has an incredibly hip website and brand design seriously targeted at the luxury, young, beautiful, health-conscious fashion set. Happily, perfume doesn’t judge if you’re not any of those things. We can all smell as desirable as Gigi Hadid, even though we may not look as fab in lululemon leggings and neon print crop tops.

Hummingbird by Van Der Faun 2015

Hummingbird Van der Faun

Van Der Faun gives these featured accords in one line:
Rose, Honeysuckle, Geranium, Bergamot, Palmarosa, Amyris, Patchouli

Miss Dior Cherie went to India and discovered Hinduism, meditation and yoga.

Hummingbird opens with a high concentration of rose oil. Initially, it’s like burying your nose inside a fresh open bloom but then it settles into a diluted rose otto scent. As you’re noticing the rose otto, a gourmand, juicy, sweet honeysuckle pushes through. A sprig of geranium and bergamot are then added to lift the rose and give it some structure.

Overall, Hummingbird is about green herbaceous citrus notes melding with sweet honeysuckle and deep sensuous rose petals that sit on a futon bed of patchouli. The combined effect is like visiting the floral-scented incense stall at the local Indian supermarket. Only the visitor is a trendy 2010s Instagram following female, rather than of the 90s Madonna Ray of Light era.

Hummingbird smells exactly like what I’d imagine Isabel Lucas or Teresa Palmer would wear. It’s fun to wear Hummingbird and briefly imagine yourself in the skin of those photogenic holistic lifestyle goddesses with sun-tanned yogalates bodies and perfect white teeth. Can a man wear Hummingbird? Only the Russell Brands of the world.

The sillage is moderate and stays robust for approx 3hrs, so definitely be prepared to top up during the day.

River by Van Der Faun 2015

River Van der Faun

Van Der Faun gives these featured accords in one line:
Neroli, Geranium, Bergamot, Sweet Orange, Patchouli, Cedarwood, Clove bud

River is exactly as it’s described on the website. “A warm, spicy scent with a fresh citrus overtone, soft wild flower notes and a solid earthy base.” It’s more unisex than the overtly sweet and feminine Hummingbird, and is geared towards those who like to line their bathrooms with apothecary-style products from Aesop.

I find River soothing. It’s a thinking, study scent; and also one that grounds me emotionally to send me to the land of sleep.
River is quieter and humbler compared to the showpony that is Hummingbird. But it projects further on warm skin, enveloping the wearer in a cloud of linalool (bergamot, orange, geranium) soft peppery spicyness. Unfortunately, River doesn’t hold for as long as Hummingbird. Less than one hour later, River has evaporated into a faint puddle of patchouli, clove oil and cedarwood.

Overall, I think Van Der Faun is an interesting offering for those who want to smell all earthy and as a ‘wellness’ lifestyle goddess, and those who aren’t put off by the short longevity of their sprays. The main effect of these natural fragrances is definitely in the first hour. Nevertheless, I have found a permanent place for natural perfumes in my life. They’re perfect for spraying before bedtime, as I would have drifted off to la la land by the time the notes are faded.

Van Der Faun has an excellent Trial Pack with both fragrances x 5ml/$20

Do you have any perfumes that you spray and pretend you’re someone different?
Willa xx

4 thoughts on “Van Der Faun: New Australian Perfume House

  1. I’m learning to like some naturals. That longevity issue with most of them is a problem for me. Like you, I have also taken to using them before bed so their quick disappearance is less of a letdown.


  2. well, to be honest, i used to just want to come to Australia to see Portia perform and maybe retract the route of Priscilla. (sans c*ck on a rock….)

    but now… how can i resist when there are so many amazing natural perfume companies i am learning about?!

    Thank you Willa for introducing me to yet another amazing company!

    and thank you universe for making me a sort of Russell Brand so that i may spritz with abandon!

    i don’t know that i think i am another person when i wear a certain aroma, but i do notice certain aromas bring out different characteristics of an already terribly complicated personality. oh… except Joop!, which turns me into a horrid bitchy queen. it is to me what hydrangeas are to Madonna.

    “OBVIOUSLY, they don’t know me very well, i LOATHE Joop!.”


    thank you!


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