Scent Diary 15.5 – 21.5.2017




Hey there Fragrant Family,

This week has gone by in a blur. Where did it bloody well go? Wasn’t I just posting the scent Diary last week a minute ago?

Having said that the week has been really good mainly, loads of great fragrances, friends and food. Can’t complain about that.

Scent Diary 15.5 – 21.5.2017

Monday 15:

Lazy morning answering Australian Perfume Junkies comments. We hit the 150 comments mark for the Saturday question this week so one lucky commenter will be getting a $20 Surrender To Chance GIFT CERTIFICATE! I’m really happy about that but my typing finger is a bloodied stump. Yes, I do all this with one finger every week. Pathetic, I know.

We had a few things on the agenda for today but only a few got done. First Jin & I went and had pizza & pasta at Gioia in Leichhardt on our way to the Redfern apartment where my BFF Kath lives to fix the lights under the kitchen cupboards onto the benchtops. I love that kitchen.

While we were there we left her belated happy Mother’s Day present. I think she loved it. Who doesn’t need new flaps?

Had a few deliveries. Of course they all come at once when I ordered them over a month. Decanting supplies from ProudStyle, LuckyScent order, bought a used Frederic Malle Musc Ravager from FaceBook and lastly a nearly full vintage DIOR Diorella EdT that has gone a bit stale from the CFCs/propellant. Still, it’s not ruined but it is not pristine either. It also leaked a bit in transit and its silver at the sprayer is going nasty.

Tuesday 16:

It’s only 1.40am, and I’m finished my Trivia Q&A. Woo Hoo! I did get some prep work done the other day so all my games and jackpot were already written. The daily Q&A was also ready to be done so having done a couple of hours work before i am much more ready.

OK spritzing Carner Barcelona RIMA XI, cleaning my teeth and going to bed. Night.

This morning was sunny and warm so I went for Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. It arrived in the mail and I REALLY wanted to give it an outing. So warm and cuddly, a real furry fragrance. It was delicious while walking the dogs in the sunlit morning.

Went and saw Kath’s Mum at the rehab centre. we finally got her to sit outside in the warm air today to have lunch. She looks 100% improved.

Tonight I was having a hard time deciding what fragrance to wear for work and the candy stripes of my Cacharel Scarlett travel size caught my eye. It was a perfect choice and got some compliments. Happy frag day.

For SOTBed I wore Serge Lutens Arabie. Sweet spicy chutney and dusty desert in a bottle. Perfect for floating away upon.

Wednesday 17:

Jin cooked Korean pancakes this morning. they are pancake batter filled with nuts and melted brown sugar. You have no idea. Sorry I have no photo but they were delicious.

Jin and I went to our local IDAHoT 2017 event. International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. There were a group of our mates up at Parramatta to support the cause, the Police Band played with a sensational singer, there were speeches and the raising of the Rainbow flag outside our historic Parramatta Town Hall. The sun was shining and it was a fun way to spend lunchtime.

Jin wore Serge Lutens Muscs Kublai Khan and I was wearing Annick Goutal Grand Amour. As you can see my bottle is nearly empty, has changed colour and looks like it’s on its last legs. Nope, smells as good as the day I bought it. MMMMMMM

When I got home we watched the last two episodes of Sense8. Absolutely heart stopping drama, loved every second.

Tonight in honour of Greg Young’s extra special Guest Post I’m spritzing the cool, fresh elegance of CHANEL Pour Monsieur, bought from Robert Herrmann in his sale. MMMMMMMM

Thursday 18:

Wore Guerlain Samsara extrait today. Not sure exactly how old it is but it smells so much like my Mum that I’m feeling disoriented. Total mind fuck for a while.

Jin and I did some garage reorganising. He put a cupboard on the wall that I have wanted up for nearly two years, we moved some furniture from the house down there too. This place needs to be a little more streamlined to be fully zen.

Tonight I went crazy with the Agent Provocateur EdP. I enjoyed every inhale and it has lasted for hours and hours.


