Unpacking Fragrances After Moving Countries




Hey there APJ! Hope everyone is doing well and I am sure smelling fabulous.

To be perfectly honest with you I am completely out of ideas here. It has been a week of living in a daze. The house is set up but we still have boxes to unpack in the basement and to be frank, in order to make it livable we just threw items into cupboards and closets with the intention that things will be organized in the near future. (I still have not found my favorite erasers for sketching or my favorite kitchen scissors.) Hence, the foggy brain .

Unpacking Fragrances After Moving Countries

I have quite a bit less closet space here and what used to be a perfume cupboard has now become one for clothes. In order to save valuable space, I took all the perfume bottles out of their boxes (into the basement they went) and randomly set the bottles into the cupboard, an old CD rack and into two boxes. Now, I need to organize them. So, here is a peak into the mess that awaits behind doors and under lids. Any suggestions?

Sanity may be fleeting at the moment, but here are my three go-to perfumes of the week to help clear the mind: Dior Bois d’Argent, Guerlain Spiriteuse Double Vanille and Chanel Misia EdP.

Until next time.
Sandra xo

(Ed: All photos donated by Sandra. VERY nice collection love. XXX)

7 thoughts on “Unpacking Fragrances After Moving Countries

  1. So hard when you have limited space. I would organise them by theme or season e.g a box or shelf for ‘woods’, ‘orientals’, ‘winter’, ‘trans-seasonal’, ‘work’, ‘party’, ‘roses’, ‘grab and go’ or whatever makes sense to you for your collection and how you use them. That way at least you could have your favorites or most frequently used in a handy spot(s?) and could at least know roughly where to find the others.


    • Hi Lillibet, Thank you stopping by and for your suggestions. I love the theme concept. Now, what I really need to do is go out and search for storage solutions. Sandra xo


  2. A very classy collection from the looks of it, Sandra. I’d expect nothing less from you. Plus I love your go-to mind clearing perfumes. You can’t go wrong with the holy trinity of Dior, Guerlain and Chanel 🙂

    The only suggestion I can think of regarding storage is to have the three in current rotation out in view, others appropriate for the season on a shelf and those out of season in a box under the bed, say. That is if you wear perfume according to the season!


    • Hi Tara, great suggestion of keeping a couple out for rotation. I have never done that before. Instead of buying more perfume I should search for a nice tray to display the 2-3 bottles. The collection needs to be used now – no additional bottles. Do you really see me not smelling anything in London?! Ha! Not a chance. Maybe I will give S my wallet under strict instructions to not let me spend any money. Sandra xo


  3. Haha love the holy trinity, Guerlain Dior and Chanel 🦄🦄 yes a pretty tray with your current favs on your dressing table and the rest in pretty boxes and rotate weekly or season?…. I have thrown out clothes to have two shelves in my wardrobe for perfume….
    I admire you Sandra for your move to another country and your perfume, love Anna Maria xx


    • Hi Anna Maria, Love it that you have thrown out clothes for perfume! You never know – I might get to that point myself. Yes, I think I will look for a tray first and the set about organizing. Sandra xoxo


  4. They look organized enough to me. Why not just buy a cupbard only for the perfumes? Or check out the flea markets for an old one? I did similar to Anna Maria, totally emptied two large shelves in a wardrobe and put them all in there. Great pics. Xxx


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