New Foundation Formulations


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I have recently been tempted by a couple of new foundations, both claiming to offer new exciting things in formulation.

New Foundation Formulations


Lancome Beauty Cushion

Lancome Miracle Cushion

This is an idea stolen in entirety from Korean beauty – beauty cushion – implemented by a French company, Lancome.

I already quite like Lancome’s foundations, they provide good coverage with lightness , something others can often fail to deliver. The Lancome Miracle Cushion keeps up that standard, the cushion is very soft, the applicator pad ultra smooth. I had expected it would be similar to a standard foundation application sponge, but it’s smoother texture, while still porous enough to hold the product as it goes on. The colour range is relatively small, just 6 colours at present. My first choice was sold out when I originally went looking and I succumbed and bought a slightly darker shade. I anticipated that summer would bring extra colour, but it is not overly dark and I’ve been wearing it even in my paler winter state just blending well.

I use this foundation almost like a BB cream, its coverage is light and it broadly evens my look rather than hiding flaws. I have dark circles that are improved but not well hidden. For me, this is my go-to foundation for a casual day, a weekend day or just a day where I’ll wear light make up to work.

Clinique Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

Clinique Perfecting Foundation and Concealer

I had seen Clinique’s Perfecting Foundation and Concealer advertised, but had originally dismissed it as being too heavy for me. My preference has been for lighter foundation and to use concealer separately where needed but I was enticed into trying the foundation. The Clinique Sales Assistant probably loaded me up a bit too much, but I still took a punt and bought it. Since then I’ve learned to apply it a bit more judiciously with better result. I have read elsewhere about application techniques to only apply foundation in the places the face needed it and to blend out, in fairness I’ve been dismissive as it doesn’t really apply to lighter foundations. The foundation comes with a wand with a sponge on the end with barely more than one blob, I apply a few spots of foundation across my forehead, chin, nose and a little more under the eyes. I then use my fingers to blend it out followed by further blending with a brush. There is no denying the foundation is thick and the coverage is much more than I’m used to. It definitely has a good go at hiding my eye bags! I have to spend more time blending and smoothing than in simple application but the result is a brilliantly flawless face, great for bigger, longer days or just bolder make up. I still find I need to apply a powder to set the foundation so it does feel like a heavier application. Definitely different foundations for different reasons.

Clinique has 13 shades not many targeting darker skins, perhaps more will be added to the range.

My next trial in foundation is CoverFX Custom Cover Drops intended to meet the balance of light and heavier coverage in one pot. I’ve just started on these, so I’ll let you know how I get on.

Do you have particular foundation favourites? Any new formulations caught your eye?
AF Beauty

21 thoughts on “New Foundation Formulations

  1. How good is Clinique Perfecting Foundation and Concealer! It’s coverage enough to conceal troublesome spots without looking cakey and dry. It just blends into your skin. My pet peeve with a lot of concealers/ full coverage foundations is they look so unnatural!

    My favourite foundation these days is Chantecaille.

    psst. Lancome’s cushion foundation is made at the same factory as the majority of drug-store Korean cushion foundations. So if you can afford Lancome’s price point for cushion foundation, you should be looking at premium Korean brands, like Amore Pacific.


    • Thank you for another great review, AF Beauty! Thank you too, Willa, for this tip about Amore Pacific. Lately I have been wearing only a tinted moisturizer called BotaniLIFT. It works as a sun screen and has a little bit of coverage.
      Azar xx


      • Good tip about the Korean brands, I’ve been trying to find some good stores that stock the asian ranges – so far I’ve always been a bit close to closing time in a couple of places to allow a proper browse. I need to get online a bit more – I am always cautious of the fakery :/

        I am liking the Clinique though, very workable, which gives it great flexibility IMO.

        I am considering a tinted moisturiser/BB Cream review, but there are SO many on the market, I could be reviewing them alone for a decade!

        thanks for your comments! 🙂


  2. Hi AF Beauty!
    I use a variety of foundations. Love Laura Mercier and NARS. Armani is good too. What I could not live without though is the Beauty Blender ®. Regardless of foundation, the blender is life changing! Love your posts.
    Val xxx


    • I hear a lot of good things about the NARS foundations, did you know their parent company is Shisheido? They’ve got the benefit of the asian science in their goodies, lucky things! I’ve only ever tried samples of Laura Mercier, but I know a lot of people rave about her tinted moisturisers and oil free foundations, but I’ve never quite been tempted enough to buy.

      I did try the beauty blender – no idea where it is now, for me I prefer the brushes to blend, I find I lose less product. But different strokes for different folks I say! 🙂 thanks for your comment!