After work my car got a flat tyre. Had to call the Roadside Assist and I was still in full drag. He was so unconcerned and absolutely sweet. He fixed it all, chattered a bit and we went on our merry ways. Thank you NRMA. It was a super nice experience, and he took less than 20 minutes to get to me and get it fixed.

Tonight I’ve spritzed Parfums DelRae Coup de Foudre. It goes beautifully over the Agent Provocateur EdP. Ready for bed. Night.

Friday 19:

WHAT A DAY! Got up and walked the dogs quickly where the Cockatoos are playing headstone angels.

Then caught a bus & train headed into Sydney city to meet with some perfume geeks.

Ingrid, Gino and Tim were my adventure accomplices and we had a wonderful time. Ingrid is down in Sydney from the Gold coast for her birthday so we celebrated in high style. Starting with coffees in the David Jones Food Hall and a quick sniff of the niche fragrances on display in store.

Then we moved on to Harold’s in City Westfield. We met Gino & Tim there and had a wonderful time looking at the high fashion, niche fragrance and accessories. I caved and bought Series 3 Incense: Ouarzazate Comme des Garcons, which I have had small decants of but was out. Roman and Andy were our SAs today but gorgeous Andy got the purchase. Gagging for the fun Balenziaga bags, REALLY want one.

It was definitely time for lunch and a lazy Prosecco at David Jones Food Hall. We ate at the cheese and antipasto desk. It was wonderful fun eating, sniffing and chatting.

Then we hit Mecca in Myer and were served by Ken, the sexy bearded French hottie. Sadly I already owned everything in the store I want. It was super fun chatting fragrance with them though.

Also we got to see my next boyfriend Louis at the Libertine stand in Myer. I bloody wish he had something i wanted to buy. As we were leaving I did tell him I am coming back soon to get his number and go eat. He is sweet and charming.

At Men’s Biz Ingrid bought Tauer Lonestar Memories. A purchase she had long been pondering, great choice for her. The guys there are so friendly and knowledgable. It’s always a pleasure but sadly they don’t stock my shave soap anymore. BUM.

Coming home on the train & bus I was overwhelmed by how much fragrance I had on. Like I was fumigating the bus. Because we’d tried so much on I think I was bathed in 10+ niche fragrances. Poor people on the bus. It was too much even for me.

Saturday 20:

This morning dawned cool and wet. Jin got home from work at 5.30am. Unusually I woke up and was 100% ready for the day when he got into bed so I jumped out of bed and came to my computer to get some blogging done. Fed & walked the dogs through the wonderful Autumn wispy drizzle. It was heavenly, the dogs loved it too. Had a little cuddle with my baby boy Paris and spritzed some M.O.U.S.S.E. by Oliver & Co. from their Discovery Set that’s left me softly sizzling with a bright, metallic clove. Beautiful.

Off to Pedi with my BFF Kath, hopefully we’ll have lunch too.
Yes we did. Popcorn Chicken and Dumplings for lunch. Sorry I didn’t take a pic but we were chattering so much that I completely forgot.

Spent the evening at home with the dogs watching TV and getting stuff organised for next week. Very quiet and peaceful. Perfect.

Sunday 21:

3am. So, I’m in bed. I’ve just got the sheets warmed to perfect with my body heat. It’s comfy and cuddly under the doona.

Then I realise I forgot to spritz for bed.

QUANDRY! Do I stay here and wish I hadn’t or get out, spritz something and lose my heated cocoon?


Bed Green Bird Doona May 2017

My long time buddy, since we were teens is coming for a champagne brunch this morning. Doing a little cleaning and pottering around the house before she comes. I love how the house feels with Jin sound asleep in the bedroom and me just going about the cleaning rituals. I’m burning an Ainslie Walker for MudAustralia Candle to make the house smell like flowers instead of old men and dogs.

I did Bacon, French Toast and Golden Syrup, Percolated coffee and Verve Mimosas. It was wonderful fun chatting and laughing. I’m so lucky to have these two beauties in my life.

