Scent Diary: 27.2 – 5.3.17




Hiya Scenters,

This week on Aussie Fragrance Network we are having a Use Your Samples & Decants week so hopefully I’ll be spritzing a bunch of them empty. It has become quite ridiculous around here.

Scent Diary: 27.2 – 5.3.17

Monday 27:

Jin’s buddy Yu Gil arrived from South Korea at sparrows fart this morning. We collected him from the airport and took him across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to Parramatta Lake Cafe for breakfast. I needed something to give me attitude and focus my brain so Rose Anonym by Atelier Cologne. It’s bold, brassy rose seems drizzled in oudh and honey. Great for a cool Sydney summer morning.

While the boys have gone out to see Parramatta I’m home writing blog articles. I love this house when it’s just me & the dogs hanging out. Currently in a cloud of vintage 1000 EdT by Jean Patou. THIS is the good stuff.

We had a streak at the pub and now I’m home to write trivia Q&A. My 10ml IUNX Eau Argentina will be my Q&A frag. Cool, smoky incense & stuff. After dinner I did some Q&A writing but my head wasn’t in it so I thought I’d lie down for half an hour then get up and finish.

Tuesday 28:

Well, that didn’t work out. Woke up this morning at 7am. AAAARRGGHH! Wrote the rest of this weeks trivia and some of next. It is coming together but slower this time. Dunno why.

Jin and Yu Gil ran around Sydney in the grey drizzle and had a ball.

After the bath today I was looking through my boxes of stuff and found about 4ml of a 10ml decant of Mona di Orio Oud, now known as Oud Osmanthus. This is one of Jin’s bottles and he wears it beautifully but before it was his I used about 6ml of the decant and freaking loved it. It wears creamier and prettier on my skin, much more barnyard and medicinal on him. So good I wore it to work too.

SOTB was vintage Miss Dior EdT & parfum. It raining in Parramatta, alternating drizzle and drenching, and still a little bit warm. I really like this weather. It’s fun being caught outside with the dogs when it decides to really let loose, we run home together with me laughing and them excited to run.

Wednesday 1:

Today was set aside for the three of us, Yu Gil, Jin & I, to go on a bus tour to Port Stephens. I woke up this morning and was like, nope. Poor Jin, he was most upset. So they went on the tour and I went back to bed. Feeling guilty but rested.

Post man came this morning. Suddenly I feel that I need all the Opus series, couldn’t I have fallen in love with them as they were released? Don’t know why it’s taken me so long. So Amouage Opus I is now in my collection, joining III, VIII, IX & X. After wearing my Burberry Brit woman parfum recently and noticing that they have changed the bottle for the EdT & EdP I panicked and grabbed a Burberry Brit woman EdP. Serge Lutens Bas de Soie has been on my list for a while and I suddenly felt the need to own a bottle, gone through almost my whole 5ml decant. It has been a slow but stately fall in love with Bas de Soie, or Silk stockings in English.

While writing Trivia Q&A I wore Mademoiselle Guerlain. It’s a pretty confection of a thing, no eye rolling fabulousness but very nice. All sugared marshmallow and sparkly citrus but underneath I swear there is a fishy vibe. Seriously, I would have bet money on ambergris. Not in the notes though.

Bloody hell. I’m going for a bath. Trivia Q&A has me cross eyed.

Today we celebrate 5 years of APJ. That’s a lot of blogging 2,498 posts. Thanks for being part of the magic.

Thursday 2:

TRIVIA It’s driving me bat shit crazy. Nearly there.

Still haven’t started putting APJ posts together. Leave Tuesday. FREAKING OUT! But not really. just feeling a bit overwhelmed.


Wearing Tabac Rouge by Phaedon from a 10ml decant I bought when it came out. Why is there so much left? It’s bloody good, so sweet and honeyed, syrupy, berry juicy and animalic. TBH it could very easily sit in the Serge Lutens phalanx of frags. What a lovely fragrance, Pierre Guillaume is an excellent perfumer.

