La Colle Noire by François Demachy for DIOR 2016


Post by Portia


Hello Fragrant Fumies,

François Demachy has created a new fragrance for the DIOR La Collection Privée line. Cue interest, excitement and some small rejoicing in the perfumista community. Named for Christian Dior’s favourite holiday home in later life: Château de La Colle Noire. So I google translate looked it up and colle can mean mean glue, adhesive or problem. I think something does not add up and if there are any French speakers in the house could they please tell me what it means.

Roses have been back and wearable again in frag circles and the general public since Stella McCartney’s 2003 eponymous radiant rose Stella. Since then we have been bombarded with all the roses that ever and never were. From the darkest, dankest to the shrillingly squeaky clean blow torch editions and yes, I have fallen for a few. Completely and utterly fallen for such luminaries as Mohur by Neela Vermeire, Ballets Rouges by Olympic Orchids, Contradiction by Calvin Klein, Rosa sur Reuse by SOIVOHLE, Midnight Oud by JHaG and in DIOR’s own privet lineup Mitzah and Oud Ispahan (there are more but these without looking).

La Colle Noire by DIOR 2016

La Colle Noire by François Demachy

La Colle Noire DIOR ParfumoParfumo

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
May rose absolute, Ceylonese sandalwood, White musk, Spices, Amber

La Colle Noire opens with a sheer, wet, sharp rose, lightly metallic and already clean musky. My nose gets that soft fluffy feeling of pith and I am surprised theres no citrus, pepper, ivy or blackcurrant mentioned because I get a sharp fruity note in my nose and a dry tickle in my throat that I associate with those four notes. The opening fireworks are over in a couple of minutes and I loose 80% of the heft.

A sweet rose is left behind, sheer, wispy and pretty, bordering on functional or ambient but rising above and floating around me like a rosy zephyr, a dream of roses or of being in the middle of a rose garden in the coolest pale light of morning with only the merest breeze moving the scent to you. Here is a rose like the 2nd run of rose water, lightly warmed and set amongst a harmonious backdrop to murmer quietly around you for hours and hours. Considering how low key La Colle Noire is its longevity is astounding and sillage is very nice too.

La Colle Noire Christian Dior FragranticaFragrantica

La Colle Noire is so perfectly measured and careful that it could easily belong to the CHANEL Exclusives line. It’s beautiful, fragile and a watercolour wash of fragrance. Elegant, under the radar fragrance for someone who wants to smell like money without having to be so gauche as to make a fragrant statement. Also a perfect background scent for someone who knows they have to smell nice but who don’t really like perfume. An amorphous whisper.

Christian Dior Privee line is available in stand alone DIOR stores and large airports + department stores
Surrender To Chance has samples starting at $3.25/ml


giveaway TheTruthAboutMummyTheTruthAboutMummy

La Colle Noire GIVEAWAY

La Colle Noire Christian Dior giveaway 2


This week we will have 2 winners who will receive:
1 x sample La Colle Noire (decanted from my sample)
1 x 8ml DIOR Privee manufacturers sample
(Cologne Royal or New Look 1947 – NO you don’t get to choose)
P&H Worldwide


Yes, you can start following to enter, in fact it’s encouraged. Open to everyone worldwide who follows AustralianPerfumeJunkies via eMail, WordPress, Bloglovin or RSS. Please leave how you follow in the comments to be eligible. I must be able to check that you follow so if you have an email address on your gravatar that’s different to your follow address then please email me (portia underscore turbo @ yahoo dot com dot au) so I know.

You must tell me how you follow APJ


Please tell us a rose fragrance you love, or even hate and need to bitch about.


Entries Close Sunday 22nd May 2016 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.
Winner will be chosen by
The winner will have till Thursday 26th May 2016 to get in touch (portia underscore turbo at yahoo dot com dot au) with their address or the prize will go to someone else.
No responsibility taken for lost or damaged goods in transit.

La Colle Noire Christian Dior giveaway 1

44 thoughts on “La Colle Noire by François Demachy for DIOR 2016

  1. Follow by email and FB…my fave rose fragrance at the moment is Lyric Woman….heavenly stuff! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity Portia ?


  2. I love the discontinued L’Occitane rose, Paul Smith Rose, Frédéric Malle Une Rose, Jo Malone Red Roses, and YSL Paris, to name a few.
    I happily follow via email, and Bloglovin (DESPINA VENETI).
    Thank you for the lovely giveaway!


