Val’s Travel Fragrances: Vero Profumo, Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Amouage


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


You Need a Scents of Humour to be a Perfume Junkie
(or Are We All A Few Decants Short Of A Full Bottle?)

Grüss Gott Fellow Junkies!!

Scents Of Humour DeviantArtPhoto Stolen DeviantArt

I am heading of to Greece in about 5 hours. Yes, I have procrastinated writing this for days. Days of trying to decide which perfumes to take with me. I mean, come on!! Now, I am guessing at this but I reckon most folk think about their wardrobe, swim wear, evening wear, how many pairs of shoes to take ….. Not giving themselves brain meltdown over fragrance. Please correct me if I am wrong. I wake up in the night in the throws of postmenopausal dreaming, and lie awake going through my scent wardrobe in my head. Now, I would have though that was really quite sad BUT since Portia introduced me to several fragrant groups, I can see that I am not alone. (How many times a day do YOU think of perfume, huh?????)

Val’s Travel Fragrances

Vero Profumo, Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Amouage

What I have found most intriguing is people´s SOTD ………. I read through them all in absolute fascination. At first I thought, “Holy Cow!”, people have nothing better to do than post what perfume they are wearing?? So many perfume I have never heard of, perfume fodder to keep me Googling my heart out.

So on the assumption, and the law of fragrant averages, that someone might be interested in what I am taking on vacation, here we go.

After much deliberation, including contemplating taking nothing at all (so as to give my nose a break – yeah right, hahaha!) this is my final decision.

RUBJ – by Vero Kern

Rubj Vero Profumo FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Taking a full bottle of this. Just in case there is an air strike, or world crisis of some sort. This is the one perfume I would not want to be without. Ever.

MUSC KOUBLAÏ KÄHN – by Serge Lutens

Muscs Koublai Khan Serge Lutens FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

This is sweet, sexy and animalic. The perfect in-the-sun scent. I will dab this because I don´t want to upset the other guests. The ones with 8 different bikinis and matching sarongs.

LE PARFUM DE THÉRÈSE – by Frederic Malle

Le Parfum de Therese Frederic Malle FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Elegant. Sophisticated. Statement making without fumigating the place. Makes me feel ladylike. A rarity.
(Thanks Ms O!!)

So off to the airport, leaving a stylish trail of Vero Kerne´s Mito behind me.

greece_wallpaper-normalPhoto Stolen wallpapers

In the words of one of the few famous Austrians, “I´ll be bäck.”

Soon to be on the beach BUSSIS!!

CQ xxxxxxxxxx

PS A couple of mls of UBAR – one never knows ……… 🙂

28 thoughts on “Val’s Travel Fragrances: Vero Profumo, Serge Lutens, Frederic Malle, Amouage

  1. MUSC KOUBLAÏ KÄHN – by Serge Lutens, i’d take that one myself! I hope you have the best time ever! Enjoy and do tell us all about it. because i live
    vicariously through my fellow perfumista’s.


    • Hi Patricia!
      Am back now! MKK plus sunscreen equals perfection. Squeezed a few more wearings in down there as MKK is a summer scent for me. (Thanks to a friend for the generous sharing of it!) Not much to tell really. 10 days of sunshine and a break from my cookie kitchen. It was the first holiday with my husband, without kids, for 21 years! No cookies to think of …….. Visited Rhodos City and Lindos Acropolis and spent the rest of the time by the pool or eating. I am now writing this in the middle of making dough. Back to the grindstone. But I do have a nice tan. 7 degrees but still in shorts! Thanks for dropping by. Hugs. CQ xxxxx


  2. Hello CQ
    This does not seem to be enough perfume, surely you could tuck a few more samples in your luggage…one never knows!!!
    Have a fab holiday.


    • Hi Jackie B!

      I added Mohur and Kiki. It was enough actually because I didn´t want my addiction taking priority over the vacation!!! I really enjoyed what I had with me. And you know, the MKK, in with the suncream is absolutely great. Oh, and I had Teo Cabanel´s Alahine solid perfume with me. As you say, one never knows! xxxxxx


  3. Val, only 3 really?
    just kidding! but what gorgeous sexy choices! I wouldn’t have picked MKK for a summer holiday but now you mention it, is perfect! Therese and Rubj are stunning. Have a gorgeous time in Greece!

