Aesthete by Vanina Muracciole for Le Galion 2015


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Hi Frag family,

Recently I have finally got around to opening some more of the stuff from Jin & my Europe trip in Jan/Feb this year. The boys at Le Galion, Nicolas & Enno, were so freaking generous when we were together in Paris. Jin & I went into the Tranoï Paris as guests of Le Galion and Nicolas scored me a Press Pass, it was terribly swish.


Tranoi Paris 2016 #3Nicolas and his partner Enno.

Tranoi Paris 2016 #4Nicolas with Roberto Greco: creative genius behind Le Galion advertising and product.

Back to fragrance though, today I have one of the new creations from the house Le Galion,. That’s right. the guys are now creating new fragrances to sit alongside the resurrected vintage scents. Clever!

Aesthete by Le Galion 2015

Aesthete by Vanina Muracciole

Aesthete Le Galion FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Italian mandarin, artemisia, incense, saffron
Heart: Leather, guaiac wood, castoreum, oud, jasmine
Base: Sandalwood, vanilla, white musk

WHOA!!! I think I have sprayed overabundantly. Le Galion fragrances are usually so mild mannered but Aesthete has brought a big stink. Saffron, woods, balmy leather and a very cool incense stand out right from the start and the fireworks continue well into the second hour. Not overbearingly huge in a 1980s way but hefty and noticeable. If I believed in fragrance sexuality I would peg this leaning towards current ideas of masculine but do not be afeared ladies, it will smell glorious on you too. Liking it A LOT!

I’m not sure that it’s particularly groundbreaking but it is an interesting leather on me. Opens up with saffron & woods then quickly becomes a balmy leather with bells & whistles that I can’t place. A nicely vintage vibe.

Over 12 hours and still going, amazing! I smell beautiful this morning. It’s soft and intimate but discernible. A lightly musky balm, so smooth and with the merest hint of vanilla sweetness till i can’t smell it at all.

Le Galion has €140/100ml (Shipping is only €10, even to Australia!)



Le Galion: Aesthete GIVEAWAY


This week we will have 3 winners who will receive:
1 x 10ml decant Le Galion: Aesthete
1 x 1.5ml decant Le Galion: Snob

1 x 1.5ml decant Le Galion: Cologne Nocturne
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Tell us have you tried any Le Galion fragrances? Which one interests you?


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27 thoughts on “Aesthete by Vanina Muracciole for Le Galion 2015

  1. Hey guys, thanks for the giveaway. To be honest I have never heard of Le Galion, but their perfumes sound really interesting. I follow you guys via email, but I am a relatively new follower. Thanks again for the giveaway.


  2. More from Le Galion! Lovely. I’ve tried Sortilege, an 80s Chanel No 5 style vamp. Thanks for the giveaway, it’s great to see a perfume house revived. Follow by email. 🙂


  3. OMG!

    I have tried Sortilege, Snob and Jasmin (all vintage). While I like them all, Snob is my favorite. I found it to be jasmine mixed with other flowers, interesting, not sickening sweet, dries down a green rose with a hint of musk.

    I follow via email and Facebook.


  4. This one sounds just marvelous. I’ve got a mini of their beautiful Rose and a vintage Muguet (though I have yet to try the latter), but this one sounds more wonderful than even those! I’ve got a few other samples sitting around waiting to be tried (Snob and 222, I think), and I would love to add these three to the list 🙂 I follow by e-mail. Thanks for the very excitable review and giveaway!


  5. Love the revival theme but like the sound of Aesthete. Isn’t there a Whip too? Every girl should have one!
    I follow by email.


  6. Thanks for reviewing Portia. As soon as I hear vintage, my ears stand up. Aesthete sounds very good, especially the musky leather part. I’ve tried Cologne Nocturne which is beautiful but the longevity is really an issue here. That’s another part I like in your description of Aesthete.
    I follow APJ via email.


  7. I follow by email. I’ve never tried Le Galion, so this would be a whole new experience. Wouldn’t that be exciting! Thanks so much for the giveaway.


  8. I haven’t tried any of the line yet, but I’m still searching for “my” leather so will bump Aesthete up on my list.
    I follow via RSS and Bloglovin, thanks!


  9. This is my first time hearing about Le Galion. Snob definitely interests me the most – I love the inspiration behind it. 🙂 Following via email!


  10. Hi! I’m a new follower, by email. I am too poor and fragrance illiterate to have tried or heard of Le Galion but it sounds very interesting. Aesthete sounds like the sort of fragrance I would love to add to my petit collection of scents as I love incense. Thanks a lot!


  11. Hi Portia. I have tried Special for Gentlemen and Sortilege from the Le Galion range. In fact, now that you remind me, I think I’ve just decided my SOTD. As far as which one interests me, well the combination of mandarin in incense in Aesthete is one I thought was interesting the second I read your mention of it.

    I follow via email.


  12. Wow this sound great. I’ve only tried Iris, which was very pleasant but didn’t love it enough to actually buy a bottle. Aside from the above, would want to try 222.

    Follow by email


  13. I have tried vintage Le Galion creations and have vintage snob which was apparently an attempt at Patou’s Joy. I have not tried any new one and wonder how much they deviate from classic formulas. But I have always thought La Galion’s Logo was one of the best (that pirate/marine sailing ship)


  14. Aesthete sounds wonderful! I have tried Iris and Rose, both of which were lovely but a bit too pretty for my disagreeable tastes. I follow by email, thank you 🙂


  15. Hi Portia! I follow APJ by email.
    I haven’t tried any by Le Galion, but my mother has some nips of the vintage stuff that maybe I should try. 🙂


  16. I’ve never tried any of Le Galion’s perfumes, though I have read about some of their vintage perfumes, which sound lovely (as do their new ones!).

    Thanks so much for the draw; I follow by email.


  17. Great giveaway!! Till now I haven’t tried Le Galion scents, but I’ll be very happy for Aesthete. Follow via e-mail. Thank you!!


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