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Hello loves,

I am still on my hair journey with my keratin treatment and I am getting more and more used to it – but in an attempt to make the treatment last longer I have been using a dry shampoo about once a week to try and reduce actual washes. It’s not my first foray into dry shampoo, I’ve used it occasionally for a few years – but let me tell you – not all dry shampoos are created equal.

Dry Hair Shampoo

Speedy dirty (!) hair


I am presently using one of the most popular dry shampoos on the market. They have seemingly a dozen different varieties, which I assume all are broadly the same but with different aromas. What drew me to it was that they have versions for different hair colours, good especially if your hair is dark and your shampoo usually white! Yes, this is Batiste Dry Shampoo – for brunettes. The various choices can be found at Batiste Hair.

I am quite impressed by this shampoo, I’d used the non-colour version before on a trial and it was equally as good. It is fine enough to distribute through the hair and not so thick that it feels clunky. My hair immediately looks better, cleaner and if I want to look like I’ve got clean hair for a day longer than might be entirely true, then Batiste does the job.

Matrix Design Pulse Clean Remix Instant Dry Shampoo Recreate YourselfRecreate Yourself

My first use of dry shampoo was based on advice from my hair dresser, so I purchased one from him. It was this one by Matrix. This being my first use of dry shampoo, I did not know then what I know now, which is that this is up there in the royalty of shampoos. The application is super fine, my hairdresser told me to apply, rub the fine powder into the roots (to remove the oil) and then either brush or shake the hair out. The dry shampoo did an excellent job, leaving hair feeling a lot cleaner and refreshed without the claggy feeling that some shampoos leave behind. This will be my re-purchase.

PANTENE Volume Booster Dry Shampoo PricelinePriceline

And lastly, a dry shampoo you’d expect to be up there, from Pantene. I quite like Pantene shampoo and conditioner – I can’t use it right now with Keratin treated hair, but it is well priced and does the job. So I thought I would be safe buying their dry shampoo. NOT SO! I used this a couple of times before I twigged exactly how bad it was – it made my hair feel very very dry and each wet shampoo after felt like I might never get my hair condition back. There was no obvious indicator of this at application – it was relatively fine, smelled pleasant and my hair did look clean. But there must have been some lingering action, because may hair felt quite nasty afterward, like a cheap wig. In the end I threw the remainder of the can away to avoid further use.

How have you gotten on with dry shampoos? I often use as a pre-styler for ‘big’ do’s – do you? What is your favourite?

And now I’m off to wash my hair! Till next time! X

9 thoughts on “Dry Hair Shampoo

  1. I quite like Klorane, it’s fine and smells good and leaves your hair fresh and not white. My cousin just told me the other day that Aveda dry shampoo is absolutely the best (she has two small children and doesn’t shower as much as she’d like to…so dry shampoo is major part of her life). A big NO for me is Lush’s dry shampoo, even with fairly light hair this product gives me a grey sheen. Yuck.


    • Hey Mary Jane, I might take a look at Aveda for the next purchase, they always smell good, so that would be a positive!

      The Lush one sounds disappointing, but so good to know before purchasing!!

      thanks for the info!


  2. I used to use Klorane – because it’s cheap (when on sale at Priceline), colourless and natural. But I find it quite light on soaking up oily hair.

    Oribe is supposed to be the rolls royce of dry shampoos.


  3. Heya AF Beauty,
    I had a glamorous cousin, she used to use baby powder on her lavish blonde locks. It was incredible to see the difference with a little bit rubbed into the scalp.
    Portia xx


  4. I’m surprised you haven’t mentionedthe original (and in my opinion, best) dry shampoo, Klorane! As far as I know it only comes in the one ‘colour’ but it’s awesome! I tried Batiste and absolutely hated it.


  5. For a while I was really into dry shampoo using Batiste. I always had a problem with the tinted ones (it caused more problems than it solved, for me), but the plain one was good.
    However over the last year or so I have had increasing scalp sensitivity and I stopped using it due to itchy/taut/burning sensations whenever I used it. I have had to change my whole haircare regime, actually, to prevent scalp irritation. I forked out over $50 just the other day for some DeLorenzo Tricho (anti irritation) shampoo and conditioner – fingers crossed it helps, as that is far more than I would usually spend!


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