Scent Diary: 30.10 – 5.11.2017




Hey Hey APJ,

Another action packed week starting in Adelaide and coming home via Indian Pacific. A large Surrender To Chance order came before we left so I have been trying a bunch of those.

Scent Diary: 30.10 – 5.11.2017

Monday 30:

We got up nice and early. Trying a new decant of Perfumerie Generale PG08 Intrigant Patchouli. This is weird. I can barely smell it but Jin complained of it being particularly strong and irritating. Bummer.

Coffee & doughnut breakfast, then went to the Adelaide Zoo. the ONE thing I wanted to do was go see the zoo here. They are Australia’s smallest state zoo but have a really good reputation. We joined a guided tour and it was bloody wonderful. Our guide Jo had been guiding for 10 years and knew so much. She was also totally at ease with answering, “I don’t know.” A perfectly respectable response.

Pygmy Hippo




Emperor Tamarind

Giant Panda

Japanese for lunch. YUMMY!


Early evening dinner at Parlamento Italian. I asked the front desk woman to recommend and she didn’t disappoint. Food was excellent, ENORMOUS portions and we couldn’t finish our meals, the pic below is the left overs we just could not eat. Then we went and had a flutter on the roulette wheels at the casino. Jin lost his $20 and I won a bit and played it down to my original $20. It was a perfect last night in Adelaide.

Walked to our hotel and now I’m bushed. Shower, CHANEL No 19 vintage parfum and bed.

Tuesday 31:

Up and off to the station. Over the soft remnants of No 19 I gave myself a lavish couple of spritzes of Amouage Beach Hut Man from my nearly empty decant. This shit is fabulously freaky, especially on a train journey.

Thankfully they provided breakfast and refreshments. I may have had some sneaky champagnes.

Tom McArtney was our terminal entertainment and then he came on board for more.

On board the Indian Pacific from Adelaide to Sydney.

We were running late so had only a 25 minute stop in Broken Hill. We were really bummed because having been a part of and cameoed in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert we really wanted to go to the Palace Hotel and see a Drag Show. It was not to be but we did get an On Station Drag Show. One of the girls, Shelita Buffet, was my lost sister draggleganger. The resemblance is uncanny.

In the evening we had a rare treat. Jin and I got the dinner table to ourselves, it was sweet and romantic. Jin is a complete introvert when it comes to new people. Combine his English as second language with a natural shyness and conversation is very hard for him. Once you get to know him he’s garrulous but initially he finds its very hard. So this twosome breakfast with no need to converse with new people was a dream for him.

Wednesday 1:

Wearing Phaedon Tabac Rouge from a decant. The more I wear it the more I’m falling in love.

We disembarked at Sydney Central Station and caught another train home. A fitting end to the most romantic holiday, it was blissful. We are already talking about getting a group together and doing the whole Perth to Sydney leg of the Indian Pacific. Well worth the expense.

Did four loads of washing and had to stop because the clothes line is FULL! I even dried the towels and bed linen in the dryer but still no space left. Jin’s clothes are all washed and hung, some of mine are but my suitcase is not yet emptied. Hopefully tomorrow.

Had an afternoon Radox bubble bath and then used Hermès Monsieur Li lotion and perfume. Smelling mighty good in a fresh citrus and sparkly oil kinda way.

Thursday 2:

I woke lazily, at my leisure, with a wonderful while of half awake/asleep like rising from the depths. It was luxurious in the extreme. Jin has gone to work early and I have the house to myself. It’s so peaceful.

In the mood for calm I went with IUNX Splash Forte. Olivia Giacometti at her herbal/incense best, sheer and insistent. Very glam but cool and restrained. Yes, I’m still on the dregs of this 20ml, I’ll need a refill soon. You can see by the bottles beat up appearance that it gets used for travelling. Stayed softly fragrant right up until bath time.

