Scent Diary: 4.9 – 10.9.2017





Getting ready, getting out, getting here. It’s been so bloody hectic and 100% fun. Yes, there have been some surprises, not all of them ultimately happy ones, but that’s what holiday adventures are all about. This is hope I would love to live, travelling the world in search of experience. Meeting new people and having a momentary connection, or making new friends. Heaven.

Scent Diary: 4.9 – 10.9.2017

Monday 4:

Getting ready for going away

In the evening Alice, TinaG and Phil dropped around and it was great to see them even though I was preoccupied.

A Press Sample of Parfumerie Generale Suede Osmanthe 5.1 arrived in the mail. It is unutterably beautiful. Sweet, green, fruity, plush suede and very sexy. Imagine if Daim Blond was amped towards canned fruit in sugar syrup and greened out.


Tuesday 5:

Running around and getting the final things done. Scott came over and helped, Jin was of work so we ran around together. It was fun. I love these guys.

Jacomo Silences PdT was my daytime accompaniment. Excellent mossy chypre. It was about AUD$11/30ml spray from FragranceNet and smells divine.

Worked, back in drag tonight after 2 weeks out with my ankle. All seems good now.

Neela Vermeire Creations Trayee was my choice for work tonight and I smelled utterly fabulous. There were moments when I drifted off into frag head land. BLISS!

Packed the bags tonight. Cleaned the fish tank. Emptied all the bins for bin night. Cleaned up our dining table and put all my fragrances into my perfume room. Folded the washing and put it away.

Just before bed I spritzed some vintage CHANEL No 5 EdP. Sleepy time.

Wednesday 6:

Took the dogs out to the kennels because Jin will be working weird hours and the boys really like their regimented life. They also love going back out to the trainers to brag about their forever home adventures. I wore vintage Caron Infini that comes in a pressurised spritz. The initial aldehydes have become shrill, oily and metallic but one minute in and HEAVEN! My mate margo reckons it’s early 1970s PdC from a gift set. Very cool.

Home for some lunch. The last of the Chinese reheats.

Here are my hairy Hobbit feet and lavish red nail polish. I’m ready for India now.

Keihl’s Original Musk lotion, Olympic Orchids Amber/Labdanum Bath Oil, Cuir Pleine Fleur James Heeley was my bathing ritual for the flight. Fragrant but hopefully not IN YOUR FACE.

Got my gear together and Jin took me to the airport. Happy to be going, sad to be leaving stuff. You get it, I know.

The American Express Lounge is not so much fun solo. I nearly drank them out of sparkling and still water. Hydration pre flight.

Historic entertainment units on China Southern. Actually it was nice not being bombarded with movies from less than a metre away and I got some solid reading done too. Finished Handmaid’s Tale and started on some new thing that was recommended but I’m not sure whether I even understand it yet.

The staff were so good, no problems, full of smiles. I enjoyed the flights immensely.

Thursday 7:

ARRIVED Delhi Airport.

We stayed in Gurgoan and had dinner there.

Showered quickly at night and doused myself in vintage Miss Dior parfum.

Friday 8:

Hotel breakfast, more vintage Miss Dior parfum then off for a flight to Assam. Arrived safely, though the kangaroo style landing left me in doubt of our ultimate survival for a few moments. Careening around like a drunken sailor with St Vitus Dance.

We ordered an Uber who drove us the four hours into the mountains of Meghalaya state, to the capital Shillong. We only stopped once but the scenery on the journey was absolutely breathtaking. The middle shot is a boarding school, the most spectacular grounds and scenery.

For some reason Varun was expecting a tiny town perched atop a mountain, much like McLeod Gang was back in 2001 when we visited. Sadly it is a HUGE city. Well, sadly for Varun, I’m very happy here. The hustle and bustle leaves NYC for dead.

At night we wandered the markets and had Mo-Mos. A selection of steamed chicken and fried pork.

Saturday 9:

We woke at around 5am and set out on an adventure walk around 5.30am. Varun had found a nearby lake park with a walking track around the gardens. Lodki Park was designed and built by the British while they were here and it seriously looks like time has stood still since then. We wandered around it for about an hour then came back to the hotel for breakfast.

Spectacular hedges of dahlia glowed in the cool morning mist, they lit up the walk and reminded me how precious the gift of adventure is. I’ve never seen such a display and these hedges dotted the walk all around the lake and through the parklands.

Breakfast! Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like much. That’s because it’s my third helping of dal, vegetables, yoghurt and paratha. Happy place reached.

Todays excursion was to the wettest places on earth, Mawsynram and Cherrapunji. What better time to see them than in monsoon. The heavens did not disappoint. We drove through clouds more than half the day with sporadic clearings. When it rained it bucketed down and the rest of the time it drizzled and spritzed. Not terribly cold until you got into the winds.

We hiked to some spectacular waterfalls, three sets in all but we only got real photographable vision of one set.

We had Masala Chai to celebrate. Hint for India travel: buy a large bottle of mineral water and get them to make your tea with this. Saves dirt in your coffee. This place was every sort of gorgeous and the kids who run it super sweet.

We also went into a cave complex. It wasn’t terribly long, about 150m, but there were some very low and tight squeezes. We also ended up knee deep in water a couple of times and the rest was climbing over rocks. All done in bare feet. Sadly it wasn’t really photographable but it was an amazing experience.

Varun had chicken Mo-Mos and chilli jam at a roadside stall. I was feeling a bit queazy from driving the winding mountain ranges so I just drank water.

We stopped at a town and looked around a bit. Some dog started barking at me. That never happens, they always love me. I was extremely downhearted by it.

As we drove home the clouds closed in around us. Visibility was about 10m at the most. It was beautiful and eerie, like floating. Amazing trip.

