D600 by Christophe Raynaud for Carner Barcelona 2010


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Heya Fragrant Fumies,

D600 is a stupid name for a fragrance, GAK! Then I find out it’s affiliated with their address in Barcelona according to Birgit at Olfactoria’s Travels it stands for Avenida Diagonal 600, the headquarters of the line in Barcelona. Onwards from that the Carner Barcelona site says All senses are captivated by the dynamism of Avenida Diagonal, the grandeur of Paseo de Gracia…A seamless blending of old and new. At night, the pulse deepens and darkens as the city reveals its mysterious and most sensual side.

D600 by Carner Barcelona 2010

D600 by Christophe Raynaud

D600 Carner Barcelona FragranticaPhoto Stolen Fragrantica

Carner Barcelona gives these featured accords:
Top: Madagascan Black Pepper, Sicilian Bergamot, Grapefruit
Heart: Guatemalan Cardamom, Italian Iris, Egyptian Jasmine Absolut
Base: Virginian Cedar Wood, Madagascan Vanilla Absolut, Vetyver.

I love the zip, fizz and sizzle of grapefruit in fragrance. Here Christophe Raynaud has paired it strikingly with fresh crushed black pepper which serves to dry and remove all the ultra sweet, urinous notes that people find so problematic. The introduction lasts very little time before a lovely cardboard and rooty iris come through and the cardamom is playing a lightly green spicy role that is exactly like ground cardamom in the bottle before you cook it. For all its ingenuity D600 is perfectly wearable, actually while remaining quite fragrant it seems to meld with and melt into my skin. Too noticeable to be a skin scent but not air altering enough to become a major, stop traffic statement.

It seems the jasmine and vanilla arrive together, creamy, balmy, smooth and elegant they wander in and D600 becomes a warm, cozy, comfort scent with a hint of cardamom and vetiver keeping the whole fragrance from becoming a gourmand.

D600 by Carner Barcelona Dad AdinaVoicu PixabayPixabay

My review makes D600 seem simple but it’s not, there is a lot of soft nuance and dappled sweet/dryness byplay. The vanilla is fleshy and sensual, human and cuddly. For hard core perfumistas it may be too easy to like, too reminiscent of other comfortable vanilla/amber fragrances and too nice. That’s what I want from a fragrance, I want to smell so good that not hugging me to get a closer whiff would be unthinkable. An excellent mother or father scent worn as a signature and a comfort, being both very intimate and lovingly safe. Perfect as a work scent that would work under the radar to make you even more likable and assured.

Wear is soft and projection mild but anyone lucky enough to get in close to you over the next 6 or 7 hours will get a waft of wonderful. I love it.

D600 had the same luminous, luxurious feeling that I get when wearing Mona di Orio’s Vanille. It’s a plush languor and tranquillity that feels so deliciously me, as if it were made for me alone. LOVE it!

D600 by Carner Barcelona languor PexelaPexels

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Have you tried any of the Carner Barcelona fragrances? What is your languorous fragrance?
Portia xx


10 thoughts on “D600 by Christophe Raynaud for Carner Barcelona 2010

  1. Hi Portia and a happy, adventurous and peaceful New Year!
    D600, the name, sounds a bit star-warsy, doesn’t it? – but I love it, too, it was one of my first niche discoveries and I bet you smell irresistible in it. I read somewhere that the trick with D600 is to spray it lavishly and that’s completely true: With 4-6 spritzes you get a much more complex and interesting – and still cosy – result. My favorite from the line is probably Tardes (together with D600) and my languorous fragrance is Cuir Beluga (but that changes..).


    • VERY Star Warsy Anka, perfect analogy.
      Yes, I do like to go spritz crazy when reviewing. It’s like sitting in a cloud of fragrance.
      Cuir Beluga! Stunning choice, so elegant. I can totally imagine it enervating you to the point of torpor until all you want to do is breathe in its beauty. MMMMM|
      Portia xx


  2. I used to have a sample of D600. It was one of the first niche scents I tried and I remember really enjoying it, though not enough to buy a bottle or even try to find a decant. I got quite a lot of cardamom from it and really enjoyed that… I found it kind of similar to Olfactive Studios Lumiere Blanche or Nu Be Carbon.

    My favorite Carner fragrance though is El Born! I ADORE it! I had my mother pick me up a bottle when she visited Barcelona and I have not regretted that! El Born is heavy and decadent where D600 is soft and cuddly… and I always prefer the more decadent perfumes! 😉 El Born is like boozy fig liqueur and honey poured over creamy vanilla ice cream, and all this on a base of sticky green sap to balance out the gourmand notes.

    El Born is one of my more languorous fragrances but it’s not exactly a cuddly or comforting one. For cuddly I think I would go for maybe the already mentioned Cuir Beluga or something like Jo Malone Sweet Milk…


    • What a great description of El Born. I’m still to try that and Palo Santo. You make it sound heavenly.
      Portia xx


  3. LOL! I saw D600 and read “dooky’ which is an AWFUL name for a scent (when I was a kid we would say ‘eww! dog dooky’ when faced with canine intestinal waste.

    But DOOKY or not, the scent sounds really nice! I’m just beginning to explore the Carner Barcelona line and am pleasantly surprised by it. Niche without being irritating. Works for me.



    • HA HA HA! Musette, I totally get that. Hilarious.
      Yes, niche to be worn, not niche to challenge your every inhalation. I think they are very nice fragrances.
      Portia xx


  4. it is on my to-buy list because some have compared it to Dior Homme which is one of my top-5 most fav. of all time. do you get any similarities to dior homme (particularly original steel tube version)?


    • hey Fazal,
      I find it softer and less obvious than DIOR Homme, much less iris. I haven’t worn the DIOR in ages but from memory similar feel but not same.
      Portia xx


  5. I also do not like the name (I prefer words to numbers). When I tried the perfume I liked it a lot but then my sample leaked so I never finished the testing. I’ll get back to it one day.


    • Hey Undina,
      It’s weird. I wonder if they are pandering to the millenials?
      Leaking samples are a sign, you clearly don’t need it. He He He
      Portia xxx


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