The Spirit of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2016/17 Collection


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Hey there Fashion Lovers,

I love to watch the runway shows. This one is especially fun because CHANEL have recreated an Atelier for the parade. At the end Karl Lagerfeld even gathers four of the women that works for CHANEL and they take his walk of honour with him, very nice touch. Bravo KL.

I love the first video because it’s shot in the Palais Royale where Serge Lutens and Parfums de Rosine have their shops. Every time I see it I get a thrill of recognition. The second one shows quite a bit of how a garment is created on the model stand and then how all the work progresses painstakingly by hand. The third is the full runway show and quite a lot of it is hideous this season but the rare jewels are worth waiting for.

All the CHANEL perfume sales go towards keeping these ridiculously extravagant fashion shows alive. No wonder they keep upping the prices.

I hope you enjoy,
Portia xx

The Spirit of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2016/17 Collection

Making-of the Fall-Winter 2016/17 Haute Couture CHANEL Collection

Fall-Winter 2016/17 Haute Couture CHANEL Show

2 thoughts on “The Spirit of the CHANEL Fall-Winter 2016/17 Collection

  1. Thanks for the videos.

    You and I clearly have different tastes. I didn’t find any of the pieces hideous, although the stand up feathers/ruff, especially as it went down the arms, was something I didn’t care for. What I liked about the entire line was the lack of the usual fantasy of designer shows. None of these would have to be modified to go out to the stores. And each is easily definable as Chanel (which may be good or bad). I even liked the white pant with pink train which I assumed was bridal.

    On the other hand, what I didn’t like was that the overwhelming majority of models were WHITE. When the first three came out, I thought “they’ve actually made clones!”

    I know shows always have some new look for eyes or cheeks, but I hope the heavy under-eye focus doesn’t catch on — rarely flattering.

    Like you, I appreciated the recognition that it takes a team to produce the actual items and that the women at least got first name recognition in the “making of” video. And, all the hand tailoring and the work on the embellishments almost makes the prices seem reasonable. I think Chanel is one of the last houses that has an atelier for producing such embellishments for use in designs.


    • Hooray for different tastes Lindaloo. Yes, there isn’t a lot of colour mixing.
      Any house have a Haute Couture show has to hand make it all. Otherwise it’s a Pret-A-Porter show and goes out to the stores. Couture is not for stores, it’s a loss leading fantasy show that reminds people to buy their perfumes and bags.
      I wish the models would walk around spritzing themselves.
      Portia xxx


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