Europe 2017: Jin & Portia’s Big Adventure




Hey there APJ,

Jin and I leave for our holidays on Tuesday, yes tomorrow. Bags are packed. Friends over for dinner tonight and Jin has done a huge plate of meat & veg that we all make our own Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls from. He is an artist at it and it’s one of my favourite things he does. So fresh, healthy and delicious.

europe_topography_map_en Europe 2017

Europe 2017: Jin & Portia’s Big Adventure

So where are we off to? Here’s a run down of our dates & cities. It’s mainly a driving holiday with a couple of short flights added in for ease and comfort. So the dates are the nights we spend in each city. All dates are in March. Everything in bold is a city we have never been to before, exciting.

8/9/10: Prague, Czech

11/12: Zilina, Slovakia

13/14: Berlin, Germany

15/16: Hamburg, Germany

17: Hanover, Germany

18: Rotterdam, Netherlands

19/20: Luxembourg

21/22/23: Paris

24/25/26: Milan, Italy

27/28/29: London, UK

So that’s where we’ll be. Should you be in any of this cities or nearby and like a catch up, food, sight seeing or a sniff then please tell us where you are in the comments below and we’ll try and organise something.

What frags am I taking? I’m not sure but I’m very tempted to take only Parfum d’Empire Equistrius and Patou 1000.

Here we come Europe, can’t wait to see you.
Portia xxx

37 thoughts on “Europe 2017: Jin & Portia’s Big Adventure

  1. Can’t wait to see you too!
    So cool that you’re hitting a lot of new cities. Can’t wait to see your pics of Prague. I hope to go there one day. Safe travels.


    • Thanks Jackie b.
      Jin LOVES the food in Prague and we eat 5 full meals a day so he can have ALL his favourites.
      I will very carefully size up the dumpling problem.
      Portia xx


  2. Wow, what a trip. I have always wanted to visit Prague. My birthday is Bastille Day. I would love to celebrate one year in Paris. And, London is my love. Swoon. Enjoy. Take no fragrances. Buy as you go!


    • Oh Gina! Prague is to die for, you’ll love it. We mainly wander the old town but this time I’d like to go on a couple of outside tours too.
      Bastille Day would be excellent in Paris for your birthday.
      Portia x


  3. Hah, it’s funny you go again to Zilina : I spent the first 24 years of my life in Slovakia, but have nver been in Zilina…
    Take care & have fun !


    • Hey LJG,
      Are we seeing you anywhere on this tour? Please meet us somewhere. PLEASE!
      Zilina is where Jin’s brother lives & works. We can’t go to Europe without dropping in to see him and the family. I’m glad, family is important.
      Portia xx


  4. Great itinerary! I’ve been to most of the cities and they are all fantastic. I love Prague and Berlin most of all. Enjoy every second of your trip and especially Esxence in Milan!
    Looking forward to your fragrant and other stories dear Portia πŸ™‚


  5. Ooooh! I can’t even. Ooooooh! Well, I’m traveling, too. To Des Moines (Iowa). Does that count? πŸ˜‰

    Safe and fun travels, full of new delights, darlings!



    • Hey Musette,
      I am trying for a USA visit next year but hearing all the stories of people being accosted at immigration has scared me. I’d hate to be sent home as so many people have been.
      Portia xx


      • I’m almost afraid to leave the US. They may not let me back in! I hate the way things are now in the US, just awful IMHO.


  6. I was in Berlin about 17 years ago and loved it. I imagine it’s changed much since then considering all the construction that was going on back then. Lots of great cities on your itinerary. Have a wonderful holiday!


    • Thanks Tatiana,
      Yes, the changes would be astounding. One of the reasons we are going is because Korea is separated and Germany was, but isn’t. Jin wants to see how they do it.
      Portia xx


    • The puppies are at their trainers. He kindly offered to mind them for very reasonable rates when we adopted them. XX


  7. Have a wonderful trip Portia and Jin. I’m sure you will post lots of picture of your time away. Hope the weather is kind to you. Safe travels.


  8. Sounds like a lot of fun. There’s no longer a lot to see of the Wall in Berlin (I visited in 1985 and again i 2013), but they have marked on the pavements where it used to be (a dotted line made with small metal elements, much like those used to lead blind persons on the right way). May I suggest visiting Fassbender und Rausch Charlottenstr. 60 or Leysieffer (in Friederichstrasse I think it was)if you are looking for wonderful chocolate? The museums are wondedrful in Berlin,be sure to find up-to-date info since collections were moved after German unity was restored.

    Also, the Tyn cathedral in Prague is so worth a visit, but I guess you have already been.


  9. Have yourselves a marvellous trip. Hamburg and Berlin are two of my favourite cities on the planet, and Hanover has Bahlsen biscuits and Cafe Bonk – what’s not to like? Will be in touch re beanie liaison!


  10. Can’t wait to see your photos of your adventures dear Jin and Portia.
    Have wonderful and safe travels xxxxπŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ¦„πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž


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