Eau de Velours by Michel Almairac, Mylène Alran for Bottega Veneta 2017




Happy New Year dear APJ!

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and safe 2018. 2017 was a turbulent year for many and I hope that the new year will show us a kinder side.

We spent the holidays with my folks in town. It has been wonderful having them here and my son has enjoyed the extra attention. We have been blessed with an extraordinary mild winter so far and I can only hope that continues.

I gifted my mum the new Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours and I find myself sneaking a spritz or two here and there. It is such a surprise for me that I love this one so much. The original Bottega Veneta was not a huge love – it was far too creamy for me.

Eau de Velours by Bottega Veneta 2017

Eau de Velours by Michel Almairac, Mylène Alran

Eau de Velours Bottega Veneta FragranticaFragrantica

Fragrantica gives these featured accord:
Top: Bergamot, pink pepper
Heart: Rose, jasmine, plum, spices
Base: Patchouli, leather

The first impression of the deep burgundy (leaning towards purple) bottle tied with a velvet ribbon makes me think that a luxurious perfume awaits me.

First sprayed, it starts out with a fresh blast of bergamot. It is quite refreshing but moves along quickly turning a bit spicy, rosey and plummy, with just a hint of leather in the background. I personally love the plum and spices because it reminds me of certain aspects of vintage Shiseido Feminite du Bois with its rich and deep plum note. Most fresh plums I have eaten have been rather tart in taste with only a hint of sweetness that could have been had it been left on the tree to ripen. The plum note in Eau de Velours is not juicy, nor is it sweet – it is slightly tart at the beginning. Then the plum is mixed with the intense rose and floral notes. Speaking of floral notes, the Bottega Veneta website says that Eau de Velours includes iris butter. Personally, I do not detect any iris butter, but hopefully others will experience the iris.

Eau de Velours Bottega Veneta edro_de_Camprobín_Still_Life_of_Iris,_Lilies,_Roses_and_Carnations_In_Elaborate_Urn WikiMediaWikiMedia

The rose accompanies me from first spray all the way to the late dry down. It is a lovely deep and velvety dark rose with the natural scent of actual rose. I bury my nose into my wrist and inhale deeply feeling the opulence surround me. Throughout the development, Eau de Velours has a sophisticated smooth leather note reminiscent of new kid leather gloves. Patchouli is added and it is quite prominent at first but dries down differently than what I normally expect from patchouli. It is faintly beautiful leaving me feeling elegant and dressed up. Now it is time for the red lipstick to come out!

Eau de Velours Bottega Veneta still life PXHerePDI

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David Jones has $170/50ml

Do you like dark, gothic rose perfumes? What did you do for New Year’s? What did you wear on New Year’s Eve?

Oodles of fragrant kisses,

17 thoughts on “Eau de Velours by Michel Almairac, Mylène Alran for Bottega Veneta 2017

  1. I love BV Eau de Velours! Of course I also love the original BV and Feminité du Bois, so it was pretty much guaranteed that I would love it. I don’t get any iris either.

    We spent a quiet evening at home with the dogs for New Year’s, as usual. We are not big partiers. I wore Amouage Fate for the evening, figuring it was appropriate. 🙂

    I love big rose perfumes: FM Une Rose and PoaL, L’AP Voleur de Roses, Tauer Une Rose Chyprée.


    • Hi TaraC, Eau de Velours is such a gorgeous perfume! Your quiet evening at home sounds right up my ally. Love your choice of Fate. FM does rose so well (I went through 10ml of PoaL quickly) and I really should try the Tauer one day. Sandra xo


  2. Sandra, you have me keen to seek this out. I think I by passed it because it was another BV and they haven’t really grabbed me. However, this one sounds brilliant! You got me at Fem du Bois!

    Happy New Year!


    • Happy New Year! Kate, if you like Feminite du Bois, definitely give this one a try. Bottega Veneta did a great job. I hope you like it. Sandra xo


  3. Sandra,
    This sounds very yum but what I really love is the colour of that bottle. As Jin called signature on the original BV I am going to grab this one for myself.
    Portia xx


    • Hi Portia, The bottle is gorgeous. I love the burgundy colour and especially the velvet ribbon. Let me know what you think. Sandra xo


  4. Hello!!!!!! I so so miss Feminite du Bois by Shiseido!!!! I MUST get my nose on a sample of this scent. And that bottle looks gorgeous. I rather liked the first BV and the BV Knot, however I’ve yet to buy a bottle of either of them.
    New Year’s I worked until 9pm and came home and had a couple of G&Ts… couldn’t even be bothered watching the ‘famous’ Sydney fireworks.


    • Hey Saffy! Definitely give this a try. I miss the original Feminite du Bois Extrait too. But there are always new loves out there. Ouch- sorry you had to work on New Years. All the neighbors put on a great fireworks display so all we had to do was step outside. No way, was I going to go downtown to the crowds. Happy New Year. Sandra xo


  5. Hi Sandra! I hear al to of good thins about this. I mean, it is only down the road so I really must go and grab a spritz. And yeah, the bottle is really gorgeous. Happy New Year to you and all your lot as well. Chat soon. Lots of love, Val xxxxxxxx


  6. Hi Sandra, we had a small party at our place and there were many fireworks around our area too. Nice, but our dog Milo was scared! Then this sleeping beauty had to awaken at 4.45am to begin work at 6am! I wore SJP Stash to work and my Christian Dior Red addict lipstick, I felt good.
    I love your plum and rose description in this post Sandra. Happy New Years to you and your family xxx


    • Happy New Year dear Anna Maria! Wishing you all a wonderful 2018. Poor Milo. How horrible that you had to get up at 04:45. I am a wimp and would have gone to bed at 10 and skipped everything. Still have not tried Stash. You look gorgeous in red lipstick. Love to you all. Sandra xo


  7. Sandra, Happy New Year! Eau de Velours sounds amazing, I just had to put it in my “I need to get me some of that” list 🙂

    I love rose perfumes but I’ve just realised that I don’t own any gothic ones. Green roses (#19 & Givenchy III), spicy ones (Parfum Sacre which I wore on New Year’s Eve and La Fille de Berlin), well-hidden roses of Habit Rouge and Aramis 900, – I really need to add something darker to the mix, thank you for the hint!


  8. I adore Feminite du Bois but I don’t think I’ve ever tried the Shiseido original.
    This one has piqued my interest.


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