On my person I have spritzed Perfumerie Generale 25 Indochine. Beautiful, sweet woods. Balmy, Smooth.

Bathe and off to work. DIOR Mitzah and lashings of it. While driving to work I was absolutely overwhelmed by it. So lavish and glamorous. Here’s a pic at the end of the night with Kim R and Anna-Maria. These girls are the bomb, I love them to infinity.


So how about you? How was your week? What frags did you wear?” Did you do or go anywhere interesting?
Share please in the comments.
I love to read about your lives too.
Portia xxx

32 thoughts on “Scent Diary 15.5 – 21.5.2017

  1. I had a week of dogs and frags too. I have enrolled my Toller pup in beginner agility classes and we have fun playing the games and practising in the park.
    Today the WA branch of niche nerds had a safari and went to the new Chanel store, where we were treated like kings, then lovely Mecca, and then Mariposa. I bought the Cire Trudon wax melts, so luxe!
    I liked the new Lubin too, Kismet, it reminds me of something almond and vanilla.
    Have a good week!


    • Hey JackieB,
      How fun. One of my mates over here is a big agility person, she loves it too.
      I LOVE frag head get togethers, always a super treat. Nice of CHANEL to treat you well, one day we’ll chat about CHANEL SAs. though the DJs one in Sydney, Esther, is the bomb.
      Portia xx


  2. Hi dear Portia, not a week like usual as all my perfumes ( bottles) are stored in boxes in the sleeping-room. We are redecorating the living-room and kitchen so only the latest samples and decants are ‘close-by’. Some days I tested 3 and other days only 1. Today it was Achtung-Devotion by House of Matriarch, perfect all the way. Also last week : Terre d’Orient by Ramón Monegal, El Born by Carner Barcelona ,Versilia Vintage – Ambra Mediterranea by Profumi del Forte , Lotus Paradis by Sharini Parfums Naturels . New arrivals: vintage Cinnabar by Estēe Lauder (1978), Eiderantler + Selperniku by January Scent Project ( awesome both, just like Smolderose), Vent Vert (1990)
    by Balmain and Pink Quartz by Olivier Durbano. After all not a bad week at all regarding fragrances :-).
    Finally a bit of Summer here, so enjoyed being outside in the sun. The garden looks amazing now! A lot plants and flowers are blooming. Beautiful colors are surrounding me. Hope the Jasmin will bloom soon, how I adore the smell of it.
    Have a great fragranced week ! xxx


    • Hiya Carla,
      WOW! What a week in frags for you. Some real beauties!
      How is the renovation going? Best of luck with it.
      Portia xxx


  3. Your doona dilemma was a good giggle. Stash emergency fragrance under your pillow for next time. Pro tip: a flat-sided bottle won’t roll off the bed, ask me how I know, lol.

    Those Korean pancakes look so yummy, I found a recipe and will cook some today. Pancakes are my comfort food. Sometimes even have them for dinner.

    The cockatoo angels made me smile. My son fosters pet birds that are waiting for a new home. Sometimes they are babies learning their manners, or an older bird that outlived their owner (sad but true). He is a dab hand at befriending Amazon parrots and hopes one day he’ll have a chance to work his magic with a cockatoo. At the moment it’s five baby ring neck parakeets. Things are loud, messy, and exciting at our home, and I’m grateful for every moment.


    • Hey Tiffanie,
      I have stashed a small box of decants on the shelf next to my bed, I’ll never be without again.
      The Korean pancakes are the ultimate pancake magic, Ah May Zing!
      In Australia if you have a long lived bird it must be entailed in your will. Cockatoos are now a licensed native animal to keep and they can live for 80 years. Also they have excellent memories for humans and can tell us apart. Amazing birds.
      Portia xx


      • A bedside frag stash is excellent. I shall do the same.

        Another reason to love Australia! Long-lived birds (and all pets) absolutely should have a plan in place for a new home in case of a life event.

