Inside the Wardrobe of Lily Allen: Film


Post by Portia


Heya APJ,

I love Lily Allen. When I met Jin she was his favourite and he would make me listen to her stuff every car trip we took. So ingrained with the happiness of finding this cool and funny guy is a soundtrack of Lily Allen’s voice overlaying everything. Every adventure we embarked upon in those first months, dates, shopping, meeting friends, everything we did: Lily Allen was with us.

Lily_Allen WikiMediaPhoto Stolen WikiMedia

So when I found this fun video showing Lily Allen’s wardrobe I was super happy because she seems as fun and cool as I imagined her and so much of how she dresses is how I like to live my life. Grab great bits from loads of random places and try everything, keep what you love, curate and create a life of bits & pieces that you like and love.

I hope you like this sneak peek into the wardrobe of someone who seems to have looked at life with wit and intelligence and made it fit her.
Portia xx

Inside the Wardrobe of Lily Allen

8 thoughts on “Inside the Wardrobe of Lily Allen: Film

  1. I love how Lily’s music reminds you of the early days with Jin. That’s very special, Portia. I am such a soppy romantic.

    I really grew to like Lily a lot after watching the documentary about her opening a vintage fashion shop with her sister. I never noticed before how she has this really vulnerable facet to her character which is very endearing. She’s just totally out there with who she is and I hope to get to that point one day.

    Thanks for sharing the film. I admire those like you who can throw looks together.


  2. Hi Portia! I have mixed feelings about Lily Allen.

    On the one hand, I really like the upbeat cockney tone of her songs. Which producer that told her to sing like that is genius! Strangely, no one else has copied her style of singing since – whereas heaps of young British singers have copied Amy Winehouse.

    On the other hand, I look at her and can’t get over the fact that she looks just like Keith Allen, with hair!

    Maybe I’m insanely jealous that she gets all of these gifts from Karl Lagerfeld…


    • Hey Willa,
      Kieth is her Dad so It would follow that they look alike.
      As far as her voice, I think it’s REALLY hard to sing like that if you’ve had any training. They teach you singers vowels.
      Portia xx


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