Scent Diary: 20.3 – 26.3.17




Scent Diary: 20.3 – 26.3.17

Monday 20:

Luxumbourg has an excellent cafe/chocolatier on the Place Guillaume. we had afternoon tea there and wrote postcards.

I might have bought these in a corner perfumery with a 20% discount. YAY!

Tuesday 21:

Arrived in Paris around lunchtime. We are staying in a new to us hotel near the Arc de Triomphe. Coming out of the Metro on the escalator and being hit with one of the world’s most recognisable landmarks is pretty spectacular.

Obligatory Serge Lutens flagship store visit. Bought Jin a new MKK because he is going through his bell jar rather quickly and got Scotty something too for house minding our place. SHHHH.

Near the Louvre Museum they had a memorial to all the homeless that died in Paris last year. Hundreds of them, not all with names, were represented by a flowering plant. We laid a rose and said a prayer for one who died on Jin’s birthday. Very moving tribute and a woman danced through the memorial to French provincial music played by a smell band.

Yes, went to Guerlain Champs Elysees store but did not purchase. they still have Liu if you’re looking for it.

Dinner with Nicolas & Enno from Le Galion and Aether. They are bloody wicked company and we laughed and chatted the night away. So glad we are mates with such clever, passionate men about life, work and fragrance.

Scored the brand newest Aether scent and will be doing a giveaway when we get back so you can try it too. Based on the smell of hot metal and made with only captured molecules Methaldone is really good stuff. Freaky, wearable and smells good to me.

Wednesday 22:

Since 2013 Jin and I have reminisced about having crepes for breakfast one morning in a market with our mates Aaron & Gerard. They were delicious and it was a great thing to do. Jin decided we would repeat the adventure and painstakingly worked out where the market was and on which days it is open. They were as good as we remembered and it was fun to go back.

Then we went inside Notre Dame. We have been outside a few times but never went in. This time we went in and lit candles for friends & family. Beautiful.

Here I wear the Eiffel Tower as a hat. This is the bridge near Princess Diana’s tunnel where she died. Still sad.

In the afternoon we went to the Grand Palais and saw the Rodin exhibition. Really interesting look at an artist that I know not very much about. We learned a bit but more than anything I loved that he was a great sketcher and we saw a lout of his drawings/inks and that captured my imagination more than anything else.

Jin called this the Beyonce Single Ladies statue. We bloody lost it and all the French matrons looking at us like we were from outer space as we laughed and did Single Ladies singing & dancing impersonations.

Thursday 23:

Ahhh, Galleries Lafayette. I know that Printemps is posher but the shiver of excitement I feel whenever we shop beneath that glittering dome is worth more than anything. Yes, bought the Hermes Collection Colognes. The Hermès SA loaded us up with extras too and made me SWEAR I’d come back and shop with her. Indeed I will.

We saw the Pissaro exhibition, excellent. Seeing the way he grew as an artist. There were all sorts of wonderful pieces in the pointillist, separatist, impressionist genres but interestingly he also had a sideline in simple watercolour and gauche paintings that were really easily sold by his art dealer. That was the way he paid the rent and fed his family. It also meant he could pursue his grand pieces. The last ones were so magnificently painted that they looked like the light was streaming out of them, as if backed by light boxes. Unbelievable.

We tried to go to the Louis Vuitton Foundation but there was no exhibition on. Having paid for the best tickets available we were a bit grumpy. The building is a ridiculous conglomeration of hideous architecture wankings anyway. What a pile of shit.


Friday 24:

OMG! Jin and I flew to Milan in the early morning, had some lunch and then met a few of the frag crew in clouding Val the Cookie Queen. We then went in to Escxence. It is enormous, filled to the gills with perfume houses. So many of them brand new and hardly any of my most loved.

Charles de Gaulle had an interesting selection of Mass-Tige fragrances including Diptyque, Amouage, Lutens and Goutal.

Val the Cookie Queen is mortally afraid of photographs, weird because she’s so beautiful.

Nick (I’m sorry I didn’t get a pic with Pia too) Gilbert and Lucasz from Chemist In A Bottle

Antonio Gardoni of Bogue and Francesco from Luckyscent

Adam & Francesco from LuckyScent, Vero Kern, Neela Vermeire and up the back Judith Fox, Val CQs best friend (and psychotherapist). This is my favourite Esxence pic by far.

It was so overwhelming that I only allowed 3 houses to give me their sample sets. I already love Miller & Bartaux, their product is weird and wonderful while remaining perfectly wearable.
Atelier des Ors is a favourite of Ainslie Walker and I know Megan their rep.
Brand new and winner of the worst brand name ever Homoelegans, I liked one of their frags particularly, more on that later.

We finished the day with a bunch of great mates for dinner. They all really needed a quiet wind down and we found a spectacular candlelit restaurant close by that served wonderful food for very decent prices. Petit is the name and they worked hard to make it a special evening for us all.

Saturday 25:

Started my morning at the Milano Savoy with Aussie milliner to the stars Naomi Goodsir. I bloody love her.