I thought I was nearly through the washing but it ended up being 4 loads including linens. So I folded yesterdays washing and started again. It took 4 hours and I basically sat at the computer between loads to hang and loafed all morning into the early afternoon. Hard to complain about such a lovely easy day. My bag is unpacked and back in its wardrobe home and there’s not a piece of dirty laundry in the house.

OK, so back to reality, back to dying my beard. I do prefer it black, especially for work, but deep down I’m a lazy person. This is 20 minutes extra grooming ritual each week. Yes, that’s how lazy I am. Sheesh, I’m even disgusted at myself.

Had a lovely bath in Olympic Orchids Amber/Labdanum Bath Oil, Moisturised with Madonna Truth or Dare Lotion and spritzed lavishly with Anna Sui Live Your Dreams. The amber and tuberose base gives live Your dreams a much firmer base to stand on. YUM!

Work tonight was only 2/3 full and we had a new table that really didn’t like my potty mouth, my gayness or my flamboyance. Oh well, if I was holding out for universal approbation I would have a pretty long wait. I looked fabulous though.

Friday 3:

Had stuff to do but most of it got cancelled. Jin and I had our waxing done in the morning then I loafed around watching The Good wife and eating far too much food.

Heavily spritzed Guerlain Champs Elysees and floated majestically on clouds of fresh and cool airy violets with lashings of spring bulb leaves, fruit and white muskegs dry down.

Went for dinner with Kath and her Ma & Pa, that I share. It was fun.

For bedtime I multi spritzed Neela Vermeire Creations Pichola, I wanted similar but much more sophisticated.

Saturday 4:

Stayed up watching The Good Wife. Thoroughly addicted and never want to press stop and go to bed. NOTHING is getting dome around here. Next weeks blog may be a little sketchy. Oooopsie!

Woke up around 10am, Jin and I are going to an Auction up the street. We would have bid but I still haven’t got all my financials together for the mortgage lender. Yes, my bad.
WOW! We went, there were about 8 groups there and not one registered. ZERO bids. The Sydney property market has shown its plunging hand.

Drenched in L’Artisan Premier Figuier. Milky fig. Happy memories of Jin and my first big holiday together. We travelled through Europe and in Budapest I purchased Premier Fig. Never fails to bring a smile. To be honest I rarely wear it because Ashoka and Womanly seem to be my go-to figs but I’m so glad I grabbed it out today.

Tonight went to work raising money for the One Meal group. It’s an amazing crew that makes sure people living on the line or in real poverty get one healthy meal a week. They are spread across Sydney and hoping to go Australia wide. One good meal a week can make a big difference. There were 250 people in the room tonight and Rita, Marijana, Cathy and their mate produced it all, amazing. We raised over $19,000 and it feels good.

Perfect for controlling a huge horde, Serge Lutens La Fille de Berlin. Sweet, jammy roses with a tart, dry bite.

Watched more episodes of The Good Wife and spritzed Parfumerie Generales Ether des Lilas, ozonic lilies? Dunno, weird, wet and gorgeous.

Sunday 5:

Woke up late and came straight to the computer answering APJ comments. Gave myself a big triple spritz of vintage Miss Dior parfum. So good, MMMMM.

Jin is currently on night shift so when he woke up we hung out for a bit. It was nice. Then I came back to the computer.

Had a bath with one of the hotel shower gels I’ve collected on my travels. It’s a very pretty green floral with vanilla. So to compliment that I’m wearing a luscious, chunky caramel vanilla Eau d’Italie Morn to Dusk. So rich and perfect for cool spring evenings.


So what’s happening in your world? Did you do anything Fragrant, Fun, Friends, Family or even had some less than Fabulous news you want to share? Now’s the time, in the comments below.
We love to read what’s happening to YOU.
Portia xx

21 thoughts on “Scent Diary: 30.10 – 5.11.2017

  1. You found a draggleganger….A DRAGGLEGANGER! Lmao!!
    But seriously, can you spend a day in Perth before your train trip?? Or can I come with you, please?

