Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016


Post by Portia


Hello Perfume Junkies,

Do you have an area where you put your current high rotation fragrances? Mine is my desk. At any given time there may be 20 odd fragrance bottles scattered about it, a dozen or so samples and general perfume paraphernalia. It can get quite crowded so every couple of weeks I do a stocktake of what’s there and what will stay.

This fortnight I’ve been pretty addicted to a couple of frags and they have seen a LOT of wear, the others are mostly seeing a few spritzes but a bunch will be going back in the cupboard. Some things go back in the cupboard after every use: Guerlain’s Shalimar and Mitsouko, CHANEL No 5 and YSL Opium. I have a few iterations of each and rarely know which one I’m going to feel like so it’s easier to have them all together in their cupboard space. Also, I will happily go looking for them particularly if the mood strikes so it’s good to have them accessible.

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #1

So here’s the whole crew. A couple of them I also thought about selling so they have been on the desk and were saved from the chopper by my wearing and loving them again.

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #2

From left there is Gucci Pour Homme 1, Vitriol d’billet by Serge Lutens, Guerlain Mitsouko EdC (arrived this week and is fabulous, really fresh smelling), Eau de DIOR, Dubai Next To Me by Ramon Monegal, Mitzah DIOR (yes, I have bottles but I saw this decant going in someone’s sale and grabbed it), Paw Paw ointment (I’m trying a new brand), Fendi donna (25ml & 50ml I just bought the 50ml and have been assessing it against one of my other bottles. It’s real), Youth Dew vintage

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #4

From left Hermès Cuir d’Ange, Calvin Klein Contradiction Woman (Can’t stop spritzing this metallic, cold, wet, tart, aloof rose. Something about it drives me wild), Carillon pour un and by Tauer perfumes, Tubéreuse 3 by Histories de Parfum

Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016 #3

From left we start with the newest DSH Perfumes, Rendezvous, that I’m yet to try, the Cult Of Scent sampler, Jasmin Rouge by Tom Ford, Shea Butter Fabulous Oil by L’Occitane, Be Beautiful by Jessica Mauboy (suddenly we are getting a load of melon and lily of the valley fragrances, this is a good $20 dupe for the new Hermès Muguet Porcelaine), Guess by Marciano Woman (when I haven’t been wafting a cloud of Contradiction this fortnight it’s been Guess. This crunchy vanilla amber citrus bomb is disgustingly good), Capricci by Nina Ricci

What is staying till the next cleanup?

Eau de DIOR
Mitzah by DIOR
Cuir d’Ange by Hermès
Contradiction by Calvin Klein
Cult Of Scent Sampler,
Guess by Marciano

The rest are back in their boxes and in the cupboard till I call them out again.

What’s in your high rotation and where do you put them?
Portia xx

34 thoughts on “Current Rotation Fragrances May 2016

  1. I don’t have a current rotation area because I wear what the spirit moves me to choose but in my linen closet, I have a cake stand on which I put all my new fragrances that have to be tried/worn. I currently have around 15 on there! And, I have a TV tray in my bedroom with a hat box on it full of samples yet to be tried. I guess that is my rotation.


  2. Thanks for this article. I need to sort out what I have and find an accessible spot to put those I want to rotate. Complicating this is that I have a Bengal cat who likes to be up high and rejoices in pawing things off cupboards and shelves. Lost my first ever Chanel sample (even more precious because it was OFFERED to me in David Jones by a lovely young sales assistant) this way, plus vintage glass pieces that had survived 40 -odd years at my parents’ house.


    • Hi Sue Mills,
      Maybe a shoe box would be a safe place? I have a few that are in cupboards and i treat them like drawers. It means I can pull stuff out easily. They stay in their boxes in the shoe boxes. Easy peasy.
      Portia xxx


  3. I just keep mine all out. My total collection is about the same as what you have displayed. But Portia, I’ve been trying to remember something for the longest time! Back in high school (73/74) I used to wear a Nina Ricci fragrance that has just disappeared! I think it was called Bigarade or ? Do you know anything about it? Or am I dreaming? Thank you!


  4. Hi Portia and thanks for this glimpse into your fragrance routine!

    What’s out around here? I probably have about twenty pulled right now, not including the various oud oils. They all rest on top of a tall dresser in a spare bedroom – my reading and escape hang-out. A few bottles are displayed just because they are pretty, for example a large, old L’Air du Temps double dove perfume. Vintage Fidji EdT and perfume are always at hand because I use them both a lot and have plenty of back-ups. Agar Aura Al Jazzab is permanently available too – until it is gone, that is, and then it is gone forever. Other vintage fragrances include Coty Les Muses EdT, Sirocco perfume and EL Youth Dew. O’Driu Peety, Curve Kicks and Olympic Orchids Mardi Gras are some of the newer frags that stay put.

