Myths Man + Woman by Amouage 2016


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Hi There Fragrant Fumies,

Amouage has been at the top of my Mass-tige fragrant houses for a long time. It sits up there with Serge Lutens. Exclusively priced, beautifully produced, readily available in big city department stores and their stand alone stores. I am always ambivalent about new fragrances from my faves. Excited and pleased because there’s something new to try yet fearful and worried in case they have made something I hate. Obviously not every fragrance works for me, even if the house is a huge favourite. These sample sprays, bought from Surrender To Chance, have been here for a while but every time I go to spritz them I am called away or sidetracked in some way.

Finally, I’ve spent a couple of days with these babies, come smell with me.

Myths Man + Woman by Amouage 2016

Myths Man by Amouage

Myths Man Amouage FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Chrysanthemum, Iris
Heart: Rum, Rose, Vetiver, Elemi resin
Base: Labdanum, Ash, Leather

Plush leather and a dewy sharp citrus opens flawlessly before the dry, cool iris and elemi wash over it. I’ve read that the chrysanthemum is strong opening for others but I get none of it, leather and resins through the heart with a dry, lightly salted vetiver. Myths Man continues to dry through its wear till the base is cold, desiccated BarBQ ash and old, cracked and crushed, unloved leather driving gloves.

Myths Man is a solid, beautifully blended fragrance, a very wearable, safe, comfortable scent. I can easily imagine it becoming the go-to of wealthy young business people. Ones who love to smell good and also have a little bit of glam theatre on their bureau.

Surrender to Chance has samples starting at $4/0.5ml

Myths Woman by Amouage

Myths Woman Amouage FragranticaFragrantica

Parfumo gives these featured accords:
Top: Narcissus, Violet leaf, Galbanum, Chrysanthemum
Heart: Carnation, Patchouli, Ambergris
Base: Leather, Moss, Musk

This one has come in for a lot of snark. I was expecting it to be a virtually unwearable mess. It’s not, for me anyway. Galbanum and narcissus together in the opening are pretty ferocious. Dark, waxy and foreboding with a slight taint of dirty vase water. Crystal clear, sappy and balmy Amouage Myths Woman is how I imagine a tree spirit would smell, the patchouli has a really interesting earthiness that is offset by the imaginations recreation of animal/sea salt ambergris.

Myths woman has a hint of the small batch indie perfumer about it, yet most of the rough edges have been smoothed away and it smells in the end like high end niche at its best. Slightly challenging, beautiful and mysterious. As always longevity is epic and I can smell Myths Woman at lunch next day.

Libertine Parfumerie has Myths $399/100ml (FREE Delivery in Australia)
Surrender to Chance has samples starting at $4/0.5ml

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Portia xx

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These are remains of 2ml samples bought from Surrender To Chance used for reviewing


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27 thoughts on “Myths Man + Woman by Amouage 2016

  1. I follow via email and FB.

    I want to try any and all Amouage fragrances. I hear about everyone’s love of them. I did not like any of the ones that I tried, but I’ve only tried:
    Opus II
    Opus III
    Honour Woman
    Lyric Woman
    Of these, I liked Lyric Woman the best but it was a like not a wow or love.


  2. Hi, I follow APJ via email of your blog. Sometimes on my Droid phone or tablet. My favorite Amouage is Honour Woman.


  3. I’m a new follower- just followed you on blogloving. 😀
    I tried the very citrus Amouge ( Sunshine Woman) and I didn’t care for it. I’ve always wanted to try Beloved. I’m interested in Mythic Woman because someone posted recently that it reminded her of the Monarda plant in her garden. I love Monarda!
    Thanks for the opportunity!


  4. Lovely reviews Portia! DNEM. I really enjoyed Myths Woman and will soon try Myths Man. I think the bottles for the Myths duo are beautiful. Wishing you a great day. Sandra xo


  5. Ciel Pour Femme is at the top of my Amouage wishlist! Sunshine and Lilac Love sound lovely as well. Following via email.

    ps- I’m shocked by the amount of dislikes for Myths Woman on Fragrantica. Consider me thoroughly intrigued!


  6. Both of them sound fascinating, and I agree with Sandra about the beautiful bottles. Lyric is still my favorite Amouage, with Fate a close second. I think the next two I want to try are Memoir and Beloved. I follow on Bloglovin.