We wandered around to the City Family Dhaba, Shillong’s #1 recommended restaurant. Everybody we spoke to told us it was a must visit. It didn’t disappoint either.

We were so full at the end we couldn’t even finish the garlic Naan. Sacrilege!!

Varun: What do you want to listen to
Portia (being a smart arse) Karen Carpenter of the Carpenters
Music comes on: It’s Gonna Take Some Time by the Carpenters

Consider this smart arse put in his place. SNAP!

Then we hit the club on the roof of our hotel. Varun and I danced until my t-shirt was dripping wet. We sat for a while and then I needed a shower and then bed. Bloody hell. I’m DEAD!!

Sunday 10:

Couldn’t sleep last night. The dogs of Shillong must be having gang territory wars. It sounded vicious and intense and continued for hours. From the sounds there were dogs being torn apart. Terrifying. Every time I thought it had stopped and drifted towards the lands of nod another round would begin.

So I am sleepless and a trifle sweaty this morning.

Best fixer for that? Jacomo Silences. Freaking perfect.

SORRY I’m a bit late posting this addendum! Out all day. Had a wonderful time seeing more waterfalls and lakes.

This is our Shillong driver Yuvraj, his name means prince destined to be king. He has perfect English and is excellent company, we have asked him to drive us tomorrow and day after too.

Varun took this shot. I think it a very flattering likeness.

We had lunch at the poshest place in the whole area. Took our lovely driver there with us and we all sat and chatted companionably while stuffing our faces. I made the hotel staff pull a table and chairs out of the restaurant onto the verandah so our view and the breeze would be wonderful. It was a huge drama but once we were settled it was absolutely amazing.


Hey! So what have you been doing? Tell us all in the comments below please. Anything, fun, fragrant, friends, family or food related. ANYTHING! Tell us about your week.

Portia xx

16 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 4.9 – 10.9.2017

    • Hey there Marzipan,
      Silences indeed. The more I wear it the better I love it.
      The food is mind blowing. Indian food is so bloody yummy and we are super close to the Chinese border so loads of their influence here too.
      Portia xx


  1. What an adventure you are on!
    So jealous, and I want ALL of that yummy Indian food. And misty waterfalls, so surreal.
    Does perfume struggle to compete with the rich local smells?


    • Hiya JackieB,
      It is a fabulous adventure.
      You would love it here.
      Interestingly my perfume gives me a better launch point for the different smells. It’s like testing two entirely different fragrances, one on each arm, to compare and contrast. The smells of India aren’t so new to me anymore but there is nuance in every city.
      Portia xx


  2. The country and natural beauty there are so amazing. I have never been to India, but your pictures make me want to go. It looks like you are having the most wonderful time! Can’t wait to see more about your trip.


    • Hey Kandice,
      My advice to you is take a Golden Triangle tour first. Make sure you’re in 4* or better hotels and that they provide breakfast each day. Eat your body weight in breakfast. Never drink the water, only bottled water (at about 50c/litre).
      If you seriously ever go to India I’ll also give you Varun’s number and he will take you to his town, you can stay a few days in his hotel (about $30 with breakfast for the room) and see some rural/small town India after you’ve seen the BIG TIME attractions.
      Portia xx


  3. I think somebody has to go over there and rescue you!
    No, it looks amazing, I wish I was 20 years younger and have such adventures. Enjoy the rest of your fabulous holiday!


  4. I don’t think I’ll ever go to India (don’t want to go into all the reasons) but I enjoy reading your reports and seeing the pictures (though I get hungry looking at some of them and already put a bottle of Silences in my cart 😉 ).


  5. Wow, India clearly agrees with you Portia. You look 10 years younger.

    I’ve been thinking about you heaps so it was lovely to catch up on all you’ve been doing. The low cloud and waterfalls look magical.

    I visited the brand new Jovoy perfume store that’s opened in London on Saturday. Super stylish and lovely staff. We’ll go next time you’re here.


  6. I lived in West Pakistan during the mid 60’s when I was a child. But it didn’t look anything like where you were! We could hear mongooses at night and see the Himalayas from our backyard.


  7. OMG Portia, I am just crazy about your diary! It’s so interesting, informative and fun. And each time it’s getting better. The pictures are wonderful and I feel like I’ve been travelling around together with you and Varun. Actually my week was busy: back to normal work after a long holiday, prepairing for some changes in my apartment, cleaning drawers and shelves, throwing out unnecessary stuff…and outside it’s raining all the time, autumn arrived over night. The only comfort are my perfumes, the autumn choice: PdN Cuir Cuba, Antonia’s Flowers Tiempe Passate and you have reminded me of the vintage Trussardi Donna -mmmmmh, pure joy…


  8. Hello sounds like you are really enjoying your holiday, P. I actually have something to contribute, “properly” this week, as I too am on holidays. Monday and Tuesday were spent packing and trying to stay warm!!!! On Monday 4th September,
    it actually snowed in Ballarat.
    Wednesday arrived and so began our road trip…destination Noosa in Queensland. Wed SOTD Samsara EDT to arrive in Narrandera NSW. On Thursday I wore a sample of Keiko Mercheri Louhkam {I need a bottle of this for next Winter} as we travelled to Dubbo. Friday, and it was Dubbo to Moree. When getting ready I remembered I had a shower gel and EDT of Nikki st Phalle…..simply gorgeous. Saturday saw us travel from Moree to Toowoomba, where we stayed for two nights. Sat morning I wore the last of a sample of JT Dupont Intense… not a winner. Sat night I wore last of a sample of Sabi by Henry Duray, nice, but I don’t fancy a bottle. Sunday Nikki st Phalle again and getting ready for a 2nd week of holidays.


  9. The food sounds aMAZing, and Varun always looks amusingly surprised in all the pictures 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures and stories!


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