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Hiya Perfume Junkies!
A happy and fragrant New Year to you all.

Today I’m talking about my top five fragrances for 2017. These were not all new releases for the year – just the top perfumes that I discovered over the past twelve months. Last year was a bit of a watershed fragrance-wise: I visited Paris for the first time since falling down the perfumista rabbit hole and I also explored a bit more outside my white floral comfort zone. So what scents made the cut for me?

Top 5 2017 Perfumes: Gabriella

Melodie de L'Amour Parfums Dusita FragranticaFragrantica

Melodie de L’Amour by Pissara Umavijani for Dusita 2015

The heartstopper. I’d given up on finding another lush gardenia-centered fragrance when Tom Ford’s Velvet Gardenia was discontinued some years ago, but when Melodie de L’Amour hit my skin, it was utter devotion at first sniff. A buttery gardenia at the height of its bloom paired with sultry tuberose, jasmine and a hint of honey. This exquisite white floral was made all the more special due to the fact that I acquired my bottle in the city of lights.

First in Fragrance has €295/50ml

1996 Inez & Vinoodh Byredo FragranticaFragrantica

1996 by Ben Gorham for Byredo 2013

The vintage starlet. I didn’t expect to fall in love with 1996’s soft hush of iris and violet that’s powdery, delicate and slightly sweet. Just when you think the floral notes are the only things going on, an ambery leather lends a touch of old school decadence. It’s the scent of vintage luggage, fur stoles and black mesh pillbox hats paired with a slick of red lipstick.

Mecca Cosmetica starts at $187/50ml

Stilettos on Lex Jul et Mad Paris FragranticaFragrantica

Stilettos on Lex by Dorothee Piot for Jules et Mad 2012

The Parisian chic. I found Stilettos thanks to the lovely staff at Jovoy in Paris who included it with an enormous bunch of samples when I purchased my bottle of Melodie de L’Amour. Stilettos is a grown up fruity floral with a touch of 1980’s powerhouse about it. A bright plum transcends into a rich melange of violet, rose and lily of the valley tempered by aldehydes.

Jules et Mad starts at EUR22.50/5ml

Velvet Haze Byredo FragranticaFragrantica

Velvet Haze by Ben Gorham for Byredo 2017

The hippie luxe. I usually only like patchouli with rose, but this proved to me that coconut and patchouli is a pretty awesome combination. Here the patchouli is gauze-like, it usual pungent head-shop vibe has been stripped back and white washed, all pale and ethereal. The coconut is slightly salty in tone, giving the scent a tropical but edible quality.

Mecca Cosmetica starts at $160/50ml

Vetiver 46 Le Labo FragranticaFragrantica

Vetiver 46 by Mark Buxton for Le Labo 2006

The unexpected choice. Vetiver is about as far away from a big white floral as you can get, but this still enraptured me from the get go. A strikingly green bergamot gives way to piney incense, cloves and a touch of vetiver. A brooding scent that’s strangely comforting.

Mecca Cosmetica starts at $264/50ml

So, what were your top perfume picks for 2017?
With much love till next time!
G x

9 thoughts on “Top 5 2017 Perfumes: Gabriella

  1. Thanks for the review. You have two on your list I have been wanting to try, and your review has motivated me to finally hunt down samples. I love BWF’s so I must try the Dusita. It sounds too lovely to miss. And I have been debating on the Bryedo for awhile. I tend to avoid patchouli at all costs, but this doesn’t sound like the chokehold type of patchouli I’m used to. And I love coconut. So thank you for giving me the gentle nudge to go order these so I can try them myself, although sadly not in Paris 🙂


    • Hi Kandice,

      Pleasure! You MUST try the Dusita! It is one of the most stunning white florals I’ve come across. And Velvet haze is a very different take on patchouli, so I’d be interested to hear if you like it.

      Gabriella x


  2. Stellar line up Gabriella,
    I have loved the Byredo fragrances too. They seem to fill a void in my collection perfectly. Mine are Black Saffron and Accord Oud
    Portia xx


  3. I have and love 1996 and Vetiver 46 as well. Still sampling Velvet Haze to see if it’s « me ». My top five perfume discoveries this year were Hermes Twilly, Atelier Cologne Cafe Tuberosa, Olfactive Studios Woody Mood, Peguet Casbah and Bottega Veneta Eau de Velours.


    • Hi Tara,
      Good choices. I still need to get my hands on Cafe Tuberosa. I’m intrigued about the note mix for that one.



  4. Quite an impressive list! And congrats on getting to Paris. I bet it was sensational (pun intended). Let’s hope 2018 offers you some more perfume joy. Whittled to 5, I found and came love:
    * Le Jardin Retrouve’s Tubereuse Trianon
    * Teone Reinthal’s library of scents (cheating a bit)
    * Goldfield and Banks’ White Sandalwood
    * Dior’s Poison Girl edt
    * Diptyque’s 34 Boulevard St Germain


    • Thank you Kate! I wish I was back in Paris. I love the Diptyque and must try the Teone Reinthal – never heard of them before.



  5. top 5 for 2017 – will be hard to limit it to 5 but i’m going with
    Stash – everyones favourite by SJP. I’d not heard of this till finding this lovely blog – now i’m a big fan. Le Labo 33 santal – decants only but its fantastic. Montale Black oud – bit of a broken record with me but i love it. CdeG Incense series and Tokyo Milk French kiss. looking forward to finding some new favourites for 2018!


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