    Right now rotated items include Mito EdP, Viktoria Minya Hedonist, Boucheron Trouble and Marciano Guess (thanks for pointing me toward those two, Portia), Lutens Ambre Sultan and more…Also, immediately below – in the dresser – I have stored many others that I reach for often and am too lazy to retrieve from the lower level storage zones.

    Azar xx


      • Portia,
        Your description of Guess as “crunchy” is spot on! Whatever it is that causes this crunchy effect just makes me want to spray more and more of this stuff! Fortunately, right now it is cheap and easy to find. I have a couple of bottles – but may have to get some more!
        Azar xxxx


  5. I’ve been at my Mom’s a bunch lately, helping out with spring garden chores, so my current rotation is in an old blue Samsonite train case. It contains about five full bottles and three ammo cases full of samples and decants. Actually, I tend to keep stuff I’m using in it at home too because it can go in the bedroom and is cat-safe.


    • Oops. Didn’t mean to hit post yet. My full-bottles that I lug around are Epic, Memoir, Azemour, Equistris, Pan, and Tropic of Capricorn. Also fairly permanent are decants of L’Air de Rien, Tabac Tabou, Iris Cendre, Dame’s Soliflore Gardenia, and Hummingbird.


  6. I like your selection Portia!
    On my shelf next to my bed I have placed Cuir Beluga, Chanel Jersey, Aberdeen Lavander (thankyou Rob Blandford) and a selection of attars from Sultan Pasha. Teensy samples only until I win the lottery!


    • Hi JackieB,
      Beautiful choices.
      Those attars can break the bank, thank goodness they l;last so well with the merest smudge.
      Portia xx


  7. Aaaaaaaah stash pics! I stumbled on that eBay shop shall remain nameless at this point tried it out with a No 19 parfum, was gorgeous, definitely genuine, not stewed in some Hong Kong warehouse as I was expecting then went the lash on more Guerlains and a few others. I just had to get a bud bottle of Mitz parfum, my first ever L Heure Bleue came in one, then I inadvertently won another 7 mls in the paraplui which I’m going to use to top up my 15 ml classic Ionic bottle. Despite my massive collection I’m always using my beloved Mitz but it has to be vintage…


  8. Portia, you write a little too descriptively I think. Just ordered Contradiction based solely on your “metallic, cold, wet, tart, aloof rose.” My small collection of scents and samples lives on my dresser top, the 40-odd samples in decorative boxes and the half-dozen full sizes in a basket, except my current go-to, Aramis Calligraphy Rose. Roses are my one weakness!
    Much aloha,


    • Hey Fifi,
      I hope you get as much joy from its as I do.
      Roses are an excellent weakness. I love them too.
      Portia xx


  9. All of my perfumes are kept on a shelf in an armoir. Easiest access is to my favourites and those on high rotation.
    Currently On high rotation are:
    Shalimar parfum initial Si sensuelle; Desnuda Emanuel Ungaro; Intimately Beckham; Safari Ralph Lauren; and samples of Mitsouko; Ma Griffe and Coco Mademoiselle.
    I’ll try my sample of Contradiction again and give it another chance 🙂


    • What a lovely place to put your frags, even the word armoire conjures up glamorous showgirls and elegance.
      Good luck with the Contradiction DebB.
      Portia xx


    • Hi Fazal,
      I bought mine in LA at a shopping mall that had a discount fragrance store. Very lucky find.
      Portia xx


  10. Thanks for the peek into your perfume rotation Portia. Mine are are jumbled up the moment and I really should organize them a bit. in heavy rotation right now are the Chanels. Sandra xo


  11. Portia, truth or dare at the moment since you wore it cannot believe it’s taken me this long to discover this….also ysl Paris .


  12. Aaaah Fendi…it’s beautiful! The rest of your babies is very lovely too (Hey Mitsouko, Cuir d’ange, I’m looking at you!!). I’m just a little bit jealous when I see it all on display at once 😉
    I have my samples and test stripes placed all over my working desk so it smells great around here the whole day. I keep my current rotation in the bathroom and when they are out, I put them back into the fridge. One shelf in the fridge is reserved for my perfumes. Right now there are the following perfumes in my bathroom close at hand:
    Figue en Fleur – Andree Putman
    La Panthere Edp – Cartier
    Wrappings – Clinique
    Rose Velours – VC & A Collection Extraordinaire
    California Reverie – VC & A Collection Extraordinaire


  13. I know I’m late but I’ll still comment hoping that you’ll read it.

    Since I rarely use any perfume more than once a month, I do not have any special place for the “rotation” perfumes – even though I do wear different perfumes in different seasons. Instead I’m doing some rotation of my “display” perfumes – those bottles that I keep on my dresser just for the bottles’ sake, with perfumes in them not good any more foe wearing or bought specifically for the purpose of putting them there. Recently I added there a mini bottle of my favorite Climat (unsuccessful vintage buy).


    • Hey Undina,
      I get notifications of later comment postings and am always excited when your name drops in.
      Bummer about the Climat. Fingers crossed for your next try.
      Portia xxx


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