We are eating the fridge down because of the holiday so I had a childhood favourite meal. Vita Weets with butter, cheese slices and Vegemite. Bloody yummy! Ate it while thinking about my beautiful Mum, she was a good one.

Tonight for work I grabbed a big decant of Fig by Marc Jacobs. I think it’s an EdC so I spritzed about 20 times and it smelled fabulous for about 2 hours, then I lost it. TBH I think it softened off to a soft skin scent that is still smellable to others but not me. Very nice, pulp & milky fig.

The bloody microphone didn’t work tonight so I had to yell over 60+ people. My voice is now ratshit and I’m grumpy.

SOTBed: Mon Precioux Nectar Parfum by Guerlain. I have a 10ml sample of the parfum but my bottle’s EdP

Friday 3:

OK so today was all about getting stuff organised. There are only 80 more Q&A to write and only 5 more APJ posts to organise of my own plus a couple for others.

Jin & I took a moment from our day to go get our hair cuts and visit my BFFs Mum who was rushed to hospital yesterday with blood clots in her legs. She is up in a hospital that I spent some time in as a kid for all the ridiculous scrapes we used to get into. It was nice to walk around it as an adult and see that though it’s grown the old sandstone structures are still there.

Jin also surprised me with a new pair of pixelated glasses. So silly but totally fabulous.

Writing posts so drenched in a bunch of things Ultramarine Blue by DSH Perfumes, Halfati by Penhaligon’s and a sample grabbed from the box and didn’t read the label, threw it back in and now its LOST. GRRR! It’s fricken gorgeous.

Saturday 4:

Jin took his mate to Sydney City. There they went to St Mary’s cathedral, lit some candles and prayed for the continued improved health of BFFs Mum Marie. He’s a good egg.

Spent the day writing and editing APJ blog posts. Starting to really freak out because it’s Saturday now, Sydney LGBTQI Mardi Gras tonight, working tomorrow, cleaning, packing and farewell dinner on Monday. SHIT! Still a few Q&A left to do for Trivia too. It will happen, I’m good in a sink or swim situation. Coming to tell you about it has cleared my head. Ready for action. By the time I’m done 208 Q&A and 24 games.

In the bath today I used Olympic Orchids Amber Labdanum Bath Oil, my skin feels soft and has a lovely scent. Thinking Fancy nights by Jessica simpson for tonight but also wondering if L’Occitane Fabulous Shea Oil in the most outrageous BWF would be more appropriate? So excited! MARDI GRAS tonight. This is an old pic and the level has dropped in the bottle considerable since then.

Wore the L’Occitane Fabulous Shea Oil and vintage Miss Dior EdT spritzed liberally over all. It was so beautiful.

Sunday 5:

My head is still spinning. Writing APJ blog posts. FINALLY got all the Trivia Q&A sent out.

Fragile EdT by Jean Paul Gaultier when I woke up, because that’s exactly how I felt. How did I ever become such a lightweight party person? Metal by Paco Rabanne through lunch and for work Un Jour d’Ete by Keiko Mecheri, which I bloody love.

How about your week? Anything interesting or fragrant happen?
Portia xx

26 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 27.2 – 5.3.17

  1. Not much interesting, but fragrant always. It was so hot here I reached for lavender…Chanel Jersey and Aberdeen Lavender. Our aircon broke down on a 39 degree long weekend so packed up dogs and went to the beach this morning.
    I hate the smell of sunscreen.
    Happy 5th!


