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I wrote this while on holidays and then totally forgot about it!

Heya APJ,

So we have been on holidays for a couple of weeks now but I’m getting my first chance to write to you all about my favourite scent from an amazing day spent with the men from Le Galion at the Tranoi event in Paris. They have so much new stuff on the way for you all and I know it’s going to knock your socks off. New releases and a new brand, we were treated to previews and so much information that most of it has filtered from my brain. Sorry about that.

Further down check out how you can be the first to smell Le Galion’s newest release.

Right now I’m at a Slovakian Hot Springs but am too shy to get undressed and go in.

Slovakian Hot Springs 2016 #3

Jin is loving the hot spring in the freezing cold of winter

Slovakian Hot Springs 2016 #1

Our niece & nephew were having the time of their lives. So happy to get to hang out with us and their parents. Jin’s brother took his first day off this year to be able to take us on an adventure.

Slovakian Hot Springs 2016 #2

The lower half of my body is covered in psoriasis and it makes me feel very self conscious so while everyone else is going batshit crazy in the acres of pools and waterslides I am happily ensconced at a table and rugged up to chat to you.

Cologne Nocturne by Le Galion 2016

Cologne Nocturne Le Galion FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Bergamot, lemon, palisander rosewood
Heart: Clary sage, rosemary, thyme, lavender, spicy notes
Base: Cedar, patchouli, woody notes

(Ed: Added the notes after. I was surprised that my guesses wasn’t ridiculously wrong. YAY ME!)
So I am flying blind without a note list because the product is yet to hit Fragrantica and I have completely forgotten the conversation with Nicolas and Enno. What you will be getting is a Portia Nose View of Cologne Nocturne. When it’s released we can all have a bit of a laugh at how poorly I did. No problem, I’m tough.

We open citrus sweet and herbal. I’m guessing the usual suspects of bergamot and mandarin, but it could be pomelo because the sweetness is softer, I get very little pith or creaminess. The herbaceous vibe could be coriander, basil, tarragon or green hay. Lavender swirls around and through. A very traditional opening, attractive and clean.

Cologne Nocturne by Le Galion 2016 #1

Milkiness enters, I can’t decide if I’m getting a creamy sandalwood/amber, almonds or am I smelling a milky byproduct of fig. What I can tell you is that the fragrance warms through slightly and maintains its sweetness, the sweetness of fruits not sugar. Maybe it’s vanilla I smell? Naah, probably not that kind of sweet. Woods play a part but I’m struggling here.

Let’s chat about how Cologne Nocturne makes me feel, where it takes me on a journey too, who I can imagine wearing it. Cologne Nocturne smells super expensive and luxe, more depth and warmth than I expect from cologne, more fragrant twists and a sweet heart that could very easily become fabulously killer in the cool of winter cologne, or the dark of night. You want to smell nonchalant but magnificent. This is the fragrance that doesn’t try too hard, smells like you are comfortable in your skin and don’t need to be making bold statements or to challenge your sense of smell.

Cologne Nocturne by Le Galion 2016 #4

I could imagine snuggling into the scent on a partner or loved one and also imagine wearing it as a seduction tool.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #3The men of Le Galion, here I am with Enno Ebels and Nicolas Chabot. Handsome men who make yummy frags.

Not sure when it will be released as yet but it will be available at LuckyScent and First In Fragrance.

Have you spent any time with Le Galion? Maybe you remember the brand from before its resurrection?
Portia x

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30 thoughts on “Cologne Nocturne by Le Galion 2016

  1. I think we got to preview this, thanks to you, at Lila’s and we really liked it. Expensive-smelling and with lots of substance comes to mind.

    I’m sorry you suffer from psoriasis, Portia. That’s rotten.