  3. I’miss timid about foundation and mainly stick to BB creams (using one by Garnier at the moment) but the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser is great. It’s about the only foundation I have found that doesn’t make my skin itch. I’d be cautious about the Clinique product you describe but I’m a fan of the brand in general, so I should give it a try. I suppose they might give me a sample? That’s the problem with foundation – you can make some expensive mistakes. 😦


      • The only Sephora so far in Australia is in Sydney. I hear that there will be one in Melbourne soon. But I’m a long way from both those cities. 😦


    • Hey annemarie, if you were going from BB/tinted moisturiser to this Clinique one and you’re not used to wearing foundation, I think you’d freak yourself out!! It’s a completely different beast!

      I think you’d get on well with the Lancome Cushion as it’s very light, also their Teint Idol is very light but with decent coverage, it’s been my standard for many years before branching out but now I want to confirm the name I can’t find the bottle! Not dissimilar is the Armani Lasting Silk UV Foundation, but I find this slightly oiler than the Lancome. If you are in Australia I’d be happy to give you some samples of what I have, let me know and we’ll find a way to get in touch.

      Failing that, hit up the beauty counters on a quiet morning and get a mini makeover. All of them want to sell their wares, they should offer a decent try out of foundation, just be cautious of application – some SA will not apply brilliantly, look more for coverage, blending and colour match and ask for samples. Sephora, as Laurels says, have some great brands you’d not find in the department stores (in AU at least) and they have a try on bar – or at least, they do in Sydney.

      Good luck! 🙂


      • Hi AF, many thanks! I’m in Australia but don’t live near a Sephora. A lot of the major brands in Myer and DJs will give you samples if you sweet talk them enough I think, so I’ll be good there. I did once allow a Chanel SA to make me up with a powder foundation using a kabuki brush and it looked and felt wonderful. But SO expensive! Today I wore the Laura Mercier tinted foundation that I bought for my daughter and I still find it fabulous. I just don’t like to keep using hers.

        The Lancome Miracle Cushion sounds great – I was just watching the Lisa Eldridge video. I wonder how much product you get in the container? Websites don’t always say how many mls or grams. I’m on a budget, so this matters! 🙂 Anyway, I should take myself to the Lancome counter and ask for a demo!


      • Did you happen to notice if you can get refills for the Miracle Cushion ? According to the review on Paula’s Choice (she would have given top rating except for the fragrance) you can. That makes it quite an attractive option.


      • The miracle cushion has 14g in it. When I bought it I was originally told I would pay $80 and get one compact with a cartridge already installed *and* another refill. Then when I was served, only a few mins later I was helped by a different SA and she told me the $80 was only for the single compact with cartridge, and no extra refill. I questioned it but she was adamant. Then later that week I was in Sephora and saw it for sale, $80 with the compact and two cartridges, I was furious!! Now it makes sense, 14g is nothing really, a foundation would usually be 30ml or so, so it would be sensible to sell with two. Anyway I was stuffed, I couldn’t go back and say I’d not got something but I’m still a bit bitter about it!

        Anyway, I’m happy to send you some samples, not sure colour will match, but you’d get an idea of formulation and what you’d like. I’ve got a few things on the go. I’ll reply to this post again with my email address, if you send me a note to say you’ve got it, I’ll then ask Portia to delete the comment so that it’s not there for the crazy web people to see forever! 🙂


  4. I’ve been using a Tarte BB cream, which is really more of a tinted primer, set with powder. I’d rather have something with a bit more coverage, but the Tarte doesn’t give me a rash and DOES have a barrier sunscreen. Why have so many makeup brands decided not to include sunscreen lately? It annoys me. I don’t want to apply 4 or 5 different things every morning, and most foundations are at least halfway there (with titanium dioxide) anyway. I guess it lets them sell a sunscreen separately.


  5. Please report back on the Custom Cover Drops. I’ve had my eye on that for a while but haven’t have the nerve to take a chance on it.
    For lightweight foundation I like Urban Decay Naked. It’s not gonna hide much but it does even things out. I’m a fan of Revlon’s Colorstay Whipped Foundation or whatever it’s called. It’s heavier and it lasts all day without turning colors or gathering in the creases.


    • Hello Poodle, will def report backon the custom drops – interesting so far – I am trying to find the perfect combo – still working on it! 🙂


  6. Love reading your posts. I’m using a couple of different foundations at the moment. YSL Touche eclat foundation is a light coverage foundation, it blends into the skin beautifully so your skin still looks like skin. I recently purchased It Cosmetics CC cream which is light to medium coverage and I’m loving that too!


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