    • Hey JackieB,
      BUM for the AC.
      Do you really hate sunscreen smell? All of it? there must be one nice one?
      Portia xx


  2. Hi Portia,
    Happy 5th! Looks like a busy week at your house! I hope Marie will be much better soon. Love your new glasses. Here we had a couple of fender benders (not mine), more vehicle problems (also not mine) and cooking and partying too. A weird week…that ended with some fun.
    Azar xx


    • Hey Azar,
      You are an integral part of those 5 years. I loved having you at APJ, you’re a great writer. Somehow you make it feel so comfortable and effortless.
      Car bingles are such a bummer. I don’t even get mine fixed anymore, unless it’s a biggie.
      Glad to read you guys got some partying at the end.
      Portia xxx


  3. Hate to see you keep reinventing the wheel, Portia. Can’t you use some trivia questions from a long time ago? No one would be the wiser, I’m sure!
    Had dinner last night with the fam and wore my new batik dress from Indonesia! And Hendley’ Gia!


    • Hey ClaudiaS,
      HA! Yeah we do use some old ones but they still have to be fact checked and organised. All done now. VERY happy here.
      New dress! Was it fabulous?
      Portia xx


  4. What a week Portia! I hate it when I go on holidays but have to work twice as much to prepare everything for my absence. Luckily there is perfume to get you through.
    Today I went to our Douglas perfumery because they have a 50% discount on SL perfumes. They won’t be selling the line anymore. I had an eye on Bas de Soie and unfortunately it was sold out. There were like 10 other SL perfumes but nothing I really wanted to own so I bought a Rituals Sweet Sunrise (former name: sweet orange and cedar) Body Mist and Fragrance Sticks.
    I love your Mardi Gras pictures but nothing can overshadow your last year’s motorbike ride (or was it 2 years ago?)


    • Hey Neva,
      BUM on the Bas de Soie. 50% off is a great deal though.
      Yes, last year was the motorbike entrance, you’re right. It was fabulous fun.
      Portia xx


  5. My week was much calmer. Love your pictures! Wearing lilac and heliotrope with the niche forum group on Fragrantica and loving it. Very intrigued by Amouage lilac love now.


    • Thanks rickyrebarco,
      Amouage Lilac Love is gorgeous. One of the Opus is a lilac too.
      Portia xx


  6. Hi Portia!

    Happy 5th birthday to your blog! Thank you for blogging and tons of interesting posts.

    As for my week, I’ve finally got my own 5 ml of Shalimar. So happy now 😀


  7. Wow you are as always Portia🦄 I love reading your week in frag memories and discoveries. Congratulations on five years of APJ xx
    Have a wonderful trip to Europe, love you ❤️️


  8. Hello Portia!! Hoping your BFF’s Mum is getting better. Clarify for me you had a steak at the pub on Monday, not a STREAK. lol
    This week I bought the Discovery Kit of Juliette has a Gun, a brand I had kind of dismissed in the past. Where are you headed for on Tuesday?


    • YAY Saffyishere
      JHaG is a great brand, I really like their take on fragrance. how are you enjoying them.
      Headed out for a Big European Adventure!
      Portia xx


  9. You wear more stuff in a week than I do in two months. Holy cow. My skin would melt. Five years is amazing Portia, and I have been along for four. It changed my life, and continues to do so. See you soon. Yeah – the Opus collection is great. ❤


    • HA! Val, you underestimate your skin.
      Yes, you have helped make APJ the fun frag place that it is.
      Thank you.
      Portia xx


      • I do not underestimate my skin. Nothing lasts less than 18 hours on me, most stuff 24. It’s a big problem. 😩


    • Hey Undina,
      YOU were the first person not immediately connected to me to join APJ as a follower. Boy was I excited.
      Thanks for staying the distance. Let’s see what the future holds.
      Portia xx


  10. Happy 5th! You bring such enthusiasm, fun and happiness to the perfume world. No matter what I’m doing, when your post arrives in my email I stop to read it.
    You are very generous to be writing posts for while you’re away. But generous is another word that comes up when I think of you and APJ. I hope you and Jin have a wonderful trip!


  11. Dear Portia,

    Happy 5th anniversary. Anyhow, I was wondering if it would be possible to ask Jin where he got those glasses from.




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