Whips & Roses by John Pegg for Kerosene 2012


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OK Crew,

Whips and Roses has been discontinued and is SOLD OUT everywhere so while rummaging through my drawers when I found a few ml in a decant I thought it would be nice to share the love.

Whips & Roses by Kerosene 2012

Whips & Roses by John Pegg

Whips and Roses Kerosene FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Bergamot, Blood orange, Bulgarian rose, Iris, Jasmine, Leather, Musk, Rose stems, Sandalwood

Citrus, rose and a dirty, sweaty, amorphous leather open up Whips and Roses. It’s a freaky first few moments that seem a little directionless but wait, one minute in and suddenly cohesion. A fruity and fresh rose, just plucked from the bush, some cool watery facets like filling the vase and an arresting sweetness like the very sugary tip of a watermelon taken from the fridge in the height of summer and that very first bite. A candied, fruity rose that takes a step back about half an hour in to let the other flowers give some of their fragrance.

Whips and Roses Kerose Michelino_da_besozzo Madonna of the Rose Garden WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Whips & Roses gets a lovely slug of jasmine and sandalwood at this point, so pretty, and I wonder if the incongruity of the name which is kinda tough and the sheer unbridled prettiness of the fragrance has something to do with its discontinuation. I was expecting it to be the dark heart of rose and the bitter dank of leather, a goth fragrance that speaks of the labyrinths and catacombs, the vampires and werewolves. Whips and Roses is way more Disney’s Sleeping Beauty than Interview With A Vampire or Maleficent.

Whips and Roses Kerose Prince_Florimund_finds_the_Sleeping_Beauty WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

Then we are back to rose, petal, branch and root. Beautiful.

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The Perfumed Court has samples starting at $4/ml

Good luck in the giveaway
Portia xx

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17 thoughts on “Whips & Roses by John Pegg for Kerosene 2012

  1. Portia, I prefer your description of the fragrance you expected to what you actually got but anyhow I’d still like to try 🙂 Discontinueds? There are so many things I have loved that get taken off the shelves, not just perfumes .. but in fragrances there is Bvlgari Omnia, the first and original Omnia scent, spicy, woody, delicious and discontinued; Shalimar Parfum Initial L’Eau, just Perfect; and I never got a chance to try Midnight Poison. I follow by email.


  2. Excellent giveaway! When I tried L’arte di Gucci I got leather and roses, which was pretty sexy. Like DebB I feel disappointed when any product I really like suddenly vanishes. I still miss Coty’s Monsoon. Follow by email. 🙂


  3. DNEM since I’ve got a bottle of this. One of my favorite rose scents. I’m beyond sad that he discontinued it. My skin amps up the leather in this and it’s amazing.
    Other discontinued gems? I’ll say Shalimar Parfum Initial too. Wish I had bought that when I had the chance. Who knew it would be gone in a flash? Love, Chloe is another one.


  4. I think you’re right Portia. I think the disconnect between the name and the way it smells may have put people off. I don’t like heavy leather or Rose perfumes so I’ve never tried it. But based on your description I think I’d actually like it. I don’t have a specific fragrance I miss but I have several older fragrances which were definitely better in vintage formulation than they are now. I follow via email. Happy New Year APJ!


  5. My favorite Rose is definitely PHI un Rose de Kandahar…I had to wait months for Tauer to make a new batch, and because I am a little piggy, I will likely buy another bottle this month. The thought of running out gives me chills! When I realized Odori was not making anymore Tabaco, I trolled the Interwebs mercilessly for it, and am now hoarding three! Full bottles, stashed in my wine cooler. I’m too smug about it to be as ashamed as I should be. I discovered Madame X by Ava Luxe too late. I would pay God’s own ransome for a bottle of it…it’s the sexiest fragrance I have ever smelled! I wrote the perfumer, and she told me she couldn’t make it anymore, as some of the ingredients are no longer allowed in perfume. WTF? another discontinued that I love is Satellite Padparadscha. I have a bottle stashed, of course…but I’m hoarding it rather than wearing it. Reading this, I realize I may have a problem. I better go spray something deliciously smelly on myself…
    Oh, I follow via email.


  6. I follow by email. Back when dinosaurs walked the earth and I was a much younger woman, a client of my father brought two small bottles of perfume to the house for me. The client was either from India or Pakistan as I recall. One of these has a similar vibe to Ragbha, but is infinitely more beautiful I think. I’m terrible with descriptions so I can’t begin to describe the other, but it is also like nothing else I have ever smelled, in a good way that is. They are in simple bottles and have no labels. I’ve posted them, but no one ever identified them. I think if I could find them and replace them I would even stop collecting. Happy New Year Portia and the rest of APJ.


  7. hI Portia, years ago before my perfume obsession had begun, I only used Crabtree and Evelyn’s vanilla. When I heard it was discontinuing, I bought up two extra bottles which gave me just another year of my favorite fragrance. I sometimes enquire at C&E and they tell me they often have others asking will they ever bring it back. I did email them back then asking why it was discontinued and they replied because it did not sell well in the US. Now I spread the love between many bottles so as not to experience that disappointment again. I follow by email.


  8. I follow by e mail and Crabtree and Evelyn’s original Everlyn Rose would be a discontinued gem in my opinion.The reformulated version is not as good.


  9. I must say I still mourn the discontinuation of Cuiron. Yes it has been reintroduced but it is not the same. I have bottles of new and the original and original Cuiron is still missed. Original Cuiron besides vintage Eau Sauvage are 2 of my signature fragrances. I keep alternating between the 2 depending upon which one I smelled lately since they both take my breath away with just a whiff from the bottle spray! I follow APJ through email.


  10. Via email

    I love all things rose and leather. Been wearing lots of Tauer Rose Flash and Lush lately. Still looking for my fave leather scent.


  11. So instead of lurking on your blog, I am posting as the description of Whips and Roses is so intriguing and I am searching for a new signature scent…

    Happy New Year beautiful xxxx


  12. I follow via email. Had a small decant of Whips and Roses a few years back and hubby pinched it cos he absolutely adores it. Would love to smell it again. I desperately miss Tuca Tuca by Lush. Would love to have a bottle of it. The new Kerbside Violet is just not it. Happy New Year to all and thank you Portia for your generosity.


  13. I follow via email. I love rose scents. Leather is awesome too but some of them are too sharp. If that makes sense. My saddest discontinue was Shiseido’s Feminite du Bois. Sad, sad, sad. Nikki de St Palle is another but can still find for reasonable price here and there.


  14. Sounds wonderful. As soon as I saw the name I was reminded of another “whip” fragrance – HdP’s 1740 Marquis de Sade. 1740 is one of my winter favourites, a sweet, rich leather. Maybe Whips and Roses could be its warm weather counterpart. I follow via email BTW.


  15. I follow by email.
    I adored Kenzo’s perfume Kenzo , now discontinued.. still have a bottle which is a little off. But I sprritz my house with it


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