Moon Shadow by Library of Flowers 2013


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Hi there APJ,

You know when you’re rummaging around in your samples and you find THE ONE? Your nose explodes, eyes roll back in your head, you take deep lungfuls of fragrant air and nearly sniff the skin off your hand to get more of this magnetic and all encompassing magic into your sensory stations? You get so excited that you immediately start to look for a bottle of this incredible, fabulous, unbelievably amazing fragrance that has just blown your brains out?

Right, so now you know how I felt smelling todays fragrance. Then I went to the Library of Flowers site to buy a bottle and DISCONTINUED!!!! Aaaaaarrgghhhh. Thank goodness Surrender To Chance has more. I’ve just ordered the lAST 5ml they had and it’s not being restocked. You can find it on Amazon though.

Moon Shadow by Library of Flowers 2013

Moon Shadow: Bottled by Margot Ellena

Moon Shadow Library of Flowers FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Waterlily
Heart: Lotus
Base: Jasmine

Library of Flowers is a house produced by Margot Ellena who you may know from Bloom, Lollia, Tokyo Milk & Love and Toast. I don;’t know how she does it but her fragrances are often really good and at excellent prices. I’m not sure exactly what a Botanical Perfume is but my assumption is that they have a high percentage of “natural” ingredients.

Never before have I smelt such a photo realistic jasmine. So real that I was given a stem of fresh cut vine jasmine the night I was wearing Moon Shadow and they were indistinguishable, melding into each other perfectly. I was not the only one to notice how eerily similar they were. As to the waterlily and lotus notes, sorry but I really don’t get any of them. I get a perfect jasmine.

Jasmine Portia 2016

One problem that often happens with jasmine-centric fragrances is that they open with a huge bang and then fade almost instantly to a quiet, safe, discrete wash that bores the fricken socks off me. Here we have a scent that stays pretty powerful for over two hours before softening in projection but still maintaining a good sillage. I also love that I can still smell it hours later, my nose doesn’t get that tired anosmia that so often happens for me with jasmines. It still smells like sticking your head in a fully flowering jasmine vine all the way to losing the scent all together.

Amazon still has a few bottles at around $37/50ml

What has rung your bell so hard that you had to find more lately?
Portia xx

10 thoughts on “Moon Shadow by Library of Flowers 2013

    • Aha! Vanilla smoke is amazing Tara, don’t you love Mandy Aftel’s work? I’ve got Momento Mori coming up this week on APJ, what a surprise that is.
      Portia xx


  1. You sold me! It’s coming at the end of September -something to look forward to. My night blooming Jasmine suffered a bit this summer, so Moon Shadow will be a balm for my soul! Thanks, Portia😘


  2. Portia,
    You sold me too! Mine will be arriving soon. I can’t help but imagine that someone is wondering – “Why the run on Moon Shadow?” ! When you say something is really good I know it will work for me. My bell is being rung right now by Divine (another of your recommendations). The decant is running dry and a bottle will be coming soon.
    Azar xx


    • OMG! Divine is well named isn’t it?
      Fingers crossed that Moon Shadow is everything to you that not is to me. Freaking outrageously yummy.
      Portia xx


  3. Haha, well as my mother used to say…”Great minds…etc…” Mine is also arriving this week!! Can’t wait! I am GAGGING for a bottle of MFK’s Grand Soir, which I suspect will be my winter go-to this year. It’s fabulous!


    • He he he. Great minds indeed.
      Can’t wait to get my sniff on Grand Soir. He is such an accomplished perfumer, most off what he makes is heaven for me.
      Portia xx


  4. Gosh, this is lovely stuff. I couldn’t resist buying a bottle, unsniffed, through the mail. Moon Shadow smells EXACTLY like white jasmine flowers. Amazing scent with remarkable persistence, yet it remains delicately beautiful. Magic. Thank you for sharing your love of Moon Flower. 😉


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