  3. Oh good heavens I’ve heard so much about la Colle Noire and have been dying to try it! I’m curious by their bottle choice; it looks like the kind of bottle in which you would buy nice body wash.

    I follow by e-mail. My least favorite rose perfume so far is Tauer Rose Vermeille, which smells like rotten roses. My favorite is much harder to pin down–there are so many fabulous rose scents!!! But maybe I’ll go for 10 Corso Como. It may be a little unfair to call it a rose scent, but it’s just so gorgeous, and the rose does start shining through eventually. Thanks for the draw 🙂


  4. Yes indeed, “la colle” means glue in French, but La Colle Noire comes from the place called Colle Narbone.
    I Follow by email and my favorite rose fragrance is Une Rose de Frédéric Malle.


  5. Hi Portia,

    Colle can also mean “to live together, especially in sin”
    Gives us a whole new take on the scent, doesn’t it??

    One of my favourite rose scents is Ombre Rose by Jean Charles Brosseau. A simple powdery rose, and there are days when nothing else will do.

    I enjoy following you by email and Facebook.


  6. Love the sound of Colle Noire! My favourite rose is La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens, but I also love Red Roses by Jo Malone. There are just so many fantastic variations out there. Follow by email. 🙂


  7. by email and facebook

    What rose scent do I not love? My go to still is Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose but I have developed a liking lately for Tauer’s Rose Flash, Lush’s Imogen Rose and Malle’s Une Rose for jammy. Others that come to mind: Kilian’s Rose Oud, Poison Apple Apothecary’s Garden of the Graves for rose and dirt. Next FB I want is Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin.


  8. I love and hate rose…it needs more than petals to mellow out the screechiness on my skin.
    Mohur is my favourite, but I like Fille du Berlin and VC and A Rose Velours.
    I am testing some attars at the moment, rose is often a player in these. Like.
    I follow by email


  9. ‘Vous me posez une colle’ means you have stumped or foxed me, which is another variant on ‘problem’. I guess if you were covered in glue you’d also be pretty flummoxed.

    Loved the expression ‘amorphous whisper’. I used to be mostly drawn to these kinds of scents but I can take them louder and more structured now. 😉


  10. Epic is my most worn rose scent, but only because I cant get the original Evelyn Rose anymore. I think others are great, of course, such as the SSS roses, the original Stella, Ineke’s Briar Rose, Mohur, but Epic is the one I wear regularly.
    I’m in the US and follow via RSS and Bloglovin.


  11. I follow by email. I am currently enamored of Oud Satin Mood by Francis Kurkdjian, but my must have rose is still Nahema. I would say I’m not big on rose – but just glancing in my cabinet I see Rive Gauche, Knowing, Diva, La Nuit, Paloma Mon Parfum, Rose Nacree du Desert, YSL Paris Fleur de Parfum, Oud Ispahan, Rose de Nuit, SSS Rose Volupte, Kilian’s Rose Oud, and several more. So I would be lying, apparently I like rose. The one rose I can’t tolerate is Perfumer’s Workshop Tea Rose, most likely because of insufferable women who (over)wore it in my younger life.


  12. Thanks for the giveaway. One of my favorite Rose fragrances to wear is A Gs Rose Spendide

    Thanks as always, I follow via email


  13. This sounds really lovely. Right now my favorite 2 roses are La Fille de Berlin and Oud Ispahan, which I only recently learned is a controversial one! It’s shocking to me as I consider myself to generally have really safe, baby perfume tastes but I love it. This sounds like one I might like though, as I love sheer and light fragrances. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! I follow via bloglovin and FB.


  14. Hello, I follow by email.

    I haven’t always been a rose fan, but I am beginning to dip carefully. Next on my hit list is Yardley’s English Rose EDT – soft, morning dew on pink roses. Simple and lovely. I have sampled it a few times and it’s now time to make it mine.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to build my rose collection.


  15. I follow by email. Oud Satin Mood is truly beautiful and so subtle with the rose accord. Thanks so much for your generosity in this giveaway.


  16. You have mentioned the rose fragrance that has become one of my favorite rose perfumes which is Dior’s own Oud Ispahan. But my most favorite rose creation remains Nombre Noir which is rose but unlike any other rose. Vintage Ungaro Diva also impresses me a lot and sometimes smell like a distant cousin of Nombre Noir. I follow APJ through email. thanks a lot for the generous draw.