    M x


    • Three-ish. Added Kiki, Mohur and Teo Cabanel´s Alahine at the end. But it was enough. MKK plus heat is the business. I had a fabulous time. Now I am back to cookies. xxxxxxxxx


  4. So funny – and I sooooo relate! I agonize over choosing which perfumes I’ll take on a trip and was so proud of myself when last holiday I narrowed it down to only six. (Partner thought I was nuts.) I reckon YOU should be very proud of selecting just three-ish! (To Greece, I’d definitely take Ubar… and La Fille en Aguilles…. and Amaranthine…. and maybe some vintage Calypso… and….. :-))

    Bon voyage CQ!


  5. Heya Lovely Val,
    I love the pre holiday frag picking. I decant some faves but really my holidays are about PURCHASE!! He He He
    Congratulations on your first holiday without the kids.
    Jin is waving HELLO!!
    Loads of love
    Portia xx


  6. Hi CQ!
    Which perfume did you wear the most? I find whenever I go anywhere I always overpack. I try to be prepared for every eventuality but then I don’t have room for what Portia likes to do, PURCHASE. One of my sisters who travels constantly for business always packs a half empty case in order to leave lots of room for purchases for her large family and for herself. I’m looking forward to your post describing your vacation without the kids!
    Azar xx


    • Hi Azar! Better late than never. Didn’t wear Ubar. Too much for where I was. Better let the guests live long enough to enjoy their vacation. MKK with sunscreen on top was fab. For the evenings it was mainly Kiki and Mohur. Couple of Rubj days, but that is a tough one in close proximity to people in a shut in area ……. although it might be good for them actually. 😉


  7. My trouble is, whatever I take on holiday, I always wish it had been something else, and am never in the mood for what I have got with me! Having said that, the only perfume I had with me in Greece when I was verrrry young (couldn’t afford more than one bottle then!) was Fidji, and that turned out to be perfect.


    • Hey Jillie!
      THAT is exactly the problem with being spoilt for choice. I wonder if the less we have, the more we love what we do have? If that makes sense!
      Val xxx


  8. I spend more time thinking about perfumes to pack when I go anywhere than I do arranging clothes, shoes, etc. It took me longer to pick out my wedding perfume than my wedding dress. Yes, you’re among friends here…Have a wonderful trip – you’ll smell terrific!


    • Jordan Honey!
      The hotter the weather, the better is smells. I cannot wear it in the cold at all. It´s like a different perfume.
      😉 xxx


  9. Great choices! I usually bring a few samples and then I buy something to remember the trip. Not that I go away very often or to anywhere as fabulous as Greece. I hope you had a great time.


  10. Hi Poodle!
    Greece is only fabulous to you because you are so far away! I mean, it is of course, gorgeous,
    but easily reachable and affordable from here. I would have bought something there if there had been something but there wasn´t. Although I did come back with a few Korres soaps and shampoos.
    Val xxx


  11. Oh and Val!
    I tried the MKK (thank you!!!) and I would definitely wear it for a seaside vacation. The first thing I smell is the salty ambergris and a little sweaty cumin, but not too much. Just enough to make everything else interesting. I looked up the notes and was not surprised to find civet.
    Azar xx


  12. Ooh I did this before going to France last year… In the end I had to take my lifelong love Mitsouko.. I revelled in the idea of taking the ‘Made in France’ juice back to her home from Australia. I also took Guet Apens and it wa stunning on the streets or Paris, yet when there all I wanted to do was go to the purple place and score Bell Jars so I would have a lifetime supply of the likes of ISM, Criminy, Rahat, etc. the art of perfume lit my fire as hot as seeing the Winged Victrory and Rodins sculptures, Notre Dame and Verseilles…


  13. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Val. Mmmm, Greece with just the hubby, sounds delightful. For trips I tend to load up on samples because it seems like a great time to try new stuff while lazing around doing nothing. Except of course then I bring a bunch of decants just in case. Oh, and then a few bottles are stuffed in the suitcase at the last minute, and hey, this solid fits nicely into my purse….. You see where this is going. 🙂


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