This years offering is Nuit de Bakelite. It’s green with a tuberose heart. The closest analogy I can make is a 21st century Niki de Saint Phalle EdT.

The Duomo. The Pope was in town, he missed us by minutes.

Neela and Jin. The display was gorgeous at the NVC stand and Neela was swamped by people all day, every day.

At Campo Marzio 70. I might have bought a Kiki Extrait at retail, so good.

Farewell to Vero Kern & Antonio Gardoni with Val the cookie queen.

I might have got this to…….

Sunday 26:

Up early for a farewell breakfast with Val the Cookie Queen and Judith. Saying goodbye to people we love is shit.

We dropped into Esxence to see Neela and she gave us a bottle of Bombay Bling to photograph on our travels in Milan today. BIG responsibility. Jin is up for the challenge.

A cup of tea with Neela before bed. The fragrances she creates are as warm, wonderful and delicious as Neela herself. I love her passion and perfectionism.

So what has happened in your week, fragrant or otherwise?
Portia xx

19 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 20.3 – 26.3.17

  1. Wow, so many people and places I love in these photos! Paris, Neela, Vero, Franco – lucky, lucky you!! I am excited to hear Nuit de Bakelite has finally been released, along with Naja. Been waiting a long time for those two!


    • Hi there TaraC,
      Yeah, it’s been an amazing time in Milan. The best bit is seeing great people.
      Portia xx


  2. Nothing has happened in my week remotely compared to yours! What a great bunch of people and experiences, thanks so much for your travel posts. And I always think it but haven’t said it, Jin is positively gorgeous (as are you dear Portia) and you both add a strong, attractive presence to any photo.


    • Hey Rosarita313,
      Isn’t Jin the bomb? He’s been really great as a partner and friend this last 5 years. I know how lucky we are.
      Thanks, he’ll be chuffed.
      Portia xx


  3. What a fun fun trip! Love hearing and seeing all about, Portia. But tell me, how are you going to get all your lovely treasures home? Checked or carry On? I’d be so worried if my lovelies were at the mercy of baggage handlers or inspectors. Keep posting-I love it!


    • Hey Claudia,
      Usually check it all. This time I’m going to put some in my carry on because of weight.
      Portia xx


  4. Wow, wow, wow! Wonderful photos, but I am so jealous – Italy, Val, and an extrait of Kiki! I love lavender and caramel – have always wanted to try it.

    You and Jin are so photogenic. Thanks for the travelogue/diary. More deets!

    xo Molly


    • Hi there Molly,
      Yeah, it is an incredible holiday. SO MUCH to do and see.
      Kiki has been on my list and i’m so glad to have it finally.
      Portia xx


    • Hey Ainslie, I bumped into Michael Edwards who sends his love.
      We will have dinner with him in June?
      Portia xx


  5. Milan , Paris Jin, Val, and the perfume, wow what a week. Your travel diaries are always the best Portia.
    The homeless in Paris…so sad
    Missing the Pope lol
    Bravissimi xx🍒❤️️🍒


  6. Looks like a wonderful record of a packed week! I share the ‘mortal fear’ thing about photos, but agree Val looks the bomb.

    Your perfume shopping record on your trip is also impressive, and nicely offsets my lack of one, though I have started circling bottles of Songes on All Beauty.

    The Pope doesn’t know how much fun he could have had had he got his timing right…!


    • Hey Vanessa,
      I have your beanies. Will give them a run tomorrow.
      Yeah, quite a bit more perfume collecting than I expected.
      That Pope was scared I reckon.
      Portia xx


  7. What a great week! I had to read your post two times because the first time I swallowed it down and all I got from reading was…aaaaahhh, what joy…
    So many interesting people and pictures and I can feel how much Jin and you are enjoying it. It’s always nice to see you hanging out with Val. You seem to have a lot of fun together.Enjoy the rest of your trip!
    I’m curious about Methaldone and the Hermes set of colognes. Which ones are inside?


    • Hi there Neva,
      Glad you love the Scent Diaries.
      Jin and I are having the time of our lives. He’s a bit weary now and ready for home. We both are.
      Val is the best kind of friend. Fun, supportive, irreverent and loving. We always have a ball with her.
      Yeah, Methaldone! What a scent. I love it.
      In the Colognes are the gamut of Hermès EdCs and I’ll do a post on them soon.
      Portia xx


  8. Gosh, what a travelogue you’re writing. You guys cram into a day what takes a week for everybody else.

    Next to that, mundane Melbourne barely rates a mention. Our weather has been bouncing around between temperate and stinking hot, so fragrance choice has been widely varied. Since Monday: Cologne Indelibile, 06130 Cedre, Hammam Bouquet, Racine, Poivre Piquant and Azemour Les Orangers. The Malle is one of the very few colognes I wear that my wife likes, and the 01630 and Azemour are right up there with my favourites.

    While I didn’t go to Italy, Italy came to me in an op shop. I was hunting around in a basket of old ties and saw one still in a plastic sleeve. Turned out to be a Valentino, brand new, with the tags. Then I found another Valentino. Then a Zegna, a Church, a Lagerfeld and a Leonard Paris, all brand spanking new. Win!


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