    • Hey Tara,
      Yes, we did have a sneaky little spritz. I wanted you girls to smell how yummy cologne can be.
      You know, I think on the swings & roundabouts of life psoriasis is a pretty good thing compared to the rest. It can be unsightly though and especially in a pool environment I prefer to stay dressed if it’s looking bad. Currently it’s getting much better, no reason it just comes & goes at will.
      Thanks for worrying though. It’s just like you to be so nice. Beautiful Tara.
      Portia xxx


  2. This sounds amazing, I have been reading a lot about the resurrection of Le Galion.
    I bought Mugler Cologne but find it unrefreshing, which to me is a prerequisite for cologne. O de Lancome is a good daytime summer scent.
    Commiserations about psoriasis, my husband finds sunshine and seawater helps. And oil I make with helichrysum, chamomile and ravintsara.
    I follow by email


    • Thanks for the tips JackieB, When we had the pool (it was salt) I would lay around it getting rays and have a dip from September to April. The psoriasis would some years stay and some years go. I have used tonics, balms, ointments and all sorts. Nothing works. I find by doing nothing it ebbs and flows in its own rhythms but no season or reason. Weird.
      Portia xx


  3. I follow by e-mail! This Galion sounds absolutely amazing. I have some trouble keeping track of what is a cologne and what isn’t. Until a few months ago, I was under the impression that man-scents were colognes, and that women wore perfumes. Really, I would love some help with the different designations. That said, I absolutely love the scents coming out of Atelier Cologne (their site says they produce exclusively colognes absolues, so they count, right?), so I suppose my favorite cologne is their Gold Leather.


    • Hi Koyel,
      Good reasons that the word “cologne” can be so confusing. Sometimes it does mean a name for men’s scents versus women’s, as it hard to convince an average man that a scent labelled as anything other than cologne is only for women.
      Other times it refers simply to the the strength of the scent — EDP has more fragrant oils compared to EDT compared to cologne. Often it is more complicated in that different strengths are different in what aspects of the scent they emphasize.
      Then there is “cologne” as a style of scent, ie lots citrus and herbs at the start moving to a mossy drydown. So traditional cologne starts off very refreshing and moves to a cool dusty base. With the current restrictions on oakmoss, drydowns often involve different elements.
      So Atelier colognes are perfume strength but a cologne structure.
      Hope this was useful rather than feeling like a lecture.

      Hope this was useful rather than feeling like a lecture.


  4. Hi Portia! I’ve tried Le Galion’s Sortilege, it reminds me a lot of my fave Chanel No 5. I haven’t tried nearly enough colognes, but Juniper Sling is cologne-y and I’m in trouble because it’s on sale at Luckyscent and I’m tempted to order a bottle. It doesn’t last long on me though. Follow by email!


  5. Hi again! I follow via email with love. I own Le Galion’s Sortilege, Snob and Jasmin. Snob is so incredibly yummy and wonderful.

    As for cologne, it’s so tough because I wear big, bold scents. I am not a subdued girl. I like beasts. I think the cologne of choice would be Le Dix. I also just got a cologne strength of Shalimar. But I prefer the parfums of both.


  6. I follow by email. I don’t have a favorite cologne. I tend to wear really big fragrances, but I’m always willing to try and learn. Thanks for the giveaway.


  7. Looks like you’re having a wonderful time. Too bad you can’t go in. I have seasonal allergies that activate the eczema on my eyelids and it makes me terribly self conscious, so I can understand why you would want to cover up. Visible skin conditions can make strangers really uncomfortable.
    It’s often very hot here and I love to work outside so colognes and refreshing aromatic/citrus/chypre scents are among my favorites (although I have a bunch of unlikely scents that I enjoy in the heat too). In addition to good ole 4711 and Florida Water which I use in the bath, I enjoy Trefle Pur, Cedrat Envivrant, Azemour les Orangers, Ô de Lancôme, Eau Sauvage, Gentlewoman, Les Nuits d’Hadrian, ELDO Cologne, Nicolai Eau de Ete, Eau de Gloire, Chanel Pour Monsieur, and many more I can’t think of right now. I don’t think I could choose a favorite but I love that interpreting the traditional EDCs has been a trend and I’m looking forward to sampling the new Le Galion. It’s a line I haven’t gotten around to yet and have read good things about.
    I follow via Bloglovin and RSS.


