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Hi APJ, hope your week is travelling well so far.

It is a sultry rainy day in Sydney, and I’ve just turned the house upside down looking for my 1.5ml sample of ‘lightscape’ so I could wear it for the second time. I have a house full of bottles, decants and samples so 1) it was difficult to find and 2) it shows how determined I was. Standing with hands on hips, surveying the chaos, I glanced over to my side table – there it sat, almost looking at me with a faux-innocent “….What? I was here all along.” expression.


Grab. Spray spray spray.


Lightscape by Ulrich Lang 2012


Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Galbanum, violet leaf, lemon
Heart: Iris, rose, violet, cyclamen, cedar
Base: Ambergris, tonka bean, cashmere wood, musk, ambrette (musk mallow)

I’m surrounded by the most wonderful green galbanum and that strange violet leaf note which is both floral and verdant at the same time. There’s a background buzz of lemon floating in and out and a touch of sweet dry wood. An ever so soft powdery iris starts wafting through at around 10 minutes. Fab.

I had a pre-conceived anthropocentric impression of lightscape, for no good reason; a city at night, all those white & yellow sparkling lights and flowing red through the veins of its streets. Maybe because of the NY connection. Wrong. This is the dappling of light through a sparse forest & the smell of crushed plants as you walk on through.


That effect lasts about an hour and from then the sillage settles slowly by degrees. I’m not quite sure when it morphs to the next dry down stage, it seems to sneak up on me – maybe 3 hours? It’s pretty – an elegant pink musk mallow being the star of the show, supported by tonka bean, more musks, and ambergris giving it a lived in skin effect. It’s alluring, confident and comforting.

I’m enthralled with this fragrance. It’s the type of perfume which has the potential to be part of life’s tapestry as it weaves its own stories into yours. I can’t wait to buy a full bottle, maybe during my visit to Los Angeles later in the year.

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Ulrich Lang has $120/100ml has
First In Fragrance has €95/100ml + Samples

A big thank you to Portia for the sample of lightscape, along with nightscape, aperture, and anvers. Thoroughly enjoyed giving these a run through.

Have you ever worn a fragrance and immediately thought – yes, you will be mine…. ??

Till next time,
Tina G xx

13 thoughts on “Lightscape by Ulrich Lang 2012

  1. Oh wow, what a winner, Tina. Good job you found your samples. I know that feeling!
    I haven’t tried anything from this line but lightscape sounds fab and pretty much mis-named. I would have expected something urban too.
    I love it when you try a fragrance and immediately start plotting how you’ll get a full bottle of it. I think the last time that happened to me was with Aftelier’s Vanilla Smoke. I came close with Zoologist Civet recently but need one more big spray from a tester to be certain.


    • Hi Tara – its not misnamed as such, it’s just a different type of ‘light’ – a soft, natural type. There are photographs which are matched with the fragrances – I didn’t really have enough word count to go into that. Its a similar approach that Olfactive Studio have in that a photographer is matched with the fragrance and develops a work which is their reflection of how they view the fragrance. lightscape is clouds in a clear blue sky. Its not where my head went but interesting all the same.
      Yes, that feeling when you test something and then start googling stockits! 🙂 hehe

      xx Tina G


  2. Yes, when I tried Boadicea Complex, Tauer LDDM and Jul et Mad’s Amour de Palazzo. I have both! There are many more I felt that way about.


    • Hi Gina – and yay! Its funny how testing can sometimes feel onerous, but then you come across that *BAM* when something just works for you. and then the hunt begins. I haven’t tried Jul et Mad’s Amour de Palazzo, I’ll look it up.

      Tina G xx


  3. Yes, Ostara was like that for me and I was lucky enough to be the buyer of a bottle at a very good price. An online friend had bought it unsniffed and quickly found it was not for him anyway. Another one was Tauer URC. None of these are available locally, so getting the Tauer took some time. With all those posal restrictions, a scent mule was necessary.


    • Hi Ingeborg, oh my gosh….Ostara…. what a fabulous fragrance that is. The perfect daffodil/narcissus. I dont’ own any Penhaligons but that would be my first bottle. Yea… access to bottles can be a pain, I’m lucky that I both have friends who travel and I do a bit myself so have worked out a few good routes.
      Tina G xx


  4. Oh YES! This has happened to me a few times – Coco, Mitsouko, Coromandel and Gin Fizz were all like that for me (why yes, I do have full bottles of each of those). 😉


    • Hi Lillibet,
      Oh yum!! All fab fragrances – I went down a Mitsouko rabbit hole at one stage and now have some great vintages. Which are now all in storage – albeit temporarily but they feel so far away…
      Tina G xx


  5. Oh I know this feeling…it comes seldom but I enjoy it because it’s the gut feeling that never lets me down. I had it last year with Charenton Macerations’ Christopher Street. My daugher was in the US at that time so she ordered it for me and brought it back to me.
    Thanks for the review of Lightscape. It sounds lovely.


    • Neva! I was thinking of you during the week, I got a very battered return to sender parcel in the post last week. How long did that take ?!?
      Charenton Macerations is on my hit list, they sound fascinating. I’m heading over to LA soon so hoping to do some testing when I’m there.
      Tina G xx


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