Orange Flower Soliflore by Dame Perfumery 2016


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Hey there frag friends!

Robert H. here writing from my small island home in the Pacific Northwest. Today I am drenched in, and loving…..

Orange Flower Soliflore by Dame Perfumery 2016

Orange Flower Soliflore by Dame Perfumery roller

Anytime I get a package from Arizona’s Dame Perfumery with new soliflores is a happy and exciting day indeed!

After Jeffrey Dame’s stunning photorealistic Gardenia soliflore from 2015, I was wondering how the hell he could ever top that, that is until now. You make it better by adding some photorealistic orange flower to the top, et voila!

This gorgeous soliflore opens with an enormous blast of pithy and bitter orange, flesh, peel, stem, leaves, blossoms and all. The scent of an orange being cut open on a warm sunlit terrace, your hands sticky and runny with the juice. Not just any orange however, this is a “Fruit Of The Month” quality citrus, you know….the ones you get at the holidays in the cardboard padded box? Six oranges for $30.00, fresh from the orchard, organic, unblemished, and just perfect. Yeah, THAT orange.

As you sit on your sun-drenched terrace and the smell of this magnificent fruit flows over you, you also notice the smell of the potted jasmine and gardenia starting to mix in, and underneath it all the sweet clean musk scent from the skin of your bronzed companion sitting right beside you. Or maybe the cabana boy? It’s your call!

Orange Flower Soliflore by Dame Perfumery oranges

Now I happen to know that Dame Perfumery knows how to do Musk really well, and if you haven’t tried his New Musk Oil or Cologne, go online RIGHT NOW and order some samples!! (Make sure you get the Gardenia as well). So mixing a touch of musk and gardenia with the glorious citrus is a stroke of genius. The result is a beautiful citrus-centric white floral that will make you roll your eyes back in your head. Sadly, the longevity is not terrific, but that’s actually just fine. The rollerballs are such a great deal that you can re-apply with abandon all day long, with no regrets at all!

Dame Perfumery has $35/10ml rollerball

Have you tried any of the Dame Perfumery range? Any other Orange flower perfumes that you absolutely adore?

13 thoughts on “Orange Flower Soliflore by Dame Perfumery 2016

  1. Oh my goodness darling!! I have had this beauty in my cart for a few weeks now and I don’t know what in the word has been holding me back. Your gorgeous review seals the deal! Off to send sir Dame some funds 🙂


  2. With Dame, I have tried Dark Horse, Black Flower Mexican Vanilla, Herb Man and Desert Rose. Though I do not like vanilla, usually, Black Flower is my fave of his line.

    I also am not a citrus fan but do love Elie Saab’s Le Parfum Intense. I also like Perfumes by Teri’s Mandorlo Cioccolato for a chocolate orange gourmand. In love with Rebel & Mercury’s Paramour which is tobacco, orange and chocolate. For a true orange, Von Eusersdorff Classic Orange is nice. Atelier’s Orange Sanguine is nice but doesn’t last. Avon’s Sun Blossoms is a favorite that reminds me of a soapy version of an orange blossom scent you buy at every store in Florida. Cuba’s Orange is a sweet, bubblegum citrus. That’s about the extent of my orange experience as a citrus disliker. My nose is changing though. I have bought a few vanilla scents lately and a FB of Guerlain’s Pamplelune. I think that grapefruit skank is my fave citrus of all.


    • Hey Gina, I love the Guetlain Pampelune as well, and the Elie Saab although I prefer the first non-intense version. I actually think the Saab line has better Kurkdjian’s than his own house! Haven’t tried Paramour, but the notes have my name all over them! Adding it to my list, thanks! xoxo


  3. Hi Robert,

    I too love receiving those little sample packages from Dame Perfumery!

    I order small items from him periodically and am about to buy a couple of small Matte Heliotrope and Patchoulis for my daughter and granddaughter. We had a sniff fest the other night and, of all the samples they tried, they both liked that one the best!

    My favorites from Dame Perfumery are all three in Artist Series, every one of the Men’s fragrances, esp. New Musk Man and Leather Man, Matte, Heliotrope and Patchouli, and the Gardenia and the Osmanthus soliflores.

    One of the great things about Dame Perfumery Scottsdale is that he has something for everyone! Imagine, three generations of women liking the same fragrance – and usually our tastes are so different!

    Azar xx


    • That’s great Azar! Must be a genetic imprint in your matriarchial line! Love his musks, and that gardenia is really something else! Enjoy! Xoxo


  4. Great review, Robert. You definetly have me wanting to place a Dame order. Musk and gardenia with orange? That sounds just my jam!


    • Hi Kate, thanks! This and the Gardenia are my favorite of the soliflores! Make sure to try the musk oil as well, Barbara Carter turned me on to it, and it’s terrific! Xoxo


  5. I’m not a big citrus fan but I do love orange blossom. Every now and then I find a citrus heavy perfume that I like but they are few and far between. The Gardenia in this line is quite nice as is the vanilla. Every time I see reviews I think I need to buy something but I just never seem to do it.


    • Haha Poodle, I know the feeling! My interest starts to wane usually after 24 hours of reading about something new, because there’s ALWAYS something new right around the corner. Thus speaks my ADHD! ? Xoxo


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