        Almost forgot – your fragrant bus on fire is hilarious. 🙂


        • Tiffany,
          One of the people on a Facebook page came up with the idea, how clever. AND how silly I’d never thought of it.
          YAY! I’m glad you liked the bus pic. You’re the first to mention it and I was worried I had crossed a line.
          Portia xx


  4. Hello P! Many good smellies this week including a few new DSH’s and the new Andy Tauer which I blind bought and SO GLAD I DID!! Also more of Stephan D’s gorgeous new Butterfly from Euphorium Brooklyn. What a stunner! Weather is finally settling into a spring-like phase. Long grey winter and I am glad to see it gone! Young lads showed up to mow the lawn, a chore I hate to do as it’s 1/2 an acre and takes me all day. They do it in 45 min. Sat down yesterday (as you saw) to write to a childhood pal of 50 years who is in her last weeks. Ugh. 63. Way too young. And Sense8!! I can’t belive we have to wait another year for S3! That “Pride” speech blew us away. Now we are well into “Bosch” on Amazon Prime and it’s fabulous! Xoxo


    • Hey Robert,
      Firstly, so sorry about your mate. 63! That’s harsh. Hugging you from here.
      How lucky are you with with the blind buys? We all do it but I always fret when I do.
      I hope the young lawnmowing lads were hotties.
      Sense8. I keep having flashbacks as I’m doing other things. Like the understanding of what happened is only slowly trickling into my brain. I have to watch both seasons again. Last time it took 2-3 years to produce the next series.HOW do they expect us to wait??
      Jin and I are about to embark on the new Frankie & Jane? Series
      Portia xx


  5. Hey Portia! I went to an estate sale that was in my neighborhood the other day. Bought an unknown fragrance for $3-why not? It smells lovely, wish I knew what it is! Kinda chypre type. Hubby’s birthday was the other day and he needed after shave. I don’t think Pour Monsieur is being made in that formulation anymore so I ordered Bleu. It’s fine but it’s not really what I wanted. As they say, first world problems, right? Btw, I saw a video of the makeup application for drag. Whoa. That, along with the skin puller-uppers is a lot of work! I was exhausted just watching it. Haha. Be good!


    • Hi Claudia,
      YAY! Love bargain finds, lucky you.
      I bet he LOVES the Bleu.
      Yeah, the make up the kids do nowadays is full on. I’m lazy & old school. Still doing the same face I started with in 1988.
      Portia xx


  6. G’day Portia and APJers.

    Been an interesting week, perfume wise. I’ve tried nearly all the Atelier des Ors that I won here. Hands diwn winner is Rose Omeyyade. A big surprise for me! I don’t find it tooth grinding sweet, as the notes listed on Fragrantica suggest. The range is absolutely lovely, but the rise grabbed my attention.

    I discovered Womanity by Mugler. Where has she been all my life?? Figgy salty goodness. I was floored by it, to be honest. A very simple concept that would polarise opinion. I imagine it is a real love/hate sort. Anyone expecting Alien/Angel is in for a shock. It was a bllind buy at $20 from a little chemist in Ballarat.

    Last, a quick visit to Zara Men’s lead me to a surprise stash of cheap beauties! I had to see what the fuss is about. I get it now. I bought 4 bottles for approx $80. A steal! They are largely skin scents after 30 min, but perfect work scents that I can spray and not have linger down ths greasy walk ways and inside truck cabins. My boys tried them and approved. Teen winners!


    • KATE! Womanly is one of my favourites. How freaking good is it. I rarely reach for it though so I’m going to get it out and have it on the desk for spritzing. Thanks for the reminder.
      Atelier des Ors is a super fab crew, I’m glad you found a new love.
      Portia xx


  7. I LOVE Korean sweet pancakes, what a treat! This week has been really hot in northern California, so I’ve been wearing Cuir d’Ange, 10 Corso Como, and TM Cologne. Super easy choices. My friend also gifted me a sample of 10 Corso Como body oil, which is lovely and oh so tempting 🙂


    • Hey Nemo,
      KOREAN SWEET PANCAKES! Jin knows the way to my heart. The first time I visited Korea the family took me to the furthest point east (I think, maybe west) and it was the middle of winter. They were selling the pancakes there and my life was forever changed.
      Cuir d’Ange MMMMMMMMMMMMM
      Portia xx


  8. Good to see you getting out the Chanel Pour Monsieur Portia. I feel honoured to have inspired you. 🙂

    This week’s fragrances for me were:

    Mon – Dior Homme Intense. Nice big hit of iris here. A favourite, for sure.