    So this week we went to the WAAPA strings ensemble performance one day and my niece performing in a grunge band the next, kind of fun. My sister sprayed my Trayee so I had to go with Sexual Healing from Art Meets Art, brought back from my Paris holiday. We smelled nice!


    • I think WA may be on the cards in a couple of years JackieB,
      It’s been years since I visited.
      We also want to hot Albany and Broome.
      Portia xx


  2. Preparing for a Ladies day Luncheon for Melbourne Cup at the Langham hotel in Melbourne. Unfortunately, I suffer the most persistent and hideous migraines caused by peri menopause ( goddess help me!) pondering what fragrance to wear on the day to match my outfit ( dove grey with hints of black) it’s going to be shitty weather for Melbourne Cup this year, so I won’t go for a strictly spring summer fragrances from my collection. What will it be? And praying for No migraine!
    Ps love Champs Élysées. Divine


    • Hey Melissa,
      Yeah, very excited about the Cup this year. I’ve been in the same venue hosting for a decade and this year I am trying somewhere new.
      I’ll be wearing Equistrius by Parfum d’Empire.
      Portia x


  3. My happy moment for this week was my Stash SJP purchase…seriously enjoying myself. This gray raining week, Stas# is feeling fine.


  4. Aww, didn’t like your gayness and flamboyance? You are so right, Portia. Anybody has a problem with you and your personality, well, it’s their problem. There a plenty of others who love you for it! The only mildly exciting news I can report is that I discovered a 30ml bottle of Cabochard parfum in an antique shop for 25 bucks. Couldn’t believe my luck. It’s old but still smells divine. I think I will pay this shop regular visits now 🙂


    • Thanks Ingrid,
      OMG! That is a stellar acquisition for your collection. I love Cabochard parfum.
      Portia xx


  5. Not a great week, I am up to my eyeballs in vet bills and still trying to get over the respiratory virus from hell. On the good side, I am in sunny San Diego and not frigid, rainy Montreal. Things could be worse. Thanks for sharing your train pix, I dream of going on a long train trip one day.


  6. How is Jin getting handsomer and younger looking? I guess being engaged suits him.
    I love the dark beard on you. Worth the effort.
    How wonderful to have a platform drag show!


    • Yeah, Jin seems to have come into his own lately. He’s cuter than ever.
      Thanks Tara, I like the dark too, naughtier.
      It was a bit of a let down actually. We were supposed to go on a fabulous excursion including them but the train was running very late.
      Portia xx


  7. Ever since I have seen Disney’s cartoon Timon and Pumba with my daughter when she was a child I fell in love with meerkats. Your photo captures his typical pose in the best possible way!
    I like your bedtime fragrances – vintage Chanel 19 and Pichola…mmmm….
    My order from First in Fragrance arrived. It was Acqua di Parma’s Rosa Nobile for my mother. She got the perfume and I got the samples: Magnolia Nobile (synthetic but very nice) and Colonia Pura (bitter herbal Eau de Cologne – must be great in the heat). The last sample was my choice – Bracken Woman. I must test it again to be sure before I order a decant.


  8. Hi Portia, I am so glad that you and Jin enjoyed Adelaide and South Australia. So glad that Parlamento is still as good as ever, I haven’t been there for a while but it’s a great Italian restaurant.
    When you return to Adelaide, if you feel like going back to the Zoo, go to the children’s zoo and sit down with the quokkas. If you have a comfy lap and a sunny spot, they will crawl into your lap and go to sleep. They will also steal food from your bag.
    I’ve spend a lot of the last week trying to get a purchase of Gucci EDP sent to me from Brisbane. I bought your tester and it has become an obsession so I am stocking up when I can.
    Have a great weekend. We are off to dinner with friends tonight, a nice break from routine.


    • Hey Sue,
      Your state gave 100% to make us feel welcome.
      How cute are Quokkas? I freaking love them. Next time I’ll definitely go sit with them. We’ll be back the second week of January.
      Ahhhh, it’s beautiful isn’t it? Gucci EdP smells yum. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Good luck with the stockpile.
      Portia xx


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