Amsterdam Fragrance Adventures: TinaG’s 2016 Europe Tour


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The Netherlands is home base to a number of fragrance houses – Mona Di Orio, Puredistance, Hiram Green and Nasomatto to name a few. When visiting in May this year I mentioned this to my cousin Kylie, who was very interested in finding out more – so we decided to spend a day in Amsterdam hunting for Dutch perfume. What a great way for me to introduce her to the rabbit hole that is the perfume world!

Amsterdam Fragrance Adventures

TinaG’s 2016 Europe Tour

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Annindryia Perfume Lounge

Our first stop also became our longest as I was totally enthralled and excited. We had dropped in to Annindryia Perfume Lounge and I had walked in to a small slice of absolute heaven. They stock a fabulous selection of Dutch and international fragrances. We were warmly greeted and shown around the display room. Kylie took to the whole experience and I’m happy to say she was instantly hooked. We sniffed and chatted for a few hours. Have a look at Annindryia Perfume Lounge site for an idea of their range. Yes they ship to Australia and yes the do samples.

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #3

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #4

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #5

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #6

Le Bienaimé by Erik Zwaga

This brand utilises the concept of up-cycling to create new fragrances from existing brands. The bottles would be familiar to most perfumistas – I spotted repurposed Chanel and Etro bottles, tied up with multi-house-branded ribbons. The names of the fragrances hint at their primary constituents: CHA-CHA-CHA-CHANEL, R-I-O-D (Dior spelt backwards), HERMEJESY. I picked up a sample of S.T.I.N.K (how could I not?) that contains Classic Opoponax, Èdition Rare – Petrolium, Floriental, Musk Tonkin, Obsessive Oudh and Song for a Queen.

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #1

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #2

Eau d’Amsterdam

Eau d’Amsterdam is a fragrant ode to the thousands of elm trees which line the city’s streets and canals. I had noted the springtime ‘snow’ without realising they were elm seeds, which behave like petals caught in the wind as they scatter themselves across the city. It is described as: Sunny green woody
It’s definitely all that, it has the dry astringency of a freshly snapped twig – really light and perfect for a warm spring day.

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #7

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #8

People of the Labyrinths

After leaving Annindryia Perfume Lounge I visited the store of fashion house People of the Labyrinths. Fabulous clothing, exquisite materials… I thoroughly enjoyed looking around & chatting to the sales assistants. They have two fragrances – A.Maze and Luctor Et Emergo. I tried both on skin and they generously gave me a sample of A.Maze.

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #9

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #10

Amsterdam TinaG's 2016 Europe #11

Skins Cosmetics

Our last stop of the day was a shop & beautician Skins Cosmetics, located in the Het Conservatorium Hotel. They had a wonderful range of fragrances however most of the brands stocked I do have access to in Australia – Hermès, Frederic Malle, Byredo, By Killian, Le Labo. There were a few fragrances that I tried – the Clean range, and some of the Hermès range such as Eau de rhubarb écarlate, and Eau d’orange vert which I hadn’t tried before.

I had a fantastic day introducing Kylie to the fragrance world and checking out some special places & perfumes in Amsterdam.

Do you have a favourite Dutch fragrance house?

Tina G

13 thoughts on “Amsterdam Fragrance Adventures: TinaG’s 2016 Europe Tour

  1. Hey there Tina,
    I am loving your holiday fragrant adventures.
    Annindryia Perfume Lounge reads like a perfumistas dream destination.
    Can’t wait to have you home so we can hear and see all your exciting pickups, stories and photos.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia! It was a pretty amazing shop, I was thrilled to have found it. Home soon, lots of stories! xxx

      Tina G xx


  2. Well done on converting Kylie to the cause 🙂

    I’m fascinated by the literal fragrance combining concept you discovered. The recycled bottles look fun.

    L’eau de Amsterdam sounds like a tempting souvenir and I just LOVE the look of that People of the Labyrinths store.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a Scottish instalment!


    • Hey Tara! Kylie was a wonderful fragrance shopping companion, we really had so much fun! L’Eau de Amsterdam is a beautiful easy-wearing summer fragrance – I’ve been enjoying wearing it during my travels. And it’s a great souvenir of my time in Amsterdam. Love that city.

      🙂 Tina G xx


  3. Hi TinaG,
    What a great adventure and I’m sure your photo essay is just the tip of the iceberg! I was going to say that I don’t know if I have a favorite Dutch fragrance house, but since I have tried Luctor et Emergo and remember liking it, People of the Labyrinths might just be my favorite Dutch fragrance house!
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar! It’s so great to be able to share some of my fragrant adventures! But yes, tip of the iceberg for sure. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying. I like your logic re: favourites. 🙂 But if you haven’t tried Mona Di Orio, I’d def recommend putting it on your radar. They are fab.

      xx Tina G


      • Hi again Tina,
        Come to think of it, I have tried Mono Do Orio Oudh Osmanthus, the Tubereuse fragrance and something else. I remember liking them all but have no idea where the samples ended up.
        Azar xx


  4. Thanks for the great overview TinaG! The Bienaime concept sounds amazing. I wonder how come that no one before had the same idea…and I wish I could try the whole line. I think I’ll order some samples, I’m too curious about the results of the mixing. I am so far not familiar with any Dutch fragrance house.


    • Hi Neva,
      The concept of upcycling fragrances is an interesting one. And the bottles are really fun too! It’s great that samples are accessible, give them a try! Thanks for dropping by.

      xx Tina G


  5. The recycled bottles and the names such as stink, love it Tina, really nice photos. The elm tree seeds wow can imagine the scent.


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