    Tue – Aramis 900. Going a bit old-school here; very herby and green.

    Wed – Le Galion Special for Gentleman. Just trying this one; I haven’t made up my mind about it yet, but I did like it for a cold day

    Thu – Amouage Bracken Man. A HUGE green scent. Love this.

    Fri – L’Artisan Tea For Two. Premier tea scent in my collection, I think, just shading Masque Russian Tea

    Sat – YSL Opium Pour Homme. Call me an iconoclast, but I’m not sold on this. There’s just something about it that smells cheap and “chemically” to me. Doesn’t grab me.

    Sun – Montale Red Vetyver. This one has a split personality, starting off with a blast of springtime vetiver and then morphing into woods and spices. Good choice for an evening football game. Didn’t work though; we lost.

    This week I had a minor existential poser in that my lazy days were interrupted by a headhunter wanting to recruit me for a project role. It was a bit strange. A few months back I would have proceeded into discussions without hesitation, but now I found myself really asking if this is something I still want to do. I walked in the sun, I did some shopping, I ran my little eBay business and I decided that, work ethic be damned, I am ready to retire. Admitting that to myself was a big step. It’s not to say I won’t ever work again, just that I will only do something if I really want to do it, not because I feel that I need to.

    A very minor thing that got me chuffed was that I sold a couple of vintages on eBay. Some lucky person is getting a Chapeau Bleu and some Inoui. I like that I’m finally getting started on that after a long time telling myself that I would, because it means others can get to appreciate things that are just sitting in a box unloved here.

    I had a dizzyingly good week in the op shops. Not sure if anyone here is into high-end menswear to the degree that I am, so these might not seem that impressive, but I got blown away a few times.

    On Friday I went to a charity sale and found two Alexander McQueen suits, a new John Varvatos sports coat, some Ferragamo loafers and some Zegna loafers. Later on that day I found a Brioni shirt and then, the highlight, a double-breasted suit by Borrelli, worth at least five grand new. The good thing about that one was that I found the coat, and then found the pants later in a separate section of the shop. Very lucky.

    Earlier in the week I found a brand-new sports coat from Chester Barrie of Savile Row, and also a pair of shell cordovan shoes from Alden. Shell cordovan is horsehide, and very expensive. Sadly, half a size too small for me. Aargh.


    • Hey there Greg,
      Yes, inspire me you do, on so many levels.
      BTW if you find a couple of old wide silk ties in base colours of dark green, grey or navy I’m in the market. Also, I’m a 44 European if you come across some pre 2000 Gucci shoes (when they still considered comfort).
      Le Galion Special for Gentleman, L’Artisan Tea For Two, Montale Red Vetiver are three fragrances that I really love. You had a really varied week in scent.
      Portia xx


      • I’ll keep an eye out for you. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t give Melbourne APJ members a heads-up about this sale; people looking for ladies’ designer wear would have gone nuts.


  9. You always have such interesting weeks, Portia! Frag-wise, if I did not have a theme of the week (my way of extending NST’s Friday Community Project), I would probably wear the same perfume over and over again. This past week’s theme was to wear a perfume that evokes the Pantone color of the year Green. With the Green theme, I wore: Aftelier Bergamoss, Chanel No. 19 EDP, Jacomo Silences, PdE Tabac Tabou, PdE Corsica Furiosa and Hiram Green Arbole Arbole. I enjoyed every single one! This week’s theme is Under the Radar (skin scents! Office-friendly!).

    Regarding your dilemma of forgetting to wear a sleep perfume, have you tried the Frederic Malle Iris hand cream? It is to die for and scents me as I go to sleep. I am almost always scent free at night but for the hand cream, I have made an exception!