  7. I am sooo curious about the Myths duo. They seem to be garnering such very mixed reviews! My favorite Amouages are the women’s Epic and Memoir, but I finally got a sample of the much hyped Journey and haven’t given it a proper testing yet.
    I follow via Bloglovin and RSS.


  8. I follow by email. I have Dia, which I like a lot and I really like Interlude, which no one seems to like. I’d like to try Beloved and Fate, and I’m intrigued by Myths


  9. Hey Portia, great review! Follow by email. I would love to try both Myths b/c they’ve been so polarizing, and I tend to like other peoples dislikes. I love Dia Femme, such a classic old-school floral, Lyric Man a gorgeous dirty rose, and also Lilac Love despite the lack of lilac. Thanks much! Xoxo


  10. Oh, I absolutely adore Amouage and it’s not only because of the longevity. I’m just too old school I guess 😉 I have tried only the Woman versions and my favourite is Epic, hands down. I intend to buy Opus I next. The others I like (and wish I had a FB of) are Jubilation XV, Dia, Gold and Opus II.
    I’d love to try Myths Woman so thanks for the giveaway.
    I follow APJ via email.


  11. Hi Portia,

    Great review! A tree spirit, Yes! I love Myths Woman already. Also, anything with a good shot of galbanum just reels me in.

    My favorite Amouage has to be Interlude Man. I like or seriously love almost everything they do but Interlude Man holds a special place in my heart. (The bottles and the packaging area beautiful too.)

    I follow by e-mail and Bloglovin’.

    Azar xx.


  12. I’ve only tried Beloved and it was a sample. It was lovely! Maybe someday I’ll get a FB if I win the lottery. Lol. I follow by email. Thanks


  13. DNEM.
    Really? I had no clue that these have been trashed! I love Myths Woman, but Myths Man is just weird and not in an interesting way to me, no interest in exploring it further. Amouage kinda smells headshop on me usually, so I’ve been trying to “get it” and with Myths Woman I do, although that’s questionable as it’s not their usual aesthetic. Or I’m simply clueless. 😉


  14. Hello Portia, I follow by email and twitter. I love
    Interlude Man and adore Gold Man. I had a quick try of Myths Women and thought it was quite unique and lovely. Thanks for the opportunity!


  15. I follow by e-mail. I haven’t tried any Amouage fragrances, but would love to try these. I love green notes, and don’t mind if a fragrance starts out a bit sharp. I also think I would love Amouage Sunshine, while some of the others maybe are not for me (not a big fan of rose or resins).


  16. My favorite Amouage fragrance is original Gold Woman. I follow APJ through Fb and email.

    The last Amouage fragrance I tried and love was Epic Man. I also got Memoir Man but it failed to move me even though it is quite popular.


  17. Hey there all! I;m going back to University today :O
    For my senior year.

    And I’ll be bringing my favorite Amouage fragrance, Gold Man (though not wearing it yet, in this heat) and also Beloved Woman and a sample of Epic Woman. Wish I had some of the Woman’s Jubilation too 🙂
    I follow by email


  18. Hi Portia,
    I have only tried a few from the Amouage Line – Opus III and Lilac Love – both of which i really liked. I would like to try all the others at some stage so that i can experience them.
    I follow by FB and email. thanks.


  19. The Myths Man has me drooling with the iris, resins, leather, vetiver – sounds like my dream perfume. Myths Woman, galbanum, violet leaf, “small batch indie perfumer”. Do we actually need to dissect it any further? I think I’ve smelt one of the Jubilations – XXV, isn’t the blokes one? Didn’t do it for me, but there’s so many more to try… How do I follow thee dear Portia, by email mostly, sometimes via AFN link, sometimes just organically.


  20. DNEM since I’ve tried both and I preferred MW to MM(which like Holly, I thought was a bit weird, and even somewhat flat), though I’m not moved to want to own either. And I’m mixed about those bottle colors- they strike me as a bit pop, Britney Spears-ish, My Little Pony, or something. Anyway, my 3 faves are Lyric W, Jubilation 25, and Beloved. I think they’re stunners! Thanks for your reviews!


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