Cookie Queen USA 2015: Packing for a Trip


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Each time I see a photo of a collection of perfume on Facebook or in a magazine I zoom in on it and take a look. If the photos is too small I enlarge it or take a screenshot so that I can make it even bigger! Now come on, I know I am not alone in this perfume voyeurism. We all like to play the “How many can I recognize” game and are smugly satisfied when we get the lot.

Cookie Queen USA 2015: Packing for a Trip

As you read this I am either on the road to Vienna or sat in a plane enjoying the idea of a 17 hour trip, and not the psychedelickind. I really don´t know if anyone is interested in what I am doing, but I will give you a brief perfume rundown. You can always skip this bit and look at the photos and have done with it.

I will be meeting up in Seattle with the amazing Azar of APJ and Ellen Covey of Olympic Orchids. As I move on down to San Francisco I look
forward to having tea with Undina of Undina´s Looking Glass and hooking up with Virginia of Té de Violetas. I have dates here too with a couple of Verophiles. I will pay a trip to Tiger Lily of course. Way further south I will get to look at the perfume scene in Los Angeles with Jtd Jtd from the ScentHurdle. Can it get any more exciting than all of that? I do hasten to add that I am actually going to California to visit with my family, but combined it with some perfume fun! My husband will be joining me for all of this after having a week downhilling up on Whistler Mountain.

Cookie Queen USA 2015 #4 Chris Downhilling

The last three days of the trip will be in New York. Perfume partying there too with Indieperfumes and Peace, Love and Perfume/Goodsmellas.

Cookie Queen USA 2015 #1

My traveling perfume and paraphernalia is pictured below, or above, depending where Portia puts the pictures. 🙂

Cookie Queen USA 2015 #2

Neela Vermeire purple suede clutch
Mohur EdP
Travel sizes of Pichola and Ashoka
Shalimar Extrait
Hermès Cuir d´Ange travel size
Vero Profumo Rubj EdP
Vero Profumo Mito EdP
In the pink felt bags are samples of the all the Vero Profumo EdPs and Voiles
and I am taking all of the Vero Profumo Extraits
The lovely small leather perfume pouch was a gift from a perfumista and it means a lot to me.
(The VP extraits will be in there)
The gold shiny bag? Ha! Top Secret. Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.

Cookie Queen USA 2015 #3

I will take a decant of Eau de Magnolia, at time of writing not yet done.
And a bottle of MAAI.

Cookie Queen USA 2015 #5

I will wear mostly extraits, and the NVCs can all be dabbed. I don´t care to spray when I am traveling – planes, trains and automobiles
don´t warrant spritzing! Do they? What would YOU have packed?

Stars´n´Striped Bussis

21 thoughts on “Cookie Queen USA 2015: Packing for a Trip

  1. Hi Val, Love to read about your trip and THE fragrances you are taking with you. What a wonderful trip ! And what a Beautiful leather pouch. I would have packed Shalimar as I always do and Maybe Some Delrae Eau Illuminee, which was made inspired by SF.

    Have a great trip !


  2. You’re outdoing yourself on this trip, Val. The perfume itinerary is out of this world. I wish I could jump in a pink felt bag and come with you.

    Your travel scents are perfection.

    It’s going to be amazing. Take lots of pics and have a blast!


  3. Hi Val!

    Ooh, this sounds like it’s going to be an amazing trip! I can’t wait to read all about it!
    You’re so freakin’ organized and even color-coordinated. So awesome! Aren’t those Vero bottles gorgeous? Where, oh where are my samples of her stuff? I know they’re in The Sample Sea, but it’s mighty big. 😉
    What would I pack? No clue! If I’m going on a sniffa, I usually don’t wear any perfume. I do like to bring bunches of samples to hand out.

    Big hug,
    Holly xo


  4. I recognised the Cuir d’Ange! I think you have got all bases covered there with your scented travel selection, and a comprehensive fumehead-filled itinerary lined up.

    Have a marvellous time, enjoy the people, the food, and the sunshine(!), she says as the rain continues to drizzle down outside…xx


  5. When travelling i bring maybe one perfume as i normally buy buy buy when i am away, so need the room on the return trip!
    Have a wonderful holiday. 🙂


  6. Last week I would have said a Boots deo and some Old Spice would have been enough but this week with you has given me food for thought. Or perfume to smell or something.

    Bon voyage. Give out some samples to those adorable girls on Temple Square.


  7. What a lot of wonderful perfumes,do not lose your suitcases! Enjoy the perfume people, perfume testing and your family. And the sunshine, obviously.

    All my summer fragrances are in spray bottles, and I guess I would not have dared to bring moe than one bottle, some purse sprays and samples. The small de Nicolaï bottles or the even sleeker Atelier Cologne bottles are perfect when going away.


  8. Have a great time! Don’t miss the Pike Place market in downtown Seattle (seems touristy but truly is a part of Seattle and a very big part of our civic history – in the 60s there was huge public action taken to preserve and save the market). World Spice store (on Western Ave.) is one of the best smelling places in Seattle 🙂 Seattle has tons of wonderful restaurants, bakeries and, of course, coffee houses. Enjoy!


    • Hey all of you dearest commentors!
      On my phone in a hotel room suffering from post traumatic cookie disorder.
      I am starting to be excited. Looks like I will get to meet Daisy over there which had made my day!
      I would not normally take so much perfume, but meeting up with other perfume peeps makes it a different thing. I did ditch the bottle of Shalimar and brought a couple of mls instead. Seemed smarter.
      Some lucky folks, at my disgression, might get to try the tobacco secrets in the golden bag. Smug smile.
      Feeling blessed. Lots of love and bussis. Big kiss Portia for opening upy world. Val. ❤️❤️❤️


  9. I would be a little scared taking all those Vero extrait bottles ..they are splash so there is danger of spill during transit or they could become victims of airport regulations and luggage checkers


  10. Have a wonderful time! I wish I was able to meet up with you but it’s not looking like its going to happen this time. 😦
    You’re a brave woman to pack those bottles. I usually bring samples that I don’t care too much about that way if something happens to them I’m not devastated.


  11. Val, have a great fun there! To be honest, I’d love to be in your suitcase with all the nice smelling goodies. 😉 I’m sure I wasn’t the only person drooling over the photos of your travel companions. I can hardly wait to the photos!
    By the way, yes, I do play the spotting game too.


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