Summertime Favourites and Sharing a Dream




How you all doing APJ?

I guess I am in a very lucky position still being able to chose what I want to do with my life. I pretty much have no boundaries (except money, haha), and a world welcoming me with open arms. That makes it freaking difficult to make a choice. It is hard enough selecting a perfume each day, how the hell am I supposed to choose between studying, au-pairing, work and whatever else? (I think I am gonna study and do freelance makeup, but watch this space)

Summertime Favourites and Sharing a Dream

Being honest with you, I do have a dream; one that I have pushed aside for a few years, always finding an excuse not to quite start it. It is scary and even a bit embarrassing. Now that I am going to tell you I will have to go through with it! Maybe some of you will follow along. My big dream is to make YouTube videos, and lots of social media. There, I said it.


I know how much work it will be, well actually I probably don´t, and I will need to learn everything, especially editing. I am sure I will get the hang of it.

When I tell people this is what I want to do the first thing they say is “don´t you think there are enough people doing it?” My passion is still makeup. However, as a makeup artist I think there are too many extreme makeup tutorials out there. Working for MAC has really made me see that the majority of people don´t want to wear neon eyeshadows or green, blue and black lipstick. At least not every day! Here is where I hopefully step in and show you how the right concealer and a touch of mascara not only makes you look fresher, it also changes your mood. I want to do vlogs and short #scentoftheday clips too. I will be myself and see where it leads me. I am going to start working in some videos. If you have any advice for me ….. Join me on my crazy journey if you have time.


This has been my first summer that I have worn perfume. I never liked perfume in the heat, but my nose seems to have changed drastically over the last year and I have been enjoying it a lot. I have been lavishly wearing:


Guerlain Terracotta
Malle´s Dries van Noten and Malle´s Carnal Flower (The Carnal Flower hair mist is on my shopping list, it is divine.)
Serge Lutens Tubereuse Criminelle (I have nearly emptied my Mum´s old bell jar)


What have your summer staples been?

If you wear perfume, wear a lot of it! I want people to faint next to me on the train because I smell so fab.

Love and peace, follow your dreams,

xxx Blondewunder

17 thoughts on “Summertime Favourites and Sharing a Dream

  1. Hello Blondewunder!
    Your approach is so refreshing, I love you to bits! Absolutely you will find a niche for your passion.
    This summer I was in Florence and discovered a scent distilled from a weird pomegranate, it was so distinctive I brought home a bottle. I do agree that perfume on hair lasts really well…must get longer hair!


    • thank you so much!!!! hope you will be following me around my weird life on youtube 🙂

      sounds either really weird or really good hahaha
      i love spraying it in my hair! I always get compliments when i do so.

      xoxo blondeswunder


  2. BlondesWunder you are already a superstar and it’s time the rest of the world knew it. I can’t wait for you to start blogging. It doesn’t matter how many others are doing it – there is no one like you. Plus, you’re so right. We need someone showing us how little changes can make a huge difference to how you feel. A lot of it is very intimidating for many people.

    As for your studies/career it doesn’t matter what road you go down, it will give you a better idea of what’s right for you. You will be a success at whatever you do so just try a few things and see what sticks.

    Love your summer perfume choices! Carnal Flower is fabulous on you.

    Signed, Your Number One Fan 😀


    • Tara!!!thank you so much. you are that kind of person for me that shows me anything is possible. you are amazing to be around. such good energy!!!

      you’re so sweet thank you for taking the time to read:)

      best fan ever hahah
      xoxox blondeswunder


  3. Hey there BlondesWunder,
    Always great to have you around APJ. You are a lift and breath of fresh air.
    If you ever want to Vlog for us we’d love to give you a kick start, link through to your page and hopefully get the word out a bit.
    Do it. Now is the time for trying stuff, learning new skills and having a crack at your dreams.
    Portia xx


  4. thank you for having me! i really enjoy sitting down and writing for your People. It is therapeutic

    I would love to do that!!! Lets work something out.

    xoxox Blondeswunder


  5. Hi Blondeswunder! For sure I will be your number 2 fan after Tara, I am all for doable & clever make up vlogs or blogs. Please keep us posted here how your dream is getting on! My summer staple has been April Aromatics Rosenlust.


    • haha you can all be a number one 😛
      i for sure will keep you posted. thank you so much for your interest 🙂

      never have heard of it. next time i get the chance i will have a sniff or two 🙂


  6. Ha Ha Blondeswunder, I agree about the amount of perfume! Go hard or go home! Funny tho, not many ever say “gee you smell good” so I feel like slapping them around when I’m wearing my favourites and going ‘can’t you freakin smell how amazing I smell?”….

    Summer will always be Fracas, Quelques Fleurs, Cristalle for me! I can’t wait!


    • ye!!! i want people to smell me hahaha
      it`s quit weird. people dont really compliment me on perfume either?! I wonder why.
      i have tried to tell strangers and customers that they smell good if i notice them wearing something i like. and i must say that i got some weird looks hahaha

      anyways. i am sure people notice but just dont say 😛
      xoxox hannah


  7. Hi blondeswunder!!! Excellent idea! You will be amazing at whatever you choose to do. Your personality is perfect for vlogging! Can’t wait to see what you do next!! Love your summer perfumes too. Sandra xoxo


  8. I think you would make an excellent vlogger – there are some very weird beauty tutorials out there (I have watched a lot!), and your professional knowledge at MAC gives you the perfect ‘foundation’. Light makeup tips are just what we need most of the time. I could also use some tips for making up mature skin, and have so far found Look Fabulous Forever quite good there, even if the name is a bit cheesy.

    Good luck whatever you decide to do!


    • i am so happy that you agree with me!!! women do not understand how much some concealer and a little blush can do for your mood 🙂 that is what is important to me. you do not have to be a makeup-artist to know how to put something something on my face.



  9. Hi BlondesWunder – I say go for it. You are young and should reach for your dreams. I have a high school age daughter, and she (and other teens I know through their moms) use youtube videos to inspire and refine their makeup techniques. The market is there, I think!

    I am wearing Antonia today, which always makes me feel like the sort of woman who achieves her goals. Perhaps I should wear it every day ;).


  10. thank you so much for believing in me. 🙂
    i totally learned a looooot from youtube. i love the platform.
    lets see what happens maybe your daughter will watch me, and you too!!!

    i love how perfume can do that. xoxox


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