  17. Good roses – Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose and Armani Si Rose Signature
    Ughh roses – Tea Rose Perfumers Workshop and Anna Sui Anna Sui
    I follow by email


  18. Tgank you for writibg this Portia! You make me want to run to Dior to see if they have it. This sounds truly beautiful. I love Diva and Mohur extrait. Sandra xo


  19. I’m following as Yourfoxiness via email! And the FB groups.. Love the review, I’m a rose junkie on the hunt for a new addition. So far my favs are Lyric PF, Homage, and Sa Majeste la rose. I love KM Attar De Roses, but it doesn’t last beyond ten minutes for me, it’s so faint! I love the oily, eastern roses, over the green vegetal type tea rose. Occasionally the soft, English rose too.


  20. Fun! Haven’t dabbed in any of the Dior Exclusif perfumes.
    I follow by Email and visit almost every day 🙂

    One rose perfume… I think in a way roses in perfume do not really work. Trying to “bottle the magic” ruins it. Anyway, I got a decant of Tea Rose Perfumer`s Workshop in a swap a long time ago, while I didn’t like wearing it on my skin, where it became very aldehydic and screechym it was the perfect room or linen sprayer. Such freshness rosyness. Like you’re inside but the window is open and there’s a big rosebush just outisde.


  21. Hi – i follow by FB and email. I searched a long time for a rose fragrance that i liked – found it a few weeks ago – La Fille de Berlin by Serge Lutens is it and it brings joy to my little heart.
    Thanks for the draw.


  22. Guerlain Nahema would have to be my favourite rose. I once picked up a 30ml pure parfum through FragranceX for $80. The next day it was back up to $350ish. Right place, right time!
    I follow by email and have the site bookmarked.


  23. Thank you for another chance to win a scent to try. I follow via email. I seldom wear rose scents because of a couple of reasons. They either turn sour on me, disappear or become something totally yucky. My worst association wass with Highness Rose. Paid a fortune for it in 2009 and within 10 minutes of spritzing, it disappear totally! Still looking for a rose that doesn’t do that to me.


  24. My favourite rose scent is on the Ophelia rose bush in my front garden. A bit nervous of rose perfumes: both YSL Paris and Guerlain Champs Elysee give me a screeching headache if I so much as stand near their wearer. Weird because Fragrantica’s accords for both show much that I like 😦 I follow via email.


  25. I follow by email. My favourite rose fragrances are Jo Malone Velvet Rose and Oud and Rose Oud by Killian. So glad I found this blog.


  26. My current favorite rose is Mohur EDP, but Stella and Rose Poivree are close seconds (and thirds), and Phi un Rose de Kandaher is probably up there fighting for second place too. I follow by email, thank you so much!


  27. BVLGARI ROSE ESSENTIALS – in theory I always want to buy this perfume but every time I smell it I am instantly put off. Then I see it again and the whole process starts again!

    I follow via email.


  28. Great review and I follow by email and Bloglovin! My favorite Rose perfumes are Amouage Lyric and Kilian Rose Oud! I live in the US and thanks for the draw! 🙂


  29. I do follow now by mail (I always read the blog). Roses are difficult for me, I love Lyric but don’t wear it often. I like Dyptique’s Eau Rose, and I wear it relatively often. Unlike many perfumista’s Mohur is a scrubber for me…


  30. Being a Bulgarian means you either love or hate roses, depending perhaps on whether you associate them with souvenirs from the not so distant communist past LOL I myself love them, both in the natural form and in perfume, alone or in combination. One of my most favorite roses is indeed from Dior, namely Oud Ispahan ❤
    I follow by mail 😉


  31. I’d really like to try this! One of my favorite roses is Chloe intense. I wasn’t a fan of rose perfumes but lately I really have learnt to love them! I follow on FB and by email


  32. i follow by email and really love the richness of une rose and the sweet leather and rose of drole de rose.thanks for the giveaway 🙂


  33. This one sounds beautiful. I think I need to spend more time with the whole Dior Prive line. There are quite a few gems in the line.

    My favorite rose is probably Guerlain’s Nahema. I do like my roses full, voluptuous, and on the darker side.

    Thanks for the draw. I follow by email.


  34. Rive Gauche and Paris are two of my favourite roses; there are probably a bunch more, but they’re the ones that immediately come to mind 🙂

    Thank you for the draw; I follow by email.


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