Cookie Queen + Portia on Tour: London/Vienna 2016


Post by Val the Cookie Queen


Greetings APJ Readers.

Each time I attend some perfume related gathering I intend to take lots of pictures.

Cookie Queen & Portia on Tour

London/Vienna 2016

Fact is I suck at it. I am overwhelmed by everything that is going on and never quite get it together as I planned. Still, the following pix will give you an idea of what went on. Tara has covered the event brilliantly on both A Bottled Rose and Australian Perfume Junkies.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Val Judith LondonDr Fox, partner-in-crime, therapist, and she’s driving me to Milan.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Val Portia Poppy'sPoppies Fish & Chips, Spitalfields.  Second visit together. ?

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia glassesSpitalfields Market.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia ready? PLL“How do I look Val?”

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia Karen Andrew Val Bonkers Lady Jane Grey PLLBonkers, Lady Jane Gray and me way in the background.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia Lila Val Grant Antonio PLLGrant (Basenotes).  Antonio Gardoni (Bogue). Lila (Perfume lovers London). Val & Portia. Chris the Cookie King taking photo.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia Kirk PLLMy dearest friend Kirk about to get a nipple twist.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia lady Jane Grey PLLLady Jane Gray.  Smitten.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Portia PLLMy favourite shot.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Portia Neela PicholaPurchasing a bottle of Neela Vermeire creations: Pichola at retail in Vienna.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Portia Vero KikiVero Profumo: Kiki.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Anna Maria, Sandra, Val Portia GREEKVal, Anna Maria, Sandra, Portia at a fabulous Greek restaurant

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Val, Anna Maria, Sandra, Portia trying Le GalionAfter dinner sniff of the newest Le Galion: Cologne Nocturne.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Val, Sandra, Anna Maria, Birgit, Portia Le Bol
Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Birgit Portia brunchVal, Sandra, Anna Maria, Birgit and Portia brunching at Le Bol.

Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna Portia tea
Val Cookie Queen 2016 Europe Vienna BlondesWunderBlondesWunder arrives in Vienna 22:00.  To a Portia welcome of donuts & tea.

Around the time that you are reading this I am either packing my bag or on the road to the Esxence in Milan. I have a theory. Three days in Milan, six decent pictures each day, eighteen pictures. That ought to do it. Plus some pictorial updates on social media. My hands are shaking already.



17 thoughts on “Cookie Queen + Portia on Tour: London/Vienna 2016

  1. Great pictures Val! It was great seeing Portia and Jin again. Have a wonderful trip to Milan and I look forward to seeing your pics and reading about your adventures and new perfume discoveries. Sandra xo


  2. Love, love, LOVE.

    Portia’s fan pose is my fave too.

    It was fun spotting you, V and M in the background and seeing Kirk thoroughly enjoying Portia getting hands on.

    So many brilliant pics of happy times. Thank-you!


  3. Thank you Val! This is a great addition to Tara’s pictures from the event. Looking forward to your report from Esxence 😉


  4. Thanks, Val!
    I’m terrible at the picture thing myself because I simply don’t think of it. An odd duck, I know!
    I’m so excited, I hope you have an amazing trip to Milan!


  5. Hey Val,
    Reliving the madness has me grinning like a fool. It’s always awesome when we are all hanging out together. Love our adventures, the fun, laughs, friendship and all the squishy good stuff that comes with being in a cool crew of perfumistas.
    Thanks for this wonderful post.
    Portia xxx


  6. These photos totally perked up the morning! I’m smiling at them all, especially donut eyes and all the baby doll poses! Thank you Val for the vicarious fun and another great photo essay!
    Azar xxxx


  7. Dear Val,
    You can’t imagine how your photos have brightened my day! I love seeing you darling frag-hounds living it up in your scented adventures. It’s better than reality TV. Thank you for sharing your travels and fun with us.
    Warm aloha,


  8. I’m so pleased to see all of you having such a good time…In a perfect world, I could be there
    too. Sniff something nice for me..Sweet regards, Anita


  9. Love the photos Val, thanks. Looking forward to the Milan adventures and the photos. Have a wonderful scented time. x


  10. Stunningly sharp photos, and some fantastic poses! Really captures the fun times had on both sides of The Channel. Happy memories of P’s talk and good to see you carried on carousing in Vienna. If such a term can be used in association with brunch.

    Look forward to the next set!


  11. I love these pictures. Clearly everyone was having a good time. I’m pleased to see Birgit is still getting pleasure visiting her perfume friends.


  12. Love your photo essay, Val. I’ve just started packing for Milan and not even a half way yet. I guess I have to finish it off after work tomorrow. 😉 See you on Friday. Have a safe trip! xxx


  13. I love the pictures!
    For the record, I suck at pictures too. I’m too busy enjoying the moment to think to stop and take a picture. Like you, I have to make a conscious effort to remember to do it.
    Have a great time in Milan! You are quite the world traveler.


  14. I think you do a fine job with the photos. The fact that they aren’t your first thought is probably why you’re a blogger instead of an Instagrammer (is that a word?), and also the reason your blog has such a discerning readership. ?

    I do appreciate your captioning the photos with the names of the perfumes you’re spritzing. I often wish all the labels of all the bottles were legible in blog posts from perfume shops, but I suspect that would require both a professional camera and a tripod.


  15. Hey all you great people who took time to comment and send such lovely wishes.
    I’m on the road to Milan and cannot reply to you all on my phone without having a meltdown. Big bussis. ❤️❤️❤️


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