Trolling The Internet?




Hi there Late Night Shoppers,

I have a confession to make. Sometimes I get the urge to surf the net at ridiculous hours looking for lost fragrant loves, super new stuff, blogs and bargains. Other times I may have read a particularly good blog post, used a decant/sample that I fell madly in love with, got a bee in my bonnet and it’s like a compulsion. I can get lost in these random loops and searches for HOURS!

Sometimes if I have a day off, nothing planned and Jin is at work I can spend 10-15 hours lost in the fragrant WWW.

I have a name for these explorations….

Trolling The Internet

Trolling The Internet doesn’t mean you go around being a troll. Nope. It’s like trawling but it sounds most like trolling. It comes from 1980s GaySpeak when we’d go trolling the bars. We’d be seeing our friends, having some drinks (and drugs back then), looking for love, dancing and sometimes even working. Yeah, being Sydney’s version of a club kid was really fun.

So now I’ve just changed venues and addictions I suppose. Now it’s cups of tea/coffee, seeing mates in blogs and searching for the next fragrant buy, swap or sale.

One of the great things about Trolling The Internet is that you can do it anytime, wearing a suit or pyjamas, get your fix and then hit the hay.

How many of you die similar or same? Do you ever worry about your internet time, spending, being inside? Do you ever need to break the cycle? What do you do to sl;ow or stop these behaviours or are you totally cool?
Portia xx

20 thoughts on “Trolling The Internet?

  1. Guilty as charged. I have spent a LOT of time over the past few months on weekends, lunchtimes, and in the evenings catching up on what’s out there in the world of perfume. Reading blog entries old and new, reviews, ebay, discounters… I think that’s fine so long as you are still having fun and keeping up with your responsibilities.

    It’s a hobby and all hobbies have a tendency to expand to take up your focus, spare hours (and discretionary income). I’m sure over time the level of obsession will increase and decrease at times depending on what else is going on in my life. And that’s ok too.


  2. Hi Portia! Great post as per. I am so guilty or trawling for cheap scent that I have to stop myself looking at ebay or my beloved When scent is under ten quid, you can just keep adding it to your basket and forgetting. I have done more drunk scent shopping than I care to remember but no longer get drunk now that I’ve turned boring. I’ve done a lot of wide awake sober Avon scent shopping too, and I usually forget until the Avon lady shows up with a bag three weeks later.

    Sending Welsh love to you down under xxx


    • Heya sam,
      Great to see you.
      Yes, late night shopping for me often happens after midnight junk food binges. Then I am sugared up and ready to shop.
      Portia xx


  3. It’s amazing how you’re still so passionate about perfume, Portia. I was like that in the early days, but not so much now. I only read friends’ blogs, do little research and even less buying.

    I was logging on in the evenings but I’ve stopped that now. It was too much to be online during the working day and then again at home. Of course 10 -15 hours is a lot but presumably you don’t do that every day and you don’t stare at a screen for work.

    Your shameless joy makes me feel less guilty about this funny little hobby of ours.


  4. The Internet is a whole new world isn’t it? For me it is the thrill of hunting something down even if you never hit the Pay Now button.
    Trolling is fun but best avoided after a couple of glasses of wine!


  5. Yes. A totally absorbing and at times ecstatic sure it’s hard wired into us, the hunter gatherer thing. Nearly everyone seems to have some hunter gatherer foible. We are just bowerbirds and brush turkeys, driven to accumulate our stuff. Of my gathering drives, I’d say perfume is my longest lived, predating even puberty, from the fascination with Mum’s bottle of Revlon, a dear Aunt who was an Avon lady (I still remember ‘Wishing’)… buying everything the little chemists in Wingham had….wearing Tabu to school. Somehow as a starving Art student, I found Caleche, then not long after, Mitsouko. The seventies and eighties, we all wore these amazing perfumes to work and everybody (seemed to) love it. Deliberate treks to Sydney to small perfume. Buying all the oils in the health food shop. Loving patchouli, using the scent of natural oils to overcome broken hearts and grief. Perfume a constant pulse throughout life. The explosive miracle of the internet; there are others out there who understand. Trying to smell every damn thing. The joy of interpreting the world through the evocative and mysterious sense of smell. Loving all smells, even cow manure and dog, wearing Cristalle to mow the lawn and Mitsouko through the highest and lowest times. And as for obsessive internet perfume shopping…..enraptured with it all. The blind buys. The decant angels. The adventure of guessing based on ‘notes’. The dismay when you realise you could’ve bought a new car instead of a year ot two of serges, TFs, Profvmvums, hundred dollar bottles of santalum album. And as for vintage, oh my….What did I miss? The bottles you don’t like skulking in the cupboard. The joy of giving something to a youngun…of realising that you’ve met another one where the force is powerful. Walking out to the living room and realising your daughter has sprayed Aloha Tiare because you won’t give her any more bottles after she exploded Tihota by leaving it in the sun baked car. Patrolling your enet shops and playing with your cart nearly every night. Cracking and buying a Tom Ford at retail, because…life is short, and you can’t take it with you! Knowing you will soon buy her another Tihota…..


  6. Oh yes this is definitely me. Add a couple bloody marys and it’s downright dangerous because perfume isn’t my only passion – there’s nail polish, makeup (my newest, how did I get so old without exploring makeup and skincare?) and my biggest threat of all, I am a silver jewelry addict, have been collecting all my life, and there are the coolest auctions on, often irresistibly cheap, and there are also handbags! vintage items of all sorts! And even perfume…..I’ve found bottles of Theorama, a perfect set of Chanel parfum minis, scents of all sorts. You can just imagine people having to deal with cleaning out great Aunt Gertrude’s bedroom after her death and donating everything to Goodwill where the good stuff gets put on auction online. I am unsure of worldwide availability but trust me, it’s a very time consuming rabbit hole.


  7. Before stumbling upon this perfume blogging world through Portia, the only way I knew about buying trying perfume was through department stores ie David Jones. Now, I can see how you can search all over the world and the new perfumers out there wow….I do love reading perfume blogs and the comments are usually just as fascinating and learn something new always….my addiction as well books, skincare, lipstick and #netflixandchill, SBS on demand Scandic dramas….xx 😎😍


  8. I sleep about 8-9 hours per day. Another 3-4 hours are taken by eating, driving, getting dressed/undressed and some other minor things. The rest of my day I spend on computer and use Internet – sometimes work-related, sometimes perfume-related (the proportion depends on how busy I am).

    When I have more free time, I do more online version of “window shopping” than actual shopping; more blog reading than blog writing and almost no perfume-related research – I don’t want to know more about perfumes but I still do not mind smelling more.


  9. Oh yes Portia, I know exactly what you mean. I think I did ALL my perfume shopping during the night. It’s just the time of day when you can relax and go on doing interesting things forever. Ebay, bidding, Amazon, reviews, comparisons…tomorrow won’t come until I go to sleep, right? Ok, and tomorrow I pay the price but it is totally worth it.


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