Calligraphy Rose by Trudi Loren for Aramis 2013


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Hello Fragrant Friends!

This is Robert H. again, writing from my small island home in Washington state, exactly halfway between Seattle and Vancouver B.C. I am an inveterate fragrance lover, occasional writer, full-time business owner, world traveller, ex-Broadway singer, and happily married to an ever-suffering spouse who descends into allergic hell at the faintest whiff of perfume. Just my luck.

Calligraphy Rose by Aramis 2013

Calligraphy Rose by Trudi Loren

Calligraphy Rose Aramis FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Oregano, saffron, honeysuckle
Heart: Turkish rose, myrrh, styrax, lavender
Base: Labdanum, musk, ambergris, olibanum

Now it is no secret that I love rose scents (Actually a charter member of the ‘Rose-Ho’ club if such a club exists) so this had been on my radar for quite some time. Last year Calligraphy Rose could not be found for love or money, and it wasn’t until recently that it started showing up again on Amazon and various perfume websites.

Calligraphy Rose by Aramis Robert HerrmannRobert Herrmann

This ‘fume is an olfactory road trip back in time for me. Here is the story it tells……

September 1974. My then lover and I had flown all night (12 hours if memory serves) from San Francisco to Madrid, sat in the Madrid airport until almost dark, where we caught a small puddle-jumper to Marrakesh, arriving at about 11:00 pm local time. We were so exhausted we could hardly sit up as the rickety taxi sped up to our Riad in the Medina. After a hasty, casual check-in complete with the ubiquitous glass of mint tea, we collapsed into bed in our 2nd story room.

The next morning, waking up early I padded to the french door shutters that opened to the common breezeway, and was stunned by the instant assault on all my senses.

Calligraphy Rose by Aramis Maroc_Marrakech WikipediaWikipedia

The smell of roses. Roses and something green, vegetal, tropical, and slightly rotting. The blinding sunlight against the vivid electric blue tiles of the courtyard below me. The splashing sound of water in the courtyard fountain, and soft voices floating up from somewhere removed. The acrid smell of the leather tanneries just a few alleys away. Jasmine, citrus, clean laundry, musk, saffron and smoke from something…incense? Cooking fires? All of that but most of all, roses. Gorgeous, dewey roses. It was like a dream, or a waking hallucination if you will.

One spray of Calligraphy Rose transported me right back to that moment. This beautiful juice opens with a balsamic burn that goes right up your nose to your brain, and on to back of your throat. Overlaid with rose. The opening is BIG, just a few sprays go a very long way. Amber and smoke creep in, along with honeysuckle and spice. Myrrh, labdanum, olibanum. So many notes so well blended, it’s difficult to pick them out as they flit and dart through your consciousness. Not unlike the colors of an oriental tapestry. One you might find in a Riad in Marrakesh.

Calligraphy Rose by Aramis Dar Si Said museum, Marrakech, Morocco WikiMediaWikiMedia

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Feeling Sexy has it for AUD$70/100ml
FragranceNet has $92/100ml before Coupon

Do you have a perfume that affects you this way?

20 thoughts on “Calligraphy Rose by Trudi Loren for Aramis 2013

  1. Hey Robert,
    You aren’t the first nose I trust to fall in love with this little beauty. I Think I smelled it in LA with Andrew Nguyen, if it’s the one then I loved it but thought it was a little close to something else I already had, maybe Oud Ispahan or Midnight Oud? Can’t remember.
    As always, lovely post.
    Portia xxx


    • Hi Portia! I agree, I think it’s very close to Beyond Love by Clinique, but I didn’t notice it until I was choosing between the two one morning. Still glad to have them both in rotation. Caligraphy Safron is gorgeous too! XOXO!


    • Thanks m’dear! I love it, and now it’s widely available again. has it for like…$40-$50 UD? Time for a back-up bottle! xoxo


  2. Hi Robert,
    Your description of this wonderful fragrance is perfect! I can smell it as I read your post. I love Aramis Calligraphy Rose and have purchased at least one back-up bottle. I found my backups for under $40.00 US at The other fragrances in the Aramis Calligraphy series are gorgeous and the bottles are too. I did mini reviews of these three a few months ago here on APJ. I have and use them all but most days Calligraphy Rose is my favorite.
    Azar xx


    • Hello, Robert, from a fellow Rose-Ho! (Although a friend told me yesterday it’s now spelled “Heaux” on “Scandal” and other such TV dramas.) Your description won me and Azar, when you provided the link to a $40 bottle, what could I do?? I just ordered. Thanks to you, it’s ramen noodles for me and the dog until next payday!
      With aloha,


      • Hi Fifi!
        BeautySpin is my downfall. I was was pretty much within my budget until I looked through their Niche section. Don’t go there. It might be a big mistake… 🙂 Another tip – you can add extra discounts with coupons from RetailMeNot and other coupon sites.
        Azar xx


    • You’re right, Rina! It does share some common DNA with Clinique’s Beyond Rose, but less oud and swear to god that opening blows my head off!! Love them both! xoxo


    • Totally agree, Azar! When I first went looking for it two years ago, it was impossible to find! Thank god it’s available again! Hope you are enjoying this amazing weather! I’ve been on our deck laying out in the sun! In March! Go figure. xoxo


      • Hey Robert,
        Today when I took Fender the dog for his daily walk I was almost blinded by the light! Had to go back in the house and get the sun glasses, which haven’t seen any sunlight since last summer – when the roses where blooming!
        Azar xx


  3. Hello Dear Robert,

    I have pondered, and passed by, both Calligraphy Rose and Saffron a couple of times. Sounds like I need to re-evaluate.
    Kisses from frozen Canada.



  4. I’m very fond of Calligraphy Rose. It reminds me of a rosewater beverage I used to drink when I was a teenager in Singapore called ‘bundong’. Many rose scents do not agree with me as they turn sour and yucky on me after 30 minutes. Your post takes me to my youth, thank you.


    • Hey BB, wow what a great memory that is, thank you so much for sharing it with us! Rose is a tough note for lots of folks, i personally pass on just about the same amount of rose perfumes, as the ones I end up loving!

      Thanks! xoxo


  5. I am a fragrance lover too and a lot more interested in different types of perfumes in the form of sprays, oil and incense. I was wondering if you’ve chanced upon any Oud based solid perfume stick? Hermes, Woods of Windsor and Loccitane perfumes are few of my favourites, i also do like heritage brand Yardley’s English Rose as it truly captured for me the fragrance of English countryside. The essence of this perfume left an imprint on my mind.


  6. Thanks Rihan! I’ve had limited experience with solids, mostly from LUSH. Now you got me thinking I need to check some out starting with the Yardley range! Thanks!


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