  8. I guess my favourite cologne is Atelier’s Pomelo Paradis – a beautiful aromatic citrus.
    Sorry to hear about your psoriasis – i too am troubled by it only recently and i cant seem to get rid of it – I feel stress plays a big part, but who knows. Hopefully it will disappear in both our lives soon!
    I follow by FB, and email and thanks for the draw.


  9. Wow! Portia! What a gorgeous description. I’m excited to see more about it, because your perspective and experience make it sound absolutely enchanting! A delightful read as always, genuine and poetic. xo


  10. Portia! The Galion sounds fabulous! My favorite cologne is the always classic Chanel Cologne Pour Homme, a staple for many years! In the USA! xoxo


  11. Citrus and herbs and then milkiness…mmm, this sounds fantastic! I love colognes but only in the summer heat. In the last two years I bought Aqua di Parma’s colognes – Arancia di Capri and Colonia Essenza. This year I wanted to go for Fico di Amalfi unless I find something nicer. I haven’t tried anything from Le Galion so far and I follow APJ by email.


  12. Enjoying following APJ by email.
    I’m looking forward to smelling this as classical cologne structures work very well on me.
    My favourite colognes (can’t pick just one) are old school: Eau de Rochas, O de Lancome and Chanel’s Cristalle and No.5 in cologne strength.

    Sorry to hear about the psoriasis.


  13. This sounds lovely – something I’d love to smell on my hubby. He’s recently asked me to find him some colognes, so I need to start thinking about him too!


  14. This does sound like a cologne for night occasions, light but also notes that work well during night time such as a hint of vanilla. I have been aware of Le Galion brand before their resurrection because their Sortilege was once one of the classics. In addition, their ship logo is quite unique and very aristocratic. My favorite remains Sortilege. thanks a lot for the draw. I follow APJ though email.


  15. Hey Portia,
    What! Another fabulous place to have fun! And so many happy faces too! DNEM as I already have this one, new and old.
    Azar xx


  16. Hi,
    A few years ago, I got many miniatures. Paul Vacher’s Le Galion Eau Noble and Vetyver were among them. I liked them a lot. I’ve always appreciated work of Vacher. After all, he has created my dear Arpège. I like Turin’s perception that Arpège is a “women’s fragrance for male”. I have not tried Le Galion’s new creations, except Special for Gentlemen. I like it, too. I am glad to perceive that Thomas Fontaine has created many of new Le Galion’s creations! Many years ago, I used huge amounts of Obsession for men EDC. I adore top notes in it. Some of my favorites are DSH Perfumes Muguet Cologne (EdT but with “cologne” feeling) and Andy’s Cologne du Maghreb. Oliver & Co. Colonia is stunning, maybe my favorite. A great giveaway, love the photos from Europe. I follow as usual: WordPress, mail, Firefox RSS, twitter, FB. Thank you.


  17. Hi gorgeous.
    So sorry you can’t join the others in the pool. 😦
    I adore a few lighter scents that may qualify as colognes: Cologne by Thierry Mugler, Eau Sauvage, L’eau de L’Artisan, The Pour Un Ete (L’Artisan) and I’d also put Cartier’s Roadster in this category. Just noticed my bottle of What About Adam (love that name!) by Joop which I love as well. The ones that last longer are the ones I use in winter: Yuzu Fou (Parfum d’Empire) and Nouveau Brewery (Bond No.9) which is a stronger version of Jo Malone’s Lime, Basil and Mandarin.
    The Le Galion seems to fall in the latter category and I’d love to try.
    I follow by email.

    Take care and hope the psoriasis goes away soon.

    XXX… T


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