    Have a great week!


    • Hiya Hajusuuri!
      You know I have never done a scent Friday on NST. I love the new Pantone colour. It’s perfect for me. Especially after last years two fizzers.
      Aha! Hand cream to bed, interesting. Actually I love to douse myself in sleep scent. My mind goes down the fragrant pathways to deep, dreamless sleep.
      Portia xx


  10. Gosh, I’m surprised you don’t die of the fumes. With most scents, including edts lasting at least 18 hours on me I only wear one a day. I’ve been wearing the Giovanna Antonelli’s trio most of the week. Yes, the Brazilian actress’s fragrances. 😁They are absolutely gorgeous. Top notes, middle notes, rich basenotes. Properly made perfumes. I had a couple of Malle days too, Une Rose and Superstitious. Great post btw. ❤️


    • WOW! You have me officially intrigued Val. Where did you find these Brasilian beauties?
      I miss you.
      Portia x


  11. I love these scent diaries so much! Your life is so active and interesting. This week I decided to delve into my archives to wear my neglected beauties: L’Artisan Riviera Palace, Etro Magot, Memo Quartier Latin, Kenzo Amour, Dior Eau Fraiche. It was a walk down memory lane. Today I will wear Dries Van Noten, on a sandalwood kick. Love Ouarzazate, the whole series is lovely! Need to try those Korean pancakes asap. I love having breakfast for supper.


    • Hey TaraC,
      Thank you. I love bringing them to you. Life is full of quiet adventure around here.
      I’ve often wondered about ETRO Magot, what;’s it like?
      I too love Dries van Noten. YUMMY!
      Portia xx


      • Hi Portia – I have the vintage version, which is a powdery, woody scent. I hear the reformulated version has a lot of citrus as well.


  12. Why does it always seem that your week is so fun compared to mine? 😉
    Wait, Kath has lights IN her kitchen cupboards? So jealous! Well, not really, you know what I mean… but still I find it amazing.
    I like your perfume choices very much and hope you’ll review some new beauties from this week’s huge delivery. Oh yes, and as you mentioned Jin’s Korean pancakes, I had to get me a piece of chocolate. I couln’t resist and you’re to blame 😀
    Last week I was on a business trip to the beautiful Prague and I had an afternoon off to discover new sites in the city. This time it was a hill with a smaller replica of the Eiffel Tower on its top called Petra’s Tower. Climbing up the hill and walking down was nice because it is a huge park with many flower gardens and meadows. It was a sunny and warm day and I finished the day in a boat restaurant overlooking the Vltava river.


    • Hey Neva,
      NO, Jin has bright lights in the cupboards because he is fixing the lights that are under the ceiling/wall cabinets so you can see what you’re doing with your back to the main light. There is a light that goes on in the walk in pantry when you open the door though.
      How fabulous is Prague? We love to just wander around it, in the main city and the surrounding areas, so much to see. I wish they allowed non-residents to buy there but you have to marry someone.
      Portia xx


  13. Wow, someone was having a hot week. Looking good in all the pics, Portia.

    I wore Superstitious and Iris Poudre in rotation. I’m having an FM moment.

    Can’t believe you do all this with one finger. You’re a wonder, Portia.


    • Thanks Tara,
      FM is a worthwhile moment to have. I think i’m going to have an FM week one day, there are a few of them around here.
      Yeah, one finger. I’m so naughty and never did bother to learn touch typing. Thank goodness or these posts would be 3000 words long.
      Portia xx


  14. So intoxicating trying on ALL the perfumes, some of my fav thing to do. The cockatoos on the headstones great capture Portia. That was funny no perfume in bed, the struggle is real for sure…I wore TF Black Orchid to my girls lunch last week, wore Opium pour Homme to work.
    This has been typed with one finger too lol..


    • HA! We should start a one finger typing club Anna Maria.
      He He he. I could not leave that bed, it was SO cozy.
      We get to wear ALL the perfume on Friday!
      Can’t wait.
      Portia xx


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