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Hey There FUMIES!

In Milan at Essence 2017 I was hanging a bit with my mate Margo. As I was so overwhelmed by the event on the first day I asked Margo to point me in the direction of some Must-Smell-Houses. In the end she only directed me to one house, a reasonably new crew called Homo*Elegans. The worst name for a brand in the history of branding. When she told me the name I laughed in her face. Who could carry a line with that name in their store?

Judith, Margo & Val the Cookie Queen at dinner in Milan

Beyond the terrible name she told me to go smell their perfumes. They are the one new thing you’ve not tried in the whole event that you MUST get your nose on. So I did. The boys gave me an Experience Kit.


Tadzio Homoelegans FragranticaFragrantica

Tadzio by Michele Marin for Homoelegans 2015

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Lime, orange, ivy, cucumber
Heart: Black currant, sea water, orange blossom
Base: Immortelle, patchouli, opoponax, musk

I love the cool, frosty opening to Tadzio, it’s freaky fun. Even as the salty black currant comes in the mint stays and the cucumber adds its wetness. Even later when the smooth, warm baseline appears there are still small hints of the coolness in the beginning. Tadzio is my favourite of the three by far.

Quality Of Flesh Homoelegans FragranticaFragrantica

Quality Of Flesh by Michele Marin for Homoelegans 2015

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Juniper berries, pink pepper, black pepper
Heart: Narcissus, patchouli, styrax, costus
Base: Leather, civet, benzoin, castoreum

My nose is instantly hit with the leather, dank wet rooty earth and animalics. This wetland foxhole smell is only slightly abated by the smooth creaminess of resins and patchouli. Quality of Flesh smells funky. It’s the most Indie smelling of the three.

Paloma y Raices Homoelegans FragranticaFragrantica

Paloma y Raices by Maurizio Cerizza for Homoelegans 2017

Fragrantica gives these featured accords:
Top: Peppermint, green accord, mamey, grapefruit
Heart: Tuberose, ylang-ylang, coffee, tobacco
Base: Tonka bean, tolu, peru balsam, vanilla

Imagine if they made a chocolate coated biscuit filled with tuberose and ylang cream. A rich, tropical, dreamy scent that is sweet but not in the modern fairy floss way, much more a nuanced resinous sweetness surrounded by dark chocolate.  The base is all warm, clean flesh. Paloma y Raices becomes a soft but noticeable skin scent, perfect for close quarters and undressing.

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26 thoughts on “Homo*Elegans: Experience Kit

  1. I follow you by email, but always read your posts again on Facebook. Paloma y Raices by Maurizio Cerizza for Homoelegans 2017 is the most me – I’m playing the gourmand field at the moment and discovering different edible notes. Loving anything vanilla, tonka, tobacco and of course grapefruit. This scent sounds like a nuzzler – a sexy bedtime spritz. Sweet perfection!


  2. Tadzio sounds like me. My last memories of Milan are in a police station reporting my stolen wallet and then tripping and face planting a concrete floor amongst a sea of diners in a restaurant. This wonderful Milanese made kit would definately help change that 🙂

    I follow religiously by email and Facebook.

    Thanks again.x


  3. Paloma y Raices sounds like a fragrance I’d like very much! Good for school. Thanks Portia! Follow by email.


  4. Hi – i follow you via email. The one which sings to me is Tadzio. It also reminds me of the most beautiful boy in the entire cinematic world who played Tadzio in the movie, ‘Death in Venice’. Oh lordy … to have a fragrance which reminds me of him, sigh … here:


  5. Paloma y Raices sounds delicious to me! And I’m trying to better explore tuberose. I follow by email. Thanks!


  6. Of the three Tadzio sounds the most like me, although its really a toss up with Paloma y Raices. I follow by email.


  7. The name is, indeed, funny. I think it is meant to be pronounced as ‘homo elegance’. I am most intrigued by Tadzio because it seems to have a cold opening and warm ending. I follow APJ through email and FB. I am in US.


  8. When I saw the post title in my email list, I thought for sure it was a joke, that you were going to make me laugh with a witty bon mot! And you’re right, worst name EVAH! However I love the idea of a floral-goumand (flormand? Gourmal?) that I’d choose Paloma Y Raices. Follow by email, and in the USA. Xoxo


    • Sorry Robert to let you down. I wish I’d had more time to talk to the guys and understand their name. I’m sure there are reasons.
      FlorMand! Excellent. You’ve coined a phrase.
      Portia xx


  9. Homo elegans, elegant man/human is not such a bad name, but I’m not sure what to make of Paloma y Raices/Dove and Roots and Quality of Flesh. If I had to chose one it would be Paloma y Raices.
    I follow by e-mail.


  10. I think you might be a little harsh there Portia; I didn’t think the name is that bad. I’d venture to suggest that there are worse names; Smell Bent springs to mind.

    I think that Quality of Flesh sounds the most “me” in terms of the notes. It ticks a lot of my “like” boxes. I’ll leave it to others to judge if “smells funky” is me.

    I follow via FB.


  11. Thanks for the introduction of a new perfume house and brief reviews. My choice is Quality of Flesh as the notes are right up my alley.
    I follow via email.


  12. Tadzio for me. I follow via WP and FB, so it seems I never miss your posts as 2 duplicates appear each time, one above the other!


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