Whips and Roses by John Pegg for Kerosene 2012


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When she was younger she had to sit far away because that’s all she could afford. In her teenage years she spent hours locked away in her room listening to his albums and dreaming of what she’d say when she met him. Now she was up close and he would be right there in front of her, close enough to make eye contact. Everyone would say she was too old for a crush on a rock star but what fun is life without a little fantasy?

She brought a bouquet of roses to toss on the stage. The night was cool so she had worn her leather jacket but the rain earlier in the day was making it feel a but humid. As she was waiting for the concert to start she began to wonder if it would become too warm. The roses were cradled close to her chest now and the seats around her filled with people. She was definitely feeling warm and with the heat rising from her body she could smell the roses and the leather. Traces of perfumes she had worn before swirled around her, released from her jacket by the rising temperature.

Whips Roses Kerosene Todd Shaffer FlickrPhoto Stolen Todd Shaffer Flickr

The house lights dimmed. The scent of roses and leather intensified with the rising temperature. The music started to play and then, there he was. So close but really still so far. She lost herself in the moment. Sure, she was too old for schoolgirl fantasies but for that moment she relived them all. She’d almost forgotten about the roses which she was practically crushing now. She held them up to him and when she was able to hand him the bouquet their eyes met. He was singing to her. At least that’s what she wanted to believe, that he was hers for that moment in time. She hugged her leather jacket closer, cradling herself in its warm, musky softness.

Whips and Roses by Kerosene 2012

Whips and Roses Kerosene FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords in one line:
Bergamot, blood orange, rose, jasmine, gardenia, iris, sandalwood, musk, leather

Whips and Roses is a perfume that I have loved from the very first sniff. When I first got a sample of it I was smitten. I tried to forget it but the memory of it stayed with me. Eventually I just broke down and got a full bottle. It might just be my favorite rose scent. It’s not a fussy floral nor does it smell like some of the classic leather scents. The name describes it perfectly. It does smell of leather and roses. It’s the first perfume that truly smelled like leather to me. It’s not powdery at all which is how some leathers are to my nose. Whips and Roses reminds me of walking into a leather goods store or the smell of looking at fine purses.

Whips and Roses Kerosene Bullwhip WikipediaPhoto Stolen Wikipedia

The rose isn’t fresh or powdery. It’s the smell of roses past their prime in a bouquet of flowers, some of which have wilted and died. There is an almost green, humid quality to the scent as well, maybe thatʼs the jasmine or gardenia peeking through. Something about this perfume feels almost melancholy or perhaps bittersweet. I could probably pick the notes apart more if I really tried, but I never want to do that when I wear it. It’s a scent I just like to lose myself in.

Like the other Kerosene scents I’ve tried this one has good projection and longevity, which are two wonderful qualities to me. I’ve worn it to work but I wear almost anything to work. Most people might not find this a good office scent although if applied with a light hand it might work. Give it a try if you like your roses a little darker and heavier. If you love the smell of leather but find a lot of leather perfumes are too powdery this might work for you. Probably more of a cool weather choice for most people but that green, humid quality to it makes me reach for in in summer as well and it really blooms on me.

Whips and Roses Kerosene floribunda pink T.Kiya  FlickrPhoto Stolen T.Kiya  Flickr

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MinNY has Whips & Roses $140/100ml with FREE USA Shipping
Surrender To Chance starts at $4/ml

So far I’ve loved all the Kerosene scents I’ve tried. I’m hoping that trend changes because if I keep falling in love it’s going to be tough on my wallet.

Poodle x

18 thoughts on “Whips and Roses by John Pegg for Kerosene 2012

  1. Great post Poodle,
    I loved the story at the start and if I remember rightly adored Whips & Roses.
    Thanks for reminding me.
    Portia xx


    • Thanks, Azar! It really reminded me of an outdoor concert I went to once. I didn’t have the roses, the girl next to me did though. But the guys were singing to me and only me. Lol. And when I screamed ” I love you” the bass player said he loved me too. Of course my hubby was right next to me and ruined the moment. 😉


  2. Dear Portia and Poodle
    A wonderful post and the combination of leather, teenage angst turned lust and roses on the turn has made me most curious as tp this scent.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy


  3. Sounds so good! About powdery leather…. Clement from Osswald NY told me that leather in perfume is the combination of violets (ionones) and birch tar. He demonstrated it somehow, with certain scents; I wish I could recall that part. It was very cool. Anyhow, violets (ionones) are the ultimate powder experience, so I’m guessing that would explain your powdery leather problem. Nice to hear that W & R gets around it!


    • I actually like the powdery leathers too. This somehow manages to really capture that leather smell for me. Violet and birch tar? When you think about it that makes sense I guess. It’s interesting how perfumers combine notes like that.


    • Ha! Tell that to John Pegg. Maybe he’ll send me a few bottles. Lol. I don’t have any more samples of theirs at the moment so I’ll be taking a break from waxing poetic about Kerosene.
      In the meantime, I’m am totally wafting.


  4. You know, I think I’ve got a sample of that lying around here that was sent with a bottle I purchased off a fellow perfumista, I should give it a try. Both roses and leather are very hit-and-miss for me, but I’m always willing to see if this is the exception.


  5. Have you tried Fields of Rubus? This was a big surprise for me. I could never think that I would fall in love with a berry perfume. But Fields of Rubus is so much more than that.


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