Pia & Nick on Love To Smell


Post by Portia


Hello APJ,

I’d like you to meet two of my mates, Pia and Nick. They are both ardent frag peeps, have worked and do work in the industry, have excellent noses and senses of humour and are starting their own YouTube channel. The first few videos they are learning how to create content and there are some fabulous clunky moments of heads down, mumbling and awkwardness. Do please go back and watch the first three because you’ll get a real indication of how lovely and real they both are, like two kids set free in a TV studio and having a ball.

Pia & Nick Love 2 Smell

What happens here at Episode 4 is that the whole concept seems to coalesce into really fun, informative and engaging TV, so do have a look as they introduce a BRAND NEW bunch of frags from a very famous old independent perfumery.


Portia xx

Love to Smell Episode 4: Amouroud

9 thoughts on “Pia & Nick on Love To Smell

  1. I ADORE them!! From the first episode, they were/are so authentic, funny, and approachable. Also they wear presentable clothing rather than say dudes in wife-beaters, sunglasses, and hats. Good lighting and production values, and hilarious!


    • Yes, they are both plus really frag clever. I have loved the time spent hanging with them and wish I lived closer.
      Portia xx


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