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Hi there Independent Perfume Lovers,

As you may know I really love the Independent Perfumers. Though I know they are not the right fit for everybody what really appeals to me about their work is the immediacy, the raw, fun, often outrageous ways they take their fragrances. Many of them use a high percentage of the commonly known as natural ingredients which can mean more distinction on how it will wear for you personally. They are also far less bound by market forces, regulation and fashion. No matter how talented a perfumer for the big boys may be they will almost always be working to a brief, that’s not the way to foster creativity and I imagine that many of their lives are far less fun and glamorous than we dream.

Today I’m wearing a fragrance made by one of my mates, Jocelyn, whose fragrances I find extremely enjoyable to wear. Come for the journey with me.

Sweet Libertine by Cult Of Scent

Sweet Libertine by Jocelyn Fullerton

SWEET LIBERTINE Cult of ScentCult of Scent

I won’t put the notes up because you’ll need them to enter the GIVEAWAY below.

Sweet Libertine reads like an intensely animal floral on my skin. It’s a warm, lyrical extravaganza that pulses off my skin in warm auburn hues and creates a fiery warmth in my heart. It purrs beautifully, resinous and elegant, for a couple of hours before the woods take over and more resins that linger and fade over another couple of hours.

SWEET LIBERTINE Cult of Scent John_Glover_-_My_Harvest_Home wikipediaWikipedia

There is something very Australian Outback within its sensual coils and it reminds me of the summer mornings spent down in Temora on my Aunty Faye and Uncle Jim’s farm. The house was clean, spotless, and the table waxed. The red earth and eucalyptus were heating up, chickens scratching around the front yard, dogs at the back door and the sheep were baa-ing. Fresh flowers on the breakfast table, sometimes it was jasmine or wisteria, others it was freesias, zinnias, geraniums of everlasting daisies. The men would eat breakfast early and then be off about their days.

Cult of Scent has Sweet Libertine starting at $35/8ml Travel Spray
There is also a Cult of Scent Sampler $35/3ml samples of the Cult of Scent range



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This week we will have 3 winners who will receive:
1 x 1ml decant Cult Of Scent: Sweet Libertine
1 x 1ml decant Cult Of Scent: Hedonist

1 x 1ml decant Cult Of Scent: Something Beautiful
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30 thoughts on “Sweet Libertine by Jocelyn Fullerton for Cult Of Scent

  1. email and FB

    OMG, I want them all, especially Hedonist and Fire Amber Baby with amber in it, of course!


  2. Hi: I contacted you all about a post yesterday because we weren’t getting the link to write comments directly about this sent. But it has Rose Jasmine and Ylang-ylang and it sounds/looks lushly beautiful. I follow via email and WordPress. I’m not doubling, just able to comment directly!


  3. Something Beautiful has all the notes that I love – especially honey/amber! I follow by e-mail. Sooo…what was your opinion of Something Beautiful?


  4. The honeyed Amber base in something beautiful sounds soo good! Excited for this chance to finally try Jocelyns amazing scents! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!
    Following by email, blog xx


  5. I follow by e mail plus Facebook and twitter.Fire Amber Baby has note of smouldering incense resins and sounds amazing.Okay I see this one has been mentioned so Something Beautiful with its Orange Blossom notes could be yummy.


  6. Wow! Karavanser with the cedar wood, or rose otto or or or……. And those bottles! Very Chanel-esque! Email! xoxo


  7. Not entering, since I’m lucky enough to have smelled all these and have my little samples, but all these are so gorgeous… Hedonist is my favourite though


  8. I’m not totally sure I understand the assignment, but I want to try these samples, so I’ll try anyway. I pick Karavanserai, which has got frankincense in it, because of the name and because of the fact that I have no idea what frankincense smells like.


  9. Something beautiful – Orange blossom. All of the scents sound amazing by the way! I follow by email and FB. thank you.


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