Hiya APJ,

Tonight is Sydney’s Mardi Gras. I’ll be hosting the Sideshow Glam Stands again with my mate Andrew Mercado. We basically do a running commentary for the event to about 2000 people who have bought seats in grandstands lining the route. they get food, toilets and commentators and all the money goes towards producing Mardi Gras. Most people know the parade but Sydney has a 2 week LGBTQI festival that includes theatre, events, art, picnics, tourist welcome parties, a parade and a parade after party. It is wonderful and I extend the welcome to you all next year for the 2018 40th Anniversary. It is going to be the biggest, brightest and best yet.


Here I am arriving last year on the back of a Dyke’s On Bikes motor bike. One of my life highlights.

I know, you only care what fragrance I’ll be wearing tonight. I need it to last 10+ hours, smell great from beginning to end and be a comfortable ride. Though I may change my mind I’m thinking a bit fat overspritz of Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights.

So wherever you are, whatever sex you feel happiest with or being I want to wish you all a Happy Mardi Gras 2017.

13 thoughts on “HAPPY MARDI GRAS 2017

  1. Have a wonderful night, Portia. Fabulous photo! If I ever get to Mardi Gras, your event is definitely the way to go. VIP all they way. Enjoy!


    • Hey sue mills,
      It was wonderful tonight.
      We’d love you at the Sideshow Glam Stands
      Portia x


  2. You guys are four days late! … but it’s Oz.

    Channeling you rowdy good times from the French Quarter of New Orleans none-the-less.

    …I went with vintage Kouros, myself : )


  3. A very happy Mardi Gras to you, Portia! My Sydney ambition is to go to one of your trivia nights (alas, no transPacific flights in the near future, but maybe someday), but Mardi Gras with Portia Turbo looks fab as well!

    P.S. How about an update of what you actually did wear? Did you stick with the plan?

    xoxo Molly


    • Wore the L’Occitane Fabulous Shea Oil and vintage Miss Dior spritzed liberally over all.


  4. I bought Fancy Nights as a blind buy on a rec from a frag friend. I hate it. This one seems very polarizing in the frag community. You recommended Madonna Truth or Dare. I blind bought that one and am in love.


    • Hey gina,
      Yeah, the patchouli Shalimar is how I describe Fancy Nights. Some love and some loathe it.
      ToD is WONDERFUL!
      Portia xx


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