Miss Dior vintage EdC by DIOR 1947: Live Video Sniff


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Hey Fumies,

It’s Christmas Eve so I thought we could do with a fun video and giveaway.

There’s nothing quite like the thrill of receiving vintage fragrances in the mail. It’s always a lottery and you never know till it’s on your skin how fabulous, or otherwise, it’s going to smell. Here’s an adventure we had recently.

Miss Dior vintage EdC by DIOR 1947

Miss Dior vintage EdC by Jean Carles + Paul Vacher

Miss Dior EdC. Exploding bottle box 2015

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Galbanum, Bergamot
Heart: Jasmine, Rose, Gardenia
Base: Oakmoss, Ambergris, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Recently I had a sealed vintage bottle of Miss Dior EdC arrive in the post. The box was discoloured and as soon as I unwrapped the cellophane there was unmistakable scent. We were pretty worried. Then we opened the bottle and only about 1/4 was missing, that’s pretty good. When I did the first spritz though it all turned to shit and the propellant started spurting and only putting my thumb over the geyser stopped it. Rushed to get a large decant bottle to put it in but the combination of propellant, hot day, inability to get the nozzle out or in and all other drama meant I only got to keep about 10ml of a 100ml bottle.

Here’s a video of the excitement

AllSteele giveaway 1Photo Stolen AllSteele

Miss Dior vintage EdC GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 2 winners who will receive:
1 x Miss Dior vintage EdC decant
some extras

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22 thoughts on “Miss Dior vintage EdC by DIOR 1947: Live Video Sniff

  1. Oh my… I have never had a new or vintage perfume ever do that when I opened it. What a shame because vintage Miss Dior is DIVINE! No need to enter me in the draw…but wishing you and your readers a wonderful Christmas! xoxoxox Steve


  2. Merry Christmas!!! Thank you for such a Lovely Give Away!!! I follow with email here in Michigan. My grandmother introduced me to Dior, she wore it every Sunday for Church. I asked her once “Why only on Sunday?” She just smiled and whispered to me as if it were our secret, that she wore the Best so she’d stand out amongst all the other elderly Ladies in Church. So when she arrived at the Pearly Gates they would remember her scent. LOL…. That was just her sense of humor, I always thought it was more to do with the cute preacher! But to this day Dior is still for Special Occasions when you want to stand out.


  3. Portia,

    OH S..T! Talk about a blast from the past! When you spritzed I was so surprised even though I knew it was about to happen. Like Steve, I have never had a vintage experience quite like this. You seemed so cool and collected.

    DNEM this time around as I already have my vintage Miss Dior. Merry Christmas to you and Jin and to all the APJ pals! Some new posts will be headed your way soon, Portia – today maybe.

    Azar xx


  4. I follow via email.

    As for Dior, my only experience with Dior is a sample of Cologne Blanche. I did not like it because it just smelled like oranges and maybe myrrhe to me.


  5. Still happily following by email.
    Re your video: Ack! Well now I’ll make sure any vintage packaging says ‘vaporisateur’ instead of ‘atomiseur’.
    Absolutely adore Diorella, but would happily wear any of the ‘houndstooths’.
    As for other Dior beauty, I find the gold-coloured packaging of the Diorific Mattes gorgeous (have an old one of my sister’s) and may buy a Diorific nail polish just to look at the filled bottle.
    Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.


  6. I follow by email. Many years ago, my mother became friends with a wonderful woman who had come to the United States after WWII. At some point in their long friendship, my mother found out that her friend had been a tailor in the House of Dior in Paris. Interesting. Thanks for the giveaway. I love vintage fragrances and this one must be a beauty.


  7. One of my absolute best vintage finds was an unopened bottle of Miss Dior, still in her puppytooth box and with her black bow-tie around her neck. As far as I can discover, I think it dates to around 1951. There has been little or no evaporation and the box is in great shape.

    A mate of mine is always on at me to open it and wear it, but I’m reluctant to disturb her 65 year long sleep. Judging from your story, that might have been wise!

    I follow via email.


  8. Merry Christmas Portia! Sorry about the exploding perfume! I follow by email and like Dior’s Dune – it gave people different ideas of what perfume could be, I think.


  9. Mrry Christmas Portia! I recently acquired an unboxed vintage Miss Dior edc from Bulgaria. But when I gotit, it had already lost all its top notes, so I will be really keen to sniff some vintage Miss Dior that has not turned!


  10. Season’s Greetings to all APJers!

    I’m only really familiar with more recent Dior frags, as I think the perfume-wearing women in my life when I was a kid wore scents other than the Dior classics. That just makes me more curious about them now, I guess! (But I think my grandmother had some Dior shoes, unfortunately not in my size).

    Thanks for such a great giveaway, Portia; I can’t believe how calm you were with your with your explosion, I would have been totally useless!

    I follow by email.

    Best wishes to all for a safe and happy festive season 🙂


  11. i follow by email.i sprayed my mums birthday and christmas gifts with perfume.one with lipstick rose ,the other with en passant.her and her friends said they have never smelt anything so beautiful and kept grabbing the cloth bag and smelling it.perfume is pretty amazing:)


  12. Follow by e-mail. My story is this very recently I saw a boxed unopened bottle on ebay of this Miss Dior vintage. I didn’t bid on it. But if I did and that atomizer thing happened to me, I wouldn’t have even had an empty 10ml vial around. At which point I would have heaved the emptying bottle into a wall. 🙂


  13. Great story: I didn’t know either to laugh or to cry.

    Love Miss Dior and have many memories connected to it! You weren’t reading my blog when I published my Miss Dior story, so I’ll give the link – just in case you have time to read it.

    DNEM: I have enough vintage EdT/parfums to last me for a while but I agree with others – it’s beautiful.


  14. What a shame to lose so much! I can just imagine the frantic attempt to save that juice. I own an love Miss Dior Le parfum and I’ve tried Le originale which has a truly vintage vibe but I would oh so love to try some vintage for real. I follow by email.


  15. Following blog via email, bloglovin…
    I ve never tried vintage Dior, but I love to sniff Dior perfumes in the perfume store. Since I love chypre fragrances, I ve already sniffed Miss Dior but this was not vintage. I own only Dior Addict which is quite different type of fragrance. Thanks.
    and… Merry Christmas!


  16. Watching and reading this got me thinking rather wistfully about the first (and only) bottle I had of Miss Dior. My father bought it for me back in the early eighties when I was about fifteen–unsniffed as he has almost no sense of smell–but thought I’d like the box because I almost always wore black and white back then, and assumed that the name meant that it was suitable for a young un. So there was I, strolling about. Until my mother nicked it from me (NOT suitable, she said, far too grown up. And threw a bit of a hissy fit at my well meaning Dad.) She poured it away. I don’t think I ever really forgave her for that.

    So, I may have had a little ebay accident the other day–with a box of about that same vintage containing a 30ml splash of the EDT and a 3ml bottle of parfum headed my way shortly. No one gets to confiscate this bottle. And, I may just have to break out the oversized black jacket, white shirt, and black pedal pushers to go with it…


    • WOW! Crikey, that is quite a story.
      I would still be in jail for murder if that had happened in our house.
      Enjoy your new